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L先生義法餐廳米其林餐盤餐廳之一, 位於民生東路四段巷弄內, 同時也是一家台北松山區餐酒館.
Monsieur L Restaurant is one of the Michelin Plate Restaurants. Its location is at the lane of Mingshen East Road. It is also a Songshan District Bistro.

L先生義法餐廳菜單在文末 Monsieur L Restaurant Menu is at the end of article


L先生義法餐廳和蘭餐廳是同一位老闆, 也就是所謂的姐妹店. L先生義法餐廳鄰近松山機場捷運站, 離“民生工寓咖啡店“ 不遠. 餐廳正對面是停車場, 其紅黑色建築在幽靜巷弄內照理說應該是相當突兀, 但卻賦予一種懷舊風格, 原本以為像 “Long Wall 餐廳“ 老派餐廳, 但室內裝潢卻是與 “一小步餐廳” 同樣皆是藍灰色系的時尚感, 較為特別的是私人包廂內的桌子為正方形和舒適沙發座椅, 相當適合家庭聚會. 餐廳佔地頗大, 也有相當多兩人座位, 也可以列為適合約會的餐廳. 入座後, 店員專業地介紹L先生義法餐廳只提供瓶裝水, 有 500ml 和 1000ml 選擇.
Monsieur L Restaurant and “Orchid Restaurant” are owned by the same owner. The closest MRT station would be Songshan Airport. Its location is not far away from “Coffee Essential”. There is a parking lot right across the street. The red and black color building presents its uniqueness. I was expected old-fashion interior design like “Long Wall Restaurant”. But instead, the interior design is a bit similar with “Un Petit Pas Bistro” with blue and grey color. The most surprising part would be the private dining room’s table is square with sofa. It is suitable for Family gathering. There are quite a few two-people seatings, which is also suitable for dating. After seating, the staff mentioned that they only offer bottled water, which has 500ml and 1000ml.


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商業午餐- 油封鴨腿套餐

價格: NTD $980
備註: 三道菜套餐, 包括手工麵包,前菜/湯品, 主菜, 甜點, 精緻茶點, 咖啡/茶
Confit Duck Leg Lunch Set
Price: NTD $980
Remark: Three Courses Lunch Set. The set includes appetizer/soup, main dish, dessert, snack, tea/coffee



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幾乎所有人都是選擇四道菜套餐, 我選擇三道菜套餐, 簡單佐餐麵包揭開序幕, 麵包堅果顆粒明顯, 可惜橄欖油並沒有明顯的香氣.
Almost everyone select 4-courses set. I selected 3-courses set. The nutty flavor from the bread is obvious. As for the olive oil, it doesn’t have obvious aroma though.


湯品: 蒜苗馬鈴薯湯, 東石鮮蚵, 西班牙臘腸

Soup: Potato Soup, Dongshi Oyster, Chorizo
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東石鮮蚵比 ”万家紅麵線”的蚵仔小, 但數量比想像中地多, 每粒鮮蚵算是飽滿, 並不會乾扁, 濃郁湯頭沙沙口感帶有隱約奶香風味與少許馬鈴薯皮, 整體喝起來算是優質.
Dongshi Oysters are smaller than “Wanjia Vermicelli Restaurant”. However, the quantity is more than expected. Surprisingly, each oyster is juicy. The thick texture broth has hints of milky flavor along with potato peels. Overall, this soup is delicious.


油封鴨腿, 青蘋果, 防風草

Confit Duck Leg, Green Apple, Pasnip
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視覺上此道鴨腿Size比其他法式餐廳小, 詢問後得知L先生義法餐廳採用來自宜蘭的豪野鴨品牌, 廚師將鴨腿的過多油脂去掉, 因此Size 較小. 一刀切開淺褐色鴨腿表層, 酥脆聲響, 品嚐起來細緻皮薄, 嫩度偏高, 並不會像 “Chou Chou 法式餐廳“的熟成鴨切起來偏乾澀.
The size of this particular Confit Duck Leg is smaller. The chef mentioned that they use a particular brand duck from Yilan, which contains more fats. So, they exclude the extra fats from the leg, therefore the size is smaller. The skin is crispy and thin. The duck meat is tender, which is a bit different from “Chou Chou French Restaurant”.


如果凍般的青蘋果醬與鴨肉是分開, 並不會影響到鴨肉的酥脆度或是最初的肉香, 醬的酸甜只會在舌尖停留一些時間. 防風草較常出現在歐洲, 形狀類似白蘿蔔, 焦糖蘋果切塊甜度極高, 接骨木花裝飾也相當出色, 整體相當不錯.
The green apple jams’ texture is similar with jelly. Since the jam is separated from the duck, it wouldn’t interfere the crispy nor the meaty aroma. The acidity and sweetness would stay at the tastebuds for a while only. The pasnip, which looks a bit similar with radish, mostly appears at European market. The caramelized apple cube is overly sweet. This course generally tastes pretty flavorful.

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甜點- 70% 黑巧克力, 野莓醬, 香草冰淇淋

Dessert: 70% Chocolate, Wild Berries Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream
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L先生義法餐廳有自己的甜點師父, 甜點選項也較多. 關於這道甜點, 我會建議先將香草冰淇淋吃完, 因為融化的速度相當快. 擺盤是紅黑色系,野莓泥可吃到顆粒, 蛋糕體吃起來像在吃 Brownie, 但並不會乾也不會過苦. 整體算是一個低調的結尾.
Monsieur L Restaurant has its own pastry chef, so, the dessert options are more than expected. As for this dessert course, I would suggest to eat the vanilla ice cream since it melts quite fast. You can tastes hints of the actual berries at the sauce. The main cake (?) takes similar with brownie, but without dryness nor bitterness.


茶 & 茶後甜點

Twinning Tea & Snack
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這兩道餐點與甜點是同一時間端上, 若時間允許, 我會建議跟店員溝通等甜點吃完再端上, 最主要的原因是熱唐寧伯爵茶會變溫, 茶後多了個綠茶餅乾令人記憶深刻.
If time is allowed, I would suggest to serve the tea and the snack after the dessert. The main reason is that the Twinning Tea becomes warm instead of hot.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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餐廳: L 先生義法餐廳
地址: 台北市松山區民生東路四段131巷21號 (Map)
捷運站: 松山機場捷運站
電話: 02-8770-5505
營業時間: 看 Facebook
Restaurant: Monsieur L Restaurant
Address: No. 21, 131st Lane, 4 section, Mingshen East Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Songshan Airport MRT station
Tel: 02-8770-5505
Operation Hour: Check Facebook