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台中 DNA 西班牙餐廳 ( DNA Spanish Restaurant ) 即將成為 2021 新開幕的台中歌劇院附近餐廳美食之一, 侍酒師與廚師團隊陣容皆是米其林等級.
Taichung DNA Spanish Restaurant will become one of the restaurants near Taichung National Theater at 2021. Its Sommelier and Chef Team are all from Michelin Plate or Michelin Star Restaurants.

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DNA 西班牙餐廳停車資訊

About DNA Spanish Restaurant Parking

DNA 西班牙餐廳 2021年三月即將開幕的地址是 台中市西屯區惠中七街36號 , 位於台中七期區域, 離 “Forchetta 餐廳“ 不遠, 台中歌劇院 與 台中 TSUTAYA 蔦屋書店步行即可抵達. 除了餐廳自家停車場, 附近也有蠻多停車位 (圖一).
DNA Spanish Restaurant plans to open on March, 2021. Its address is No. 36 , Huizhong 7th Street , Xitun District, Taichung City. It is quite closed to several popular estates – Taichung National Theater and Tsutaya Bookstore. Besides restaurant’s parking lot, there are several parking lots nearby as well (Picture 1).


關於 DNA Spanish Restaurant

About DNA Spanish Restaurant

DNA 西班牙餐廳尚未裝潢好, 室內用餐環境與私人包廂圖片皆是餐廳提供, 兩位主廚 Vincent 與 Chris 分別來自兩家台北米其林餐盤餐廳 – “ Verde 餐廳 “ 與 “Hidden By DN 隱丹廚” ,  餐飲顧問則是知名隱丹廚主廚 Daniel Negreira . 店經理 Justine 有在 ” CROM Taipei ” 的工作經驗 , 侍酒師 Campbell 之前是 ”Taïrroir 態芮“ 的侍酒師. 餐廳團隊陣容是名副其實的米其林等級.台中 DNA 西班牙餐廳的料理概念並不完全是傳統西班牙料理, 而是注入一些創新靈感.
DNA Spanish Restaurant is still under construction. The pictures of dining environment and private room are all offered by the restaurant. Chef Vincent is from “Verde Restaurant”. And another chef Chris is from “Hidden By DN”.  The restaurant consultant is Chef Daniel Negreira from Hidden By DN restaurant. The restaurant manager Justine has working experience at “CROM Taipei”. Sommelier Campbell is from “Taïrroir”. Taichung DNA Spanish Restaurant cuisine concept is not entirely traditional Spanish cuisine. Instead, their cuisine is with newly inspiration pairing  with classic deliciousness.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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DNA 西班牙餐廳套餐

DNA Spanish Restaurant Set

這次基本上是試菜, DNA 西班牙餐廳未來規劃是以套餐為主, 以開幕後的菜單與價格為主.
This dining visit is regarding trial-taste. DNA Spanish Restaurant plans to offer sets. The future and final version menu will be based on restaurant’s announcement.



Oyster Ajoblanco
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

近期西班牙冷湯系列才慢慢被台灣人接受. DNA 西班牙餐廳的杏仁冷湯喝起來微濃稠, 主廚將生蠔食材放進杏仁冷湯, 生蠔與爐烤自製豬油一起入口, 增加湯的鮮度, 值得讚賞的是新鮮生蠔多汁不馬虎.
Recently, most Taiwanese start to accept the idea of Spanish cold soup. DNA Spanish Restaurant’s Ajoblanco texture is bit thicker than expected.  The enhanced seafood flavor is from the fresh oyster mixing with roasted lard on the top. The oyster is juicy and delicious as expected.


棒棒糖 , 烤雞炸奶油球, 酥脆玉米粒

Lollipop & Chicken Croquette Crispy Corn
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

此道是以 Tapas 方式呈現, 主廚 Vincent 將 “Verde 蔬食餐廳“的美感與創意帶入這道花椰菜棒棒糖, 口感偏脆而不是硬. 炸奶油球是常見的傳統西班牙家常料理, 咬一口熱騰騰的烤雞奶油球, 我喜歡這道菜餚的酥脆外層, 灑在外層的碎玉米粒末增加口感, 適量白醬搭配玉米雞品種, 造就綿密卻不會過膩的內餡.
These two dishes are served with Tapas style. Chef Vincent decorates the cauliflower with “Verde Restaurant” beautiful display and inspiration. The cauliflower texture is crisp instead of hard. The croquette is a Spanish traditional dish. The appearance is quite crispy along with the corn crumbs on the top. The filling is made with white sauce and chicken meats, which tastes great with creamy texture.


波士頓龍蝦, 西班牙 Salpicon 風格

Boston Lobster, Spanish Salpicon Style
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

吃起來像無美乃滋龍蝦沙拉, 很適合當開胃菜
It tastes like refreshing lobster salad without mayo. It is a suitable appetizer cold dish.



Crispy Soft Shell Crab, Galicia Style
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

加利西亞 ( Galicia ) 位於西班牙的西北方, 新鮮漁貨是世界知名等級, 台灣人比較熟悉的是加利西亞風格章魚 ( Pulpo a la Gallega ), 這次在 DNA 西班牙餐廳吃到的則是我個人愛吃的炸軟殼蟹, 酥脆外殼搭配有微量紅椒粉的鹹香醬料, 我可以再來一份!
Galicia is located at the west northern area of Spain. Most Taiwanese are familiar one of the Galician Cuisines, which is Pulpo a la Gallega. This time at DNA Spanish restaurant, I tried my favorite crispy soft shell crab. Dipping into the sauce with small amount of Paprika is quite delicious. Love it!


伊比利豬耳朵 & 老饕肉烤飯, 一口豬皮

Pig Ear & Pluma Baked Rice, Pork Skin in Bites
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這次試菜並沒有吃到西班牙海鮮飯, 而是吃到這道烤飯,剛端上桌時, 肉香撲鼻而來.食材包括 豬耳朵, 老饕豬肉與豬皮食材. 並不是只有亞洲人才用豬耳朵食材, 西班牙小酒館菜單上幾乎都有一道炸豬耳朵 Tapas. 豬皮則是在 ”山男 “有吃過, 老饕豬肉嫩度高. 一口飯佐一口肉, 用油脂包裹著米心微硬的烤飯, 我不會覺得這道西班牙烤飯是重口味, 反而覺得香濃馥郁不錯吃.
I didn’t try the seafood paella this time. Instead, I tasted this baked rice, which ingredients include pig ear, pluma, and pork skin in bites. Some people might be surprised to see pig ear at the menu. Fried pig ear tapas is quite common in Spanish Bistro. I tried the pig skin in bite at “Yamasan Taipei”. As for the pluma, the tenderness of the meat is surprising. I like the baked rice with meaty and salty flavor all together.

延伸閱讀: YAMASAN TAIPEI 》山男菜單料理可獨享也可多人刷菜單


西班牙加利西亞多寶魚, 蛤蜊醬汁

Spanish Galicia Turbot Fish, Clams Emulsion
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

西班牙加利西亞多寶魚是西班牙的國寶魚 (圖一) , 也稱為大菱鮃. 主廚解釋西班牙多寶魚之前很少出口, 因為珍貴食材數量不多, 目前歐洲疫情嚴重, 餐廳不營業導致多寶魚滯銷, 漁商將主力放到出口至亞洲. 西班牙多寶魚肉質白, 搭配充滿膠質的蛤蜊雞湯醬汁, 舌尖皆是膠質, 更增加凸顯這款魚的軟嫩度, 這道是我當天最喜歡的一道料理.
Spanish Galicia Turbot Fish is quite rare at Asia (Picture 1). The chef mentions that this particular turbot fish usually does not export since there isn’t much quantity. Now, since the virus affected the restaurant business at Spain, the fish company decides to export to Asia. The clams emulsion with chicken soup essence is full of collagen texture. It is a perfect match for the extra tenderness from the fish. This is my favorite dish of the day.


糖漬培根, 西班牙臘腸麵包粉, 醃製綠辣椒

Candied Bacon, Chorizo Crumbs, Piparras
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

微甜培根置放於碗中底部, 醃製綠辣椒 (Piparras ) 形狀如同四季豆般細長, 店員將西班牙臘腸麵包粉灑入碗裡, 西班牙臘腸麵包粉顆粒感十足, 帶給味蕾適量的辛香, 整體吃起來以鹹香為主.
Candied bacon is placed at the bottom of the bowl. The appearance of Piparras is similar to a string bean shape. The staff spreads the Chorizo crumbs on the top, which tastes crunchy along with small amount of spicy flavor. The overall taste is mainly salty and meaty flavor.


美國肋眼牛排, 馬鈴薯千層, 小鳥嘴紅椒 蒜片 紅酒醬

US Prime Rib Eye, Baked Potato Layers, Piquillos, Garlic Chips, Red Wine sauce
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

店家與 “ A Cut Steakhouse”一樣有提供四種鹽, 這款有著粉嫩色澤的 Prime 等級美國牛排有蒜片, 鹽與紅酒醬作為搭配. 我個人最愛搭配簡單的岩鹽, 間接強調美國牛排的濃郁肉香. 上次吃到 “Bottless 非瓶餐酒館” 馬鈴薯千層單點菜餚, 最大的不同是 DNA 西班牙餐廳的馬鈴薯千層看似微脆, 實際上綿密口感十足.
Same as “A Cut Steakhouse”, DNA Spanish Restaurant also offers four types of salts. There are also garlic chips, salts, and red wine pairing with US Prime Rib Eye. I personally just like the simple rock salt. Last time I had baked potato layers at “Bottless Bistro”. The most difference would be that DNA Spanish Restaurant baked potato layers are quite creamy instead of crispy.

延伸閱讀: A Cut Steakhouse 》國賓飯店牛排餐廳 | Taipei Steakhouse

延伸閱讀: Bottless 非瓶餐酒館 》無庸置疑是南京復興餐酒館推薦 (內含菜單)



Chocolate, Tomato, Bread, EVOO
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

帶有些許苦味的巧克力強調了清新番茄風味, 這道甜點最特別的是將橄欖油作成像魚卵的感覺, 非常具有創意, 可惜吃到最後, 巧克力風味會蓋住其他食材的風味.
The thick and bitter chocolate enhances the refreshing flavor of the tomato.The interesting part is that chef uses olive oil to make into the shape of roe. However, the chocolate seemed to overpower other ingredients toward the end.


顛倒風格烤櫻桃塔, 熱紅酒, 杏仁奶油

Tatin Cherries Tart, Mulled Wine, Almond Cream
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

印象最深刻地為一旁的微甜杏仁奶油, 其實我比較希望能吃到傳統的西班牙甜點作為結尾 (例如: 我在 “Alma Spanish Restaurant” 吃到的聖雅各杏仁蛋糕).
The most remarkable part about the slightly sweet almond cream. Honestly, I would prefer a traditional Spanish dessert (For example, “Alma Spanish Restaurant” Tarta de Santiago ) as the closure of this great dining.

延伸閱讀: Alma Spanish Restaurant Taipei 》台北西班牙餐廳美食推薦



Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

The beautiful display and tea flavor is the great ending of this meal.


侍酒師 Wine Pairing

Sommelier Wine Pairing

DNA 西班牙餐廳的侍酒師曾在 ”Taïrroir 態芮“ 工作, 這次餐會是搭配五杯酒, 以開幕後的酒單與價格為主, 也會因菜單不同而更改酒款. 餐廳酒款大多數為西班牙酒, 也有少數來自其他國家的酒.
DNA Spanish Restaurant sommelier has working experience at “Taïrroir 態芮”. This dining event is to pair 5 glasses of wines. The future wine menu will based on future announcement. The wines might be different due to different dishes. Most wines are from Spain, but they also have wines from different countries as well.

Vins El Cep Marques de Gelida Cava MIM ROSÉ

這款粉紅氣泡酒有細緻短暫的氣泡, 微甜搭配杏仁冷湯裡的生蠔.
The ROSÉ has delicate bubbles. The small amount of sweet pairs well with the oyster from the Ajoblanco.


2019 Enate, Chardonnay 234

此款西班牙夏多內葡萄酒有青蘋果與水梨風味, 單喝酸度偏高卻不會過於尖銳.
This Spain Chardonnay has green apple and pear flavor. The acidity is a bit high but not sharp.


2016 Telmo Rodriguez Valdeorras Branco de Santa Cruz

我個人比較喜歡這款混釀白葡萄酒, 杏桃果香與花香明顯, 在橡木桶熟成讓這款酒有著圓潤的口感.
I would prefer this Spain white wine. The apricot and floral aroma are quite obvious. The wine is aged in oak barrel, which change the texture to much more smooth.


2017 Roberto Regal Lopez Adega, Neno da Ponte “ Horta da Cal”

此為中等酒體的西班牙混釀紅酒, 80% 來自西班牙北部 Galicia產區的 Mencía 米希亞葡萄品種, 建議靜置一些時間再喝, 依舊有適量黑色李子的果香, 單寧會更加柔順與細緻, 補足 20% Garnacha 先天不足的單寧結構.
This wine is mixed with 80% Mencía and 20% Garnacha. I would suggest to let the wine rest a while before drinking. I can still taste the plum fruity flavor along with soft and smooth tannin.


Zárate, Orujo de Galicia

此款為西班牙果渣白蘭地, 採用Albariño 果渣來蒸餾的酒款, 酒精濃度高達 40+%, 當侍酒師倒這款白蘭地時, 濃郁香料香氣撲鼻而來, 喝的時候則是以花香為主, 尾韻有些許辛辣, 飲酒初學者可能會喝不習慣, 畢竟蒸餾酒是有些酒精濃度.
This distilled liquor brandy is made with Albariño pomace. The ABV is quite high, which is above 40%. It is full of spice aroma on the nose. While drinking, the floral flavor dominates. The spice flavor stays at the tastebuds for a while. The wine-drinking beginner might not get used to drink the distilled liquor though.

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台中 DNA 西班牙餐廳資訊

Taichung DNA Spanish Restaurant Information

餐廳: DNA 西班牙餐廳
地址: 台中市西屯區惠中七街36號 (Map)
電話: N/A (尚在裝潢中)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DNA.spanish.restaurant
Restaurant: DNA Spanish Restaurant
Address:No. 36 , Huizhong 7th Street , Xitun District, Taichung City (Map)
Tel: N/A (Under Construction )