Taipei Natural Wine Bar 》下午晚上都可以來肯自然喝單杯自然酒

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專屬台北葡萄酒吧越來越多, 但是像 肯自然 這種下午開始營業的台北自然葡萄酒吧則是非常少見.
There are many Wine Bars at Taipei City. “ Can Nature Taipei ” opens from afternoon through night, which is quite rare at Taipei City.


肯自然位於大安捷運站附近, 直接從四號出口往信維市場走, 非常靠近 “麥村 The Malt”, 再轉進巷弄內, 即可看到木質色調的肯自然店面, 落地窗讓人沒有距離感, 店面內座位比東區精釀啤酒吧 “淺草酒藏“ 多, 明亮裝潢也跟大安區另一家 “Libido Wine Gallery ” 不一樣.
Can Nature Taipei is located near Da’an MRT station. You would need to exit from No. 4 and walk toward the market. After turning into the lane, it is easy to find out the wooden color store front. Can Nature Taipei has more seats than “Asakusa Shuzo Taipei”. The bright design is different from the other wine bar “Libido Wine Gallery”.

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台北餐廳有提供自然酒是 “Verde Taipei”. 肯自然只販售自然酒, 而且有單杯酒選擇. 基本上只需要記得自然酒就是無添加物, 非人工酵母, 和遵守傳統釀製步驟, 肯自然採用有打上星星記號的 Riedel 杯, 這是為了讓店家更正確拿捏好每個單杯酒的 cc . Ken 老闆自己是侍酒師, 但親切度與刻板侍酒師嚴肅印象完全截然不同, 他會給客人關於選單杯酒的建議. 肯自然也有提供簡單下酒菜.
Verde Taipei” offers many Nature wines. Can Nature Taipei ONLY offers Nature Wines with also single glass options. They use Riedel glass with star mark for the convenience of measurement. The owner Ken is a friendly sommelier. Can Nature Taipei also offers light foods pairing with wines.

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Je t’aime mais j’ai soif 2018

Price: NTD $250 / Glass
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

肯自然的單杯酒大致上會維持四款以上, 而且單杯酒皆是 125ml, 單杯價以現場定價為主. 在炎熱夏天, 非常適合來杯白酒. 這一款酒標和名稱相當特別, 酒標是右邊是公主, 左邊是王子, Je t’aime mais j’ai soif 法文的中文翻譯是 “我愛你, 可是我口渴“, 可以說是令人印象深刻. 這款是以3種白葡萄釀製的法國自然白酒, 酒帶有些許綠色調的檸檬色, 品酌前可嗅到充沛果香和花香. 白酒滑順入口, 水梨風味為主調, 礦石與微甜酸的檸檬風味為輔, 會在舌尖停留蠻久. 這是一款多數台灣女生會喜歡的葡萄酒.
Can Nature Taipei offers above 4 wines for single glass option. And each single glass is 125 ml. This French white wine has interesting wine label and wine name. The wine label has prince and princess. And the French name English translation is “I love you but I am thirsty”. The wine color is greenish lemon color. The nose can sense fruity and floral aroma. The smooth wine body has great pear flavor along with mineral and light lemon flavor. The flavors would stay at the tastebuds for a while. I believe that most taiwanese women would like this white wine.


Daniel Bouland Morgon les delys 2017

Price: NTD $250 / Glass
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

老闆 Ken 特別換了一個大肚杯酒杯, 這款法國紅酒的葡萄種類是加美 (Gamay) ,酒體適中且稍微帶有些酒淚, 入口前紫羅蘭芳香明顯, 舌尖沒有察覺到明顯的單寧, 黑櫻桃和黑李風味在口裡散開, 我個人覺得這款紅酒會比白酒更適合我.
The owner Ken changes the wine glass, which I consider quite professional. This French wine is made with Gamay. The wine body is average with wine leg. The violet floral aroma is very obvious. The tastebuds couldn’t sense the obvious tannin. There are far amount of black berry and black plum flavor in the mouth. I am more found to this red wine than the white wine.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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餐廳: 肯自然
地址: 台北市大安區大安路二段53巷4號 (Map)
捷運站: 信義安和捷運站
電話: 02-2700-0386
營業時間: Call to Confirm
Restaurant: Can Nature Taipei
Address: No.4, 53th Lane, 2nd Section Da’an Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Da’an MRT station
Tel: 02-2700-0386
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm







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