Bottless 非瓶餐酒館 》南京復興餐酒館推薦 (內有菜單)

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(2022.7 再訪更新)  非瓶餐酒館 (Bottless Taipei) 是 2020 新開幕台北餐廳之一, 饕客們都知道非瓶菜單是 Gen Creative 主廚們所研發, 再搭配多款單杯葡萄酒. 非瓶早午餐菜單 與晚餐菜單不一樣.
( 2022.7 Update ) Bottless Bistro is one of 2020 Taipei new restaurants. Every foodies know that Bottless Menu is created the chefs from Gen Creative. It has Wine on Tap service as well. Brunch menu is different from Dinner menu.

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Bottless 非瓶訂位

Bottless Taipei Reservation

Bottless 非瓶餐酒館位於南京復興站7號出口附近, 往“明水然鐵板燒”方向即可看到寶藍色的非瓶餐廳外觀, 面對窗外的高腳椅在台北餐酒館倒是比較少見, 最引人注目莫過於餐廳內右側一字排開的龍頭, 與 “台北大稻埕米凱樂啤酒吧” 的啤酒拉霸龍頭有相似概念. 餐廳沙發座位看起來很舒適, 感覺用餐環境很適合約會, 我跟朋友則是入座於開放式廚房吧台, 並沒有油煙問題, Bottless 非瓶訂位需要直接上網訂 ( ). Bottless 非瓶菜單並不是套餐制, 而是單點料理為主. Bottless 非瓶也有午餐時段, 菜單則是不一樣內容.
Bottless Restaurant is located near No. 7 of Nanjing Fuxing MRT station. You would need to walk to the direction of “Minsui Zen Teppanyaki”. The turkey blue color is hard to miss. The highchair by the window is not common at Taipei Bistros. The Wine on Tap concept is quite interesting, similar with “Mikkeller Bar Taipei”’s draft beer head. The sofa area is quite comfortable and suitable for dating. My friend and I are seated at the open kitchen counter, which doesn’t have any smoky smell. You would need to do online reservation ( ). Bottless Menu is not on set, instead, it is single-order dish. They also opens at Lunch time, which its menu is different from Dinner Menu.

延伸閱讀: 台北約會餐廳 》Taipei Dating Restaurants

延伸閱讀: Taipei Teppanyaki 》台北鐵板燒推薦 | 明水然鐵板燒之超值龍蝦牛排海陸套餐

延伸閱讀: Mikkeller Bar Taipei 》台北大稻埕米凱樂啤酒吧 | Taipei Craft Beer Bar


Bottless 非瓶- 飲品

Bottless Drink

Dry Muscat

Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

2020年的單杯酒價格是 NTD $260 , 2021/2022 年的單杯酒價格是 NTD $280, 漲價後比其他台北餐酒館單杯酒貴, 請自行斟酌.
2020 single glass wine is NTD $260, now 2021/2022 single glass wine is NTD $280. The price is higher than most Bistro single-glass wine.



Price: NTD $260 -> NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍

Bottless 非瓶餐酒館有酒精飲料與非酒精飲料的菜單. 當我看到酒精飲料菜單時, 心裡想著氣泡酒在 Wine on Tap 的概念喝起來如何, 在好奇心驅使下, 我點了單杯義大利氣泡酒 (150 ml). 高腳酒杯剛端上桌時, 只有微弱氣泡, 品酌以蘋果風味為主, 水梨風味為輔, 可惜大概10 分鐘後氣泡皆會消失, 舌尖少了些許刺激, 我有點失望, 我個人是不推點氣泡酒.
Bottless Taipei has non-alcohol menu and alcohol menu. When I saw the alcohol menu, I was wondering how Prosecco tastes like with the Wine on Tap concept. So, I ordered one glass of Prosecco while waiting for my friend. The bubbles are weak and disappear after 10 minutes after serving. The apple flavor dominates with small amount of pear flavor. I wouldn’t recommend to drink Prosecco here.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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Pinot Noir

Price: NTD $260 -> NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

Bottless 非瓶餐酒館與 Affinato & Lunetta 酒商合作 ( ), 在葡萄酒產地將釀好的葡萄酒裝入20公升的PET桶, 再運來台灣. 我必須說我很意外Bottless 非瓶餐酒館的 Pinot Noir 不錯喝, 寶紅色黑皮諾有著細緻單寧不苦澀, 紅莓風味並不會過重, 平常沒喝酒的人也可品酌. Bottless 非瓶餐酒館販售多款單杯酒, 建議詢問店員哪種酒搭配哪種菜餚.
Bottless Restaurant cooperates with Affinato & Lunetta ( ). A & L packed the wine into the 20L PET tank/bottle from the origin and ship to Taiwan. I am quite surprised that Bottless Pinot Noir is quite good.The tannin is soft along with small amount of raspberry flavor. Bottless Bistro offers various types of alcohols. The customer can ask their staffs for pairing recommendation.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Nature Wine Bar 》下午晚上都可以來肯自然喝單杯自然酒


Bottless 非瓶-晚餐

Bottless Dinner


Potato Pave
Price: NTD$200 -> NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

馬鈴薯千層在台北異國料理餐廳常見到 (例如: “Stagiaire 實習生餐廳” 和 “Saveur 歐洲風味餐坊”), 最大的不同是 Bottless 非瓶餐酒館將馬鈴薯千層油炸, 口感非常酥脆, 同時也有點焦香. 上次品嚐到採用巴西里做的阿根廷青醬是在 “ABV Bar & Kitchen 加勒比海分店”, 這次則是羊乳酪將阿根廷青醬辛香隱藏著, 但是整體不減魅力, 我仍然會推薦這一道料理.
Potato Pave (aka Potato Layers) is quite common at Western Cuisine Restaurants, such as “Stagiaire Restaurant “ and “Saveur Restaurant”. The most difference would be Bottless restaurant chef fried the potato. The texture is very crispy. Last time I tried Chimichurri sauce was at “ABV Bar & Kitchen”. However, the thick Feta flavor covers the spicy flavor from the sauce. But overall, I would still recommend this dish.

延伸閱讀: Saveur 歐洲風味餐坊 》隱藏在台北巷弄內的法式家常餐廳

延伸閱讀: 台北東區餐酒館推薦 》Stagiaire 實習生餐廳料理與甜點皆美味

延伸閱讀: 台北東區啤酒餐廳推薦 》ABV Bar & Kitchen 加勒比海分店搬新家新菜單



Aerated Potato
Price: NTD$200 -> NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

咦 ~ 又是馬鈴薯?! 我愛優質澱粉. 在台北我只吃過 “CROM Taipei” 的氮氣馬鈴薯, 我沒吃過侯布雄的馬鈴薯泥. Bottless 非瓶餐酒館的馬鈴薯泥細緻絲滑, 咖啡粉意外讓無趣澱粉味有著獨特的煙燻苦, 我個人很喜歡這道氮氣馬鈴薯. 如果你一定要從馬鈴薯千層酥與氮氣馬鈴薯這兩道擇一, 我倒是覺得氮氣馬鈴薯比較少見, 比較會讓同行的朋友會有驚艷感.
Potato again? Haha. I love starch! At Taipei, I only tried “CROM TAIPEI”’s Aerated Potato. I never tried Joël Robuch’s Aerated Potato before. Bottless restaurant’s Aerated Potato texture is silky, which is perfect. The coffee flavor adds more smoky flavor to the tastebuds. I like this dish. If your friend want to choose between this dish and the potato pave, I would recommend this one. The main reason would be that it is rare to see this dish at Taipei City.

延伸閱讀: CROM Taipei 》信義安和餐酒館之北義創意料理遇上台灣食材

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Oxtail Croquette
Price: NTD$360
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

其實 Bottless 非瓶餐酒館和 “Gen Creative” 都被我歸類於無國界的異國料理餐廳, 畢竟菜單是由台灣籍主廚 Eric與 韓籍主廚 Han打造而成.這道料理共三顆, 一顆分別 NTD $120. , 這道外表看似樸素的可樂餅, Size 與菜餚名稱皆是西班牙 Tapas 菜餚, 內餡牛尾肉香濃郁, 肉泥非常細緻並沒有想像中地粗獷, 搭配酥脆的外層, 建議沾旁邊的韓式辣醬吃比較不會膩. 我倒是希望 Bottless 非瓶餐酒館能夠創造出像 Gen Creative 的炸湯前菜令人驚豔的前菜.
Bottless Restaurant is categorized as Taipei western cuisine restaurant instead of specific country cuisine. The menu is created by “Gen Creative” Taiwanese chef Eric and Korean Chef Han. Each Croquette is NTD $120. The name croquette is originated from Spain Tapas. The oxtail filling has thick meaty flavor with mushy texture. I would suggest to pair with the Korean hot sauce. However, I wish that Bottless Bistro can create a surprising dish like Miso Fried Soup from Gen Creative.

延伸閱讀: Gen Creative Taipei 》不要以先入為主的觀念來品嚐這家餐廳



Young Chicken
Price: NTD$760
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

好吧, 我承認我想點的是柚香豬肋眼, 後來尊重朋友點了桂丁春雞, 春雞顧名思義就是幼雞, 而不是成年雞, 所以油脂沒有很多, 網路上查詢是35天大的春雞先醃後烤, 品嚐時並不是每一口雞肉都是軟嫩, 也是有些是屬於肉較乾的部分, 我只會建議這道自己一個人吃即可, 多人分享比較不適合, 因為可能有人會吃到比較乾的肉.
I admit that I want to order pork chop instead of chicken. Unlike grown chicken, young chicken has less fats. Bottless chef uses 35 days old young chicken ingredient. While tasting, not every bite of the chicken meats are tender. I won’t suggest to share with others since maybe some bites might be dry.


Bottless 非瓶-早午餐

Bottless Food- Brunch


Short Rib Hash
Price: NTD $440
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

骰子牛小排只有在非瓶的早午餐菜單裡, 可惜店家 11 am 才開, 沒放在我的台北早午餐懶人包文章裡. 牛小排份量比預期地多, 吃起來軟嫩, 完全就是肉食者的愛食, 比較特別的是有紫色馬鈴薯, 可惜馬鈴薯吃起來偏硬. “ M One Cafe “ 菜單上的牛小排早餐套餐 (附飲料)是 NTD $520, 換算下來其實差不多, 所以Bottless 非瓶骰子牛小排 NTD $440 我可以接受.
Short Rib Hash dish is at Bottless brunch menu. However, since the restaurant is opened at 11am, it is not at Taipei Brunch list. The quantity of the short rib is more than expected. And the rib tastes quite tender with meaty flavor. The most special part would be that it has purple potato. But sadly, the potato texture is quite hard. “M One Cafe” short rib brunch set (with drink) is NTD $520. So, NT$440 for Bottless brunch is acceptable.

延伸閱讀: 台北早午餐懶人包 (分區) 》Taipei Brunch Guide (By District)

延伸閱讀: M One Cafe A11 》菜單不僅有早午餐也有主餐與甜點



Price: NTD $90
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

Bottless 非瓶的比司吉外型與 “Buttermilk “ 比司吉不太一樣, Buttermilk  比司吉偏傳統美式, Bottless 非瓶比司吉吃起來則是比較酥脆, 如果喜歡吃美式點心, 可考慮點來吃.
The appearance of Bottless biscuit is different from “Buttermilk” traditional American biscuit. Bottless biscuit is much more crispy. If you like American dessert, you can consider ordering it.

延伸閱讀: Buttermilk Taipei 》Buttermilk 炸雞確實令人難忘



Pork Belly Chilaquiles
Price: NTD $390
Foodelicious: N/A

我表妹點的, 我只吃一口, 我個人覺得 ok , 我比較喜歡 “ Masa Taco” 的玉米片.
My cousin ordered it. I only took one bite. I personally think that it is okey. I would prefer “Masa Taco” Chilaquiles.

延伸閱讀: MASA TACO 》會再訪的信義安和美食推薦 (內有菜單)


Bottless 非瓶 甜點

Bottless Dessert


Cheese Tea Tart
Price: NTD$260
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

Bottless 非瓶餐酒館有自己的甜點主廚 Catherine, 而不是 Gen Creative 瓜地馬拉籍主廚 Melanie, 所以這道奶蓋烏龍塔跟 Melanie 美式風格不太一樣. 先是品嚐了一口高達乳酪冰淇淋, 濃郁乳酪風味包覆著味蕾. 塔的部分完全以白巧克力為主導, 烏龍不確定是不是只有一旁的茶粉?! 整體對我來說甜度過高, 我只吃兩口烏龍塔.
Bottless Restaurant has its own dessert chef Catherine, instead of Gen Creative Melanie. So, this Cheese Tea Tart dessert is different from Melanie’s American style. My tastebuds can definitely tastes the strong cheese flavor from the Gouda Ice Cream. The white chocolate flavor dominates the tart. I am not sure if the tea only appears at the Oolong Tea powder. Overall, it is too sweet for me. I only ate two bites of this dessert.



結論 Conclusion ⭐

Bottless 非瓶早午餐菜單與晚餐菜單不一樣,我個人會建議晚餐時間來,  以價格來說, 非瓶早午餐在台北早午餐名單並沒有很特別, 而且單杯酒漲價從 NTD $260 漲到 NTD $280, NTD $280 單杯酒在台北餐酒館有太多選擇, 非瓶晚餐比較值得去,  2 ~ 4人小團體最適合來.
I would suggest to visit here during dinner time. Bottless brunch menu is different from dinner menu. Bottless brunch is not exactly great comparing with other brunch considering the price. The single glass wine price increases from NTD $260 -> NTD $280. There are other options in other Taipei Bistro. Bottless dinner is better than brunch.    2 ~ 4 people can visit here.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

娜姐專屬讀者優惠折扣 》Foodelicious Exclusive Discount


Bottless 非瓶 資訊

Bottless Information

店名: Bottless 非瓶餐酒館
地址: 台北市松山區慶城街26-1號 (Map)
捷運站: 南京復興捷運站
電話: 02-2514-0089
營業時間: Call to Confirm
Restaurant: Bottless Taipei Restaurant
Address: No. 26-1, Qingcheng Street, Songshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Nanjing Fuxing MRT station
Tel: 02-2514-0089
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm


Bottless 非瓶 菜單

Bottless Menu

Menu 連結: