Tongan Curry 通庵熟成咖喱 》台北最受饕客歡迎的咖哩飯專賣店 (內含菜單)

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台北熟成咖哩餐廳是近期饕客們熱搜關鍵字, 2019 新開幕大安區通庵熟成咖喱餐廳是 VG Seafood Bar 集團旗下一個餐廳品牌.
Taipei Aged Curry Restaurant is one of the popular search words lately. 2019 newly-opened Tongan Curry is one of the restaurant brands under VG Seafood Bar Group.

通庵熟成咖喱菜單在文末 Tongan Curry Menu is at the end of article


台北通庵熟成咖喱餐廳最靠近信義安和站三號出口, 大約五分鐘走路路程, 由於人潮眾多, 建議 11am 一開店就去排隊用餐, 請注意餐廳有下午休息時間. 室外 餐廳裝潢文青, 與 “Fuji Curry 富士咖哩” 主題一樣, 也有外帶窗口. 餐廳內的乾燥花和 ”井上禾食”的室內裝潢則是些許相似, 餐廳如同板前般的座位非常少, 因此翻桌率相當高. 一入座, 馬上被酒瓶吸引, 很難得可在咖哩餐廳看到日本威士忌和基酒, 通庵熟成咖喱菜單相當簡單, 有雞肉, 牛肉, 與綜合熟成咖哩定食, 也有威士忌與調酒.
Tongan Curry Restaurant is located near No. 3 of Xinyi Anhe MRT Station. Since there are many people lining up, I would suggest to visit at 11am. Please note that they are closed in the afternoon. The restaurant appearance is similar with “Fuji Curry”. The dried flower decoration is also similar with “Jin-Shan Japanese Restaurant” . There aren’t much seats in the restaurant. The menu is simply. There are chicken, beef and mixed curry along with whiskey and cocktails.

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Mixed Beef & Chicken Curry Rice Set
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

對多數台灣人來說, “熟成“,”高級”, “美味” 這三個形容詞早已畫上等號, 就像在 “Smith & Wollensky Taipei”, 單價較高的乾式熟成牛排永遠都是饕客的首選. 店員並不會逐一解釋熟成咖哩的由來, 我從網路搜尋的資料則是餐廳自炒香料靜置 28 天, 與多種蔬菜一起煮成咖哩醬後再靜置48小時. 賣點就跟 “盈 豚骨カレー咖哩飯專門”用豚骨高湯製作一樣具有話題性.
When people hear about “Aged” , they often think of “High-end” and “Delicious”. Like at “Smith & Wollensky Taipei”, Foodie always order Aged Steak. Since the staff doesn’t explain much about the aged curry, I need to search online. The restaurant cooked their own special recipe of mixed spices and aged for 28 days. And then, cook the spices with various vegetables and aged for 48 hours. The selling point would be the same as “Yin Curry Rice Restaurant”, which is remarkable.

延伸閱讀: Smith & Wollensky Taipei 》噶瑪蘭威士忌紐約客牛排不再是隱藏菜單

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菜單上寫著”定食內含半顆糖心蛋, 洋蔥, 蒜苗, 味增湯, 小菜, 內用免費續味噌湯和咖哩醬”.點完隨後端上不同於市面上的圓形深色餐盤, 先單獨品嚐一口紅褐色咖哩, 舌尖除了感受到溫潤微甜咖哩風味外, 適量辛香料也衝擊著味蕾, 單吃咖哩並沒有擾人辣味. 雞腿肉和牛肉偏支離破碎則是比較可惜. 熱騰騰的炸半熟蛋和炸馬鈴薯讓這道牛雞熟成咖哩定食更具有記憶點. 我會推薦這道通庵熟成咖喱飯給喜歡多層次風味日本咖哩的人.
The menu stated that the set includes half-boiled egg, onion, garlic sprout, miso soup, side dish. You can add miso soup and the curry sauce for free. The tastebuds would sense the hints of sweetness and fair amount of various spices. But, it doesn’t have the so-called strong spicy flavor. But, the chicken and pork are broken into pieces. The hot fried half-boiled egg and fried potato add a twist into this dish. I would recommend this dish to people who like to eat layers of Japanese Curry flavors.

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通庵炸餛飩 (2 顆)

Small Fried Wonton (2 Units)
Price: Extra NTD $30
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現炸小餛飩外皮酥脆, 由於咖哩風味太特別, 內餡肉香並不是很明顯, 值得點嗎? 我個人覺得還好.
The appearance is crispy. But, since the curry sauce is too special, the filling of the wanton is a bit less than obvious. Is it worth it? I personally think that it tastes average though.

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餐廳: 通庵熟成咖喱
地址: 台北市大安區通安街115號 (Map)
捷運站: 信義安和捷運站
電話: N/A
營業時間: Call to Confirm
Restaurant: Tongan Curry
Address: No. 115, Tong’An Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Xinyi Anhe MRT station
Tel: N/A
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm


通庵熟成咖喱 菜單 》Tongan Curry Menu