SOPEXA Taiwan French Butter Press Conference 》法國奶油媒體活動

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這次法國食品協會 (Sopexa Taiwan) 與法國國家乳製品公會 (Cniel) 和歐盟 (EU) 合作, 為了推廣更多奶油應用和知識, 不惜成本在 Taïrroir 態芮舉辦法國奶油媒體見面會.
Sopexa Taiwan cooperates with Cniel and EU to promote French butter knowledge and cooking methods. The media event is hosted at Taïrroir Restaurant, which received Michelin 2 stars honor.


平常是只有做活動短秒影片, 因為這次法國奶油媒體見面會非常精彩, 我決定寫成文章. 基本上這篇文章是敘述活動, 而不是平常的採訪 Q & A, 我之後會再將這次在 Taïrroir 態芮的用餐 Review 再寫成另一篇文章. Taïrroir 態芮佔地適合中小型媒體發表會或是品酒會,, 在入口處簽到後, 先來杯 Brut. 入座後得知這次主辦單位和 Taïrroir 態芮主廚何順凱 ( Chef Kai ) 合作研發當日活動菜單,主廚何順凱也在活動環節親自上台講解.
I used to make short video regarding the event. Since this media event is quite impressive, I decide to write into article. This article is regarding event. I will write about my dining experience in another article. Taïrroir restaurant is quite suitable for medium size media or wine trial taste event. Chef Kai, who is the executive chef, develops custom-made menu with French Butter.


多數台灣人對奶油的印象都是麵包抹醬, 入座後, 店員端上綜合奶油盤, 除了上次在“ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei”的有鹽奶油外, 盤裡的豆豉辣椒和鹹蛋黃奶油更是勾勒出亞洲風情, 也間接告知在場的食品進口商和媒體, 奶油可以不再是單純的原味奶油, 概念就像我在 Costco 買的 “亞諾綜合奶油乳酪抹醬” 的香料乳酪. 每款奶油搭配麵包皆有特色, 我個人蠻喜歡鹹蛋黃奶油.
Most Taiwanese consider butter as bread butter. After seating, the staff brings out mixed butter plate. Besides the salted butter that I ate at “ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei”, there are also “hot chili with fermented beans” and “salty egg” flavored butter. The concept is similar with the “Alra Buko Cream Cheese” that I purchased at Costco. Each butter has its own character. I personally like the salty egg flavored butter.

延伸閱讀: ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei 》台北餐酒館 | 法式料理與北歐料理之邂逅

延伸閱讀: 【 Alra Buko Cream Cheese 】Costco 好市多 | 亞諾綜合奶油乳酪抹醬

延伸閱讀: 台灣 Costco 購買清單 》TAIWAN COSTCO BUY LIST


再來第二階段是所謂的 Workshop, 每個人現場依個人喜好將台灣在地香料 (例如馬告) 加入法國原味奶油裡, 之後再將奶油包裝成香包形狀, 文末短秒影片有台灣知名葡萄酒導師王鵬示範整個 Workshop 過程, 之後店家會再協助冷藏保存讓貴賓們帶回家.
The second part of the event is the WORKSHOP. Guests can mix Taiwanese local ingredients (such as Makauy/ Mountain Litsea) with French Butter. Then guests pack the butter and freeze in order to bring home the butter. The short video at the end of article has Mr. Paul Wang (Famous Wine Lecturer at Taiwan) demonstrates the process.


Famous Wine Lecturer at Taiwan Paul Wang FB Fan Page 酒類專家 王鵬老師的臉書粉絲頁:


這次活動Taïrroir 態芮主廚何順凱 ( Chef Kai ) 也親自示範如何將法國奶油成為法式伯那西醬 ( Bearnaise Sauce ) 裡的一款食材, 再成為圖片裡菜餚的不可缺的醬汁, 我們這一桌一致認為醬精采到可以成為這道菜餚的主角. 活動流程順暢, 最重要是有知名廚師作為奶油應用和知識的代言人, 可信度高.
Chef Kai also demonstrates how to make Bearnaise Sauce with French butter. The picture down below shows the thick texture sauce. We all consider the sauce is tasty enough to become the main character of this particular dish. The event is quite a success. With famous chef as speaks person at the event is a smart move.



Sopexa Taiwan 法國食品協會


♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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