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歐華酒店地中海牛排館菜單價位合理 , 饕客們都公認這家是台北牛排推薦之一, 我則是品嚐地中海牛排館的商業午餐. 
Mediterranean Steak House at The Riviera Hotel is one of the Taipei Steakhouse Recommendations.


地中海牛排館菜單 在文末 》 Mediterranean Steak House Menu is at the end of Article

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Mediterranean Steak House Reservation and Parking

歐華酒店地中海牛排館位於中山國小一號出口與圓山捷運站一號出口中間, 皆需要約 15 分鐘路程. 消費者可以直接停在歐華飯店的地下停車場, 附近也有其他停車場 (圖一) 地中海牛排館位於酒店的一樓, 用餐環境燈光偏黃外, 座位區也沒有好挑惕的地方. 訂位有兩種方式, 可打電話訂位 ( 02-2585-3258 ) , 或是到 EZ Table網站訂位 ( ) .
Mediterranean Steak House is in between Exit 1 of Zhongshan Elementary School MRT station and Yuanshan MRT station Exit 1. Both directions need about 15 minutes walking. Customers can park at the The Riviera Hotel Parking Lot. There are also other parking lots nearby (Pic 1). The steak house is at the Hotel 1F. Restaurant’s light is a bit out dated, which is dim yellow light. There are two ways to reserve seats – You can call to reserve ( 02-2585-3258 ) or go to EZ Table to reserve ( ).



The Mediterranean Steak House Private Dining Room

歐華酒店地中海牛排館包廂算是隱密, 可有四人一桌或是長桌的擺設, 非常適合家庭聚餐的牛排店.
The private dining rooms are quite private. You can set the long table or round tables. It is suitable for family and friends’ gathering.




The Mediterranean Steak House Lunch

美國杉河農場濕式熟成 30 天冷藏菲力牛排套餐 (4 oz)
USA Cedar River Farm Wet Aged 30 Days Prime Fillet Mignon Set (4 oz)
Price: NTD $1780




Various Breads and Sauce Spread
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四款麵包放在底部的平盤上, 抹醬則是放在架上. 我個人最愛亞麻籽螺旋丹麥 (圖二), 丹麥麵包外酥內鬆與美味等級可以算是專業麵包店等級, 讓我想起麵包做得一樣不錯的 台北 101 的 “ Salt and Stone” . 養生紅藜麥麵包與鹽之花抹茶麵包則是偏乾, 我個人覺得地中海牛排館應該做更多口味的丹麥麵包. 其中的鯷魚橄欖醬抹醬則是有在台北老派餐廳 “歐洲風味餐坊 ( Saveur Taipei ) ” 吃過. 我個人則是比較喜歡沾初榨橄欖油.
Four breads are placed at the bottom and sauce spreads are at the top. I personally like the Chia Seeds Danish (Pic 2) . The danish tastes as good as professional bakery. It reminds me of Taipei 101 “Salt and Stone” , which is good at both dish and baked goods. However, other breads are quite dry. I tasted the tapenade olives noires at “Saveur Restaurant”. I personally like to dip the bread into Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

延伸閱讀: Taipei 101 Salt & Stone 》台北 101 4樓義大利餐廳值得品嚐

延伸閱讀: Saveur 歐洲風味餐坊 》隱藏在台北巷弄內的法式家常餐廳



Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab
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歐華地中海牛排館商業午餐的前菜可以八選二, 我上次吃軟殼蟹是在 “DNA Spanish Restaurant” . 這款軟殼蟹的佐醬與配料走的是偏清爽路線, 軟殼蟹的酥脆口感依舊, 蘋果西芹沙拉則是帶給味蕾清爽感, 我個人蠻推薦這道軟殼蟹.
Business Lunch Menu stated that the customer could select 2 out of 8 appetizers. Last time I had Fried Soft Shell Crab was at “DNA Spanish Restaurant”. Apple and Celery Salad and Gribiche Sauce are more toward refreshing flavor. The soft shell crab stays in crispy texture. I would definitely recommend this dish.

延伸閱讀: DNA Spanish Restaurant 》2021 即將新開幕的餐酒館



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商業午餐前菜八選二並沒有干貝, 所以我選另一款海鮮 – 軟絲. 我以為軟絲的呈現方式會與 “山男”的軟絲相似 – 炙燒塊狀, 孰不知軟絲像白麵條般成條狀, 細緻口感非常討喜, 不光是有昆布汁, 而是有昆布加強整道菜餚的海鮮風味.
Scallop is not included in the eight options. So, I choose another seafood -cuttlefish. I thought the style would be like the cuttlefish at “Yamasan Taipei”, which is grilled. But, the display of the cuttlefish is like plain noodles. The texture is quite smooth. The chef places the actual seaweed instead only the seaweed sauce/extracts. It basically enhances the seafood flavor of this dish.

延伸閱讀: YAMASAN TAIPEI 》山男菜單料理可獨享也可多人刷菜單


美國杉河農場濕式熟成 30 天冷藏菲力牛排套餐 (4 oz)

USA Cedar River Farm Wet Aged 30 Days Prime Fillet Mignon (4 oz)
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地中海牛排館店員建議牛排三分熟, 美牛本來肉香就比較重, 口感軟嫩, 牛排店與 “A Cut Steakhouse ”一樣有提供佐鹽與佐醬, 分別是喜馬拉雅岩鹽,芥末籽醬與鹽之花. 四季豆代替蘆筍, 同樣有脆口感, 奶油馬鈴薯泥不錯吃. 如果單賣 NTD $1780 就會太貴, 但是 NTD $1780 是包括麵包, 前菜八選二, 飲料與甜點., 我個人覺得蠻划算.
Mediterranean Steak House staff suggested medium-rare. The US beef meat aroma and flavor are heavy as expected. The texture is tender. They offer three salts/sauce to pair with the steak – Rock salt, mustard seeds and Fleur de sel, just like at “A Cut Steak House”. Their beans have crispy. Their mashed potato is quite creamy and delicious. Since NTD $1780 is the set price, I would consider the price is reasonable.

延伸閱讀: 美國肉類出口協會晚餐 》US Meat Export Federation Media Dinner

延伸閱讀: A Cut Steakhouse 》國賓飯店牛排餐廳 | Taipei Steakhouse

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

娜姐專屬讀者優惠折扣 》Foodelicious Exclusive Discount


甜點 -瓦片餅乾

Dessert – Tuiles Cookies, Berries, Custard
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有著脆口感的瓦片餅乾夾層裡有莓果, 巧克力塔則是偏硬, 甜點並不是地中海牛排店的強項.
There are berries in between Tuiles cookies. The chocolate tart texture is hard. I would consider dessert is not the steakhouse selling points.


飲料 – 卡布奇諾

Drink – Cappacunio
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若不要肉桂可事先告知. 咖啡喝起來 so so.
If you don’t want cinnamon, you can inform in advance. Coffee tastes average.




Mediterranean Steak House Information

餐廳: 地中海牛排館
地址: 台北市中山區林森北路646號(Map)
捷運站: 圓山捷運站 or 中山國小捷運站
電話: 02-2585-3258
Restaurant: Mediterranean Steak House
Address: No. 646, Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District,Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Yuanshan MRT station, Zhongshan Elementary School MRT station
Tel: 02-2585-3258



地中海牛排館 菜單 》 Mediterranean Steak House Menu