YAMASAN TAIPEI 》山男菜單料理可獨享也可多人刷菜單

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山男 ( Yamasan Taipei )台北大安區國父紀念館站美食之一, 饕客前往的原因不外乎是老闆曾在 MUME 廚師團隊裡, 呈現獨特的餐酒館風格.
Yamasan restaurant is one of the SYS Memorial Hall MRT station restaurants. Most foodies visited there because the owner was in MUME chef team.

山男菜單在文末 Yamasan  Menu is at the end of article


山男餐廳位於國父紀念館站2號出口附近, 與 “ABV Bar & Kitchen 地中海本店“ 在同一條巷子. 餐廳外部雖然是低調日式和風傳統色系, 但從落地窗可看到客人用餐. 不同於 “川賀居酒屋”類型的傳統居酒屋, 山男餐廳反而比較像是餐酒館, 用餐環境不吵雜且坐得舒適, 適合朋友聚餐與約會.酒吧調酒區與 “ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei” 一樣皆在廚房旁. 濕紙巾則是高級餐廳常見的壓縮紙巾, 用水泡開. 值得一提的是山男餐廳店員們都非常親切, 端上桌的每道菜餚都會講解, 頗具米其林餐盤餐廳服務水準.
Yamasan restaurant is near SYS Memorial Hall MRT station Exit 2. It is at the same lane as “ABV Bar & Kitchen”. It is located at the previous “Cuisine de Mars”. Different from “Kawaga Izakaya”, Yamasan restaurant is more like Taipei Bistro. The dining environment is casual dining, which is suitable for gathering and also dating. Similar with “ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei”, the bar area is next to the kitchen. The staffs are very friendly and knowledgable.

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Price: FREE
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當端上這道小點時, 我一度以為是日式炸米果之類, 山男店員提到這道是炸豬皮. 我一邊吃一邊查 Google, 原來炸豬皮是東南亞國家常見的零嘴, 又稱做膨皮. 除了酥脆口感外, 吃起來鹹香又ㄙㄨㄚˋ嘴, 非常美味.
Honestly, I thought this particular is Japanese fried rice cake. The staff mentions that the appetizer is fried pig skin, which is the snack from South Eastern cuisine. Besides the crispy texture, it is quite delicious with salty and meaty aroma.


牛小排 & 馬鈴薯 (一串)

Rib & Baby Potato
Price: NTD $220
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其實我本來要點馬頭魚, 可惜當天缺貨. 於是點了這一道牛小排 & 馬鈴薯. 山男餐廳提到這道有採用自製米麴, 頗具類似 “JE Kitchen” 北歐風格. 牛小排再刷上自製串燒蘸醬. 牛小排吃起來意想不到地軟嫩, 些許香醇留在味蕾且整體吃起來並沒有過度鹹香. 袖珍馬鈴薯搭配從串燒滴下來醬汁與油脂, 完全令人垂涎三尺. 我個人很推薦自己點一串來吃, 不要跟別人分享.
I was going to order fish, however, they don’t have the ingredient at the moment. The restaurant uses koji rice, which indicate hints of Nordic cuisine style, similar with “JE Kitchen”. The rib is incredible tender. The tastebuds sense meaty aroma. The sauce is not too oil nor salty. The baby potato mixed with the sauce and fats. The overall is quite delicious. I would suggest to order one for yourself instead of sharing with others.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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軟絲 & 玉米冷湯

Squid & Cold Corn Soup
Price: NTD $220
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這道菜餚是一盤軟絲搭配兩碗玉米冷湯, 若 “logy” 代表菜餚是茶碗蒸, 山男餐廳代表菜餚應該就是這道軟絲. 微炙厚切烤軟絲搭配檸檬皮碎末, 咬一口軟絲, 呈現類似 “Men Biyori 麵日和”的半熟花枝, 並不是西式烤花枝硬口感, 若不常吃日式料理, 應該會覺得驚豔, 味蕾可明顯感受到清爽檸檬與經典炙燒並行的風味, 玉米冷湯則是配花瓣, 頗具有視覺美感. 但是4人以上可能要點兩盤.
This dish is squid pairing with two cold corn soup. If steamed egg is “logy”’’s masterpiece, the squid is Yamasan’s masterpiece. Hints of grilled pairs great with lemon zest. Similar with “Men Biyori”, the squid is half-raw. The tastebuds can sense both grilled aroma with hints of refreshing lemon flavor. The cold soup is decorated with flower petal, which is quite pretty. However, if you have 4 people, it would be better to order double though.

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拌麵 & 牛舌

Noodle & Beef Tongue
Price: NTD $260
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不同於 “台北和牛47”, 這道的牛舌是厚切起具有嚼勁, 在拌麵的同時, 吸附於碗裡底層的牛油與花椒, 剛開始吃時, 風味感覺有點像 “饞食坊”的私房花椒麵, 可惜山男餐廳不是關廟麵.   也可滴一些店家自製辣油. 慢慢吃麵反而會有些過油, 因此一人其實不太適合點這道.
Different from “Wagyu 47 Taipei”, Yamasan’s beef tongue is thick-sliced. While stirring, the noodle would absorb the beef fats and peppercorn. The flavor is a bit similar with the peppercorn noodle at “Zen Food Restaurant”. However, I prefer thick noodle instead of thin noodle. You can also add a few drops of custom-made hot oil. It would become too oily if eating too slowly. I would suggest to share this dish with you friend.

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調酒 – 良果

Arden Affection
Price: NTD $360
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山男餐廳並沒有提供常溫水, 但是有提供熱水.氣泡水與礦泉水價錢則是用瓶來算, 山男調酒類型則是創新類型,. 我點的良果調酒裡有 Calvados ( 蘋果白蘭地), Spiced Rum (香料蘭姆酒) , D.O.M. Benedictine (香甜酒) , Passionfruit (百香果). 喝起來香料味頗重, 蘋果與百香果風味也是很明顯, 酒精濃度也較強.
Yamasan restaurant doesn’t offer water with room temperature. But, they have hot water. The sparkling water and mineral water fee is charged by bottle unit. Yamasan’s cocktail is categorized as creative cocktail. I ordered Arden Affection, which mixed with Calvados, Spiced Rum, D.O.M. Benedictine and passionfruit. The spice flavor is quite heavy along with obvious apple and passion fruit. The alcohol level is a bit high as well.

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店名: 山男 YAMASAN
地址: 台北市大安區光復南路260巷34號一樓 (Map)
捷運站: 國父紀念館站
電話: 02-2778-0978
營業時間: Call to Confirm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yamasan.Taipei
Restaurant:Yamasan Restaurant
Address: No. 34, 260th Lane, Guangfu South Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: SYS Memorial Hall MRT station
Tel: 02-2778-0978
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm


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