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由於海真私房菜餐廳民生店有大包廂, 因此被列在台北適合家庭聚餐的餐廳名單裡, 港星周潤發在台北也曾到這家餐廳用餐, 這次與朋友挑戰 1000 元挑戰點菜.
Haizen Chinese Restaurant Mingshen Branch has large private dining room, which is suitable for gathering. One of the famous celebrities Chow Yun Fat visited here before.

海真私房菜菜單在文末 Haizen Chinese Restaurant Menu is at the end of article


海真私房菜餐廳民生店鄰近中山國中捷運站, 是屬於台北文華飯店附近中式餐廳之一, 另一家分店位於復興北路上. 民生店位於幽靜的民生東路三段巷弄內, 那天用餐是平日晚上, 沒想到餐廳裡一半的座位早已被預訂, 餐廳內部裝潢並沒有“南村私廚”或是 “頤宮” 時尚與奢華, 裝潢風格與 “忠南飯館”一樣樸實, 座位大部分以圓桌為主, 四人會被安排到窗戶旁, 顯得稍微擁擠, 其大包廂相當隱密, 可惜視覺上稍顯擁擠. 免費的兩道小菜早已入座前就已放在桌上. 以下餐點總共加起來 NTD $920 (尚未加10%服務費), 餐點夠三人吃, 而且會很飽. 一人平均 NTD $305.
Haizen Chinese Restaurant is closed to Zhongshan Junior High school MRT station. The location is near Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei. The other branch is located at Fushing North Road. The dining time is during weekday, but most of seats are reserved. The interior design is not as fancy as “44 SV Bistro” nor “Le Palais”. Its interior design is a bit similar with “Chungnam Restaurant”. Most seats are round tables. There are only a few 4-people seats, which are a bit crowded. Its large private dining room is great for family gathering. Two free appetizers are served before seating. The total value of the following dishes are NTD $920 (+10% service fee). The courses are meant to share with total 3 people. Each person would only spend $305 in average.

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Braised Beef Tendon
Price: NTD $480
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

聽其他朋友說這道算是海真招牌料理之一, 海真私房菜餐廳採用本地牛筋, 長時間燉煮,讓上色均勻成誘人的亮褐色, 在夾起一塊滷牛筋的同時, 視覺即可猜到膠質相當多, 我吃到的每塊牛筋都比想像中地軟和滑順, 只有少許嚼勁, 比 “Hana Bi 居酒屋” 和 ”EN 和食“美味, 肉的香氣迷人卻不會過鹹, 下飯也相當適合, 我相當推薦這一道料理.
Other friends mentioned that Braised Beef Tendon is their signature dish. They brewed the local beef tendon for a long time. Its bright brown color is amazing, which contains lots of collagens. Each tendon that I tastes is tender and with a bit chewy texture. It is much more delicious than “Hana Bi Restaurant” and “EN Japanese Restaurant”. It is not overly too salty. It is great pairing with rice. I recommend this dish for sure.



Stir-fried Stinky Tofu
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

海真私房菜餐廳將蒸臭豆腐切碎如肉末般, 跟也是切碎的油條一起小火慢炒, 若沒有注意看, 其實是餐猜不出食材是臭豆腐與油條. 原本以為臭豆腐會是像 “上海邵師傅湯包”的臭豆腐小籠包一樣重口味, 孰不知臭豆腐風味被蔥蒜辣椒味顯得稍微壓制, 此道料理與蒼蠅頭一樣都是拌飯吃, 但因為沒有醬汁輔佐, 整道料理偏乾, 油條很可惜地也不脆, 這道料理可點可不點.
Stinky Tofu and fried Chinese donut are chopped into pieces, just like grind pork. All ingredients are stir-fried together. It is difficult to tell which ingredient is tofu and fried Chinese donut. I thought the stinky tofu flavor will be as strong as “Shanghai Master Shao Soup Dumpling restaurant”. But the stinky tofu flavor is covered by the green onion, garlic and pepper. Since there is no sauce, the whole course seemed to be too dry. And the fried Chinese donut is not crispy as expected.



Fried Egg (Over-Easy)
Price: NTD $200
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這道嗆鍋蛋也是很多老饕會點的菜餚, 店員端上一盤像是大 Size 的荷包蛋, 大約用 4~ 5 個蛋製作而成, 將蛋切開後, 才發現原來老饕們愛的是隱藏半熟蛋黃,在蛋黃流下時趕緊放到白飯裡, 與蔥花醬油一起入口, 微脆外層搭配滑嫩蛋黃相當不錯, 在吃的同時, 朋友提到在饒河街夜市吃過類似的炸蛋, 她覺得這道是可點可不點, 我是覺得若有超過四人用餐, 這道嗆鍋蛋倒是可以點來分食下飯.
Most foodies would also recommend this Fried Egg (Over-Easy). The staff serves this large dish, which has 4 ~ 5 eggs. The crispy appearance with over-easy egg yolks is great pairing with the rice. My friend mentioned that she ate this type of fried egg at Re-Ho Street, with of course lower price. I would only recommend this dish to the party of 6.



Price: NTD $10/Bowl
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

老饕們都公認海真私房菜餐廳的山東饅頭豆腐乳是值得點, 但因為我想搭配白飯, 於是就沒點饅頭豆腐乳, 白飯就只是很純粹是拿來搭配菜, 並無特別之處.
Most foodies consider their Steamed Bun is delicious. But, since I mostly order dish with sauce, I choose to order rice. It doesn’t taste special anyway.



Daikon Soup
Price: Free
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

湯與水果皆是免費提供, 但因季節變更, 水果暫時不提供. 店員豪邁地將一大鍋蘿蔔排骨湯端上桌, 湯裡也吃到得到白蘿蔔切片, 並不會過於清淡. 一整餐吃起來相當飽.
Daikon Soup and Fruits are free. However, they wont serve the fruits lately due to the change of season. The staff serves a large bowl of Daikon soup with ribs. I would recommend you would be full after the soup.

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餐廳: 海真私房菜餐廳
地址: 台北市松山區民生東路三段130巷7弄15號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山國中捷運站
電話: 02-2546-5655
營業時間: 看 Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/海真私房菜/129318350467936
Restaurant: Haizen Taiwan Cuisine Restaurant
Address: No. 15, 7th Alley, 130th Lane, 3rd Section, Mingshen East Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan Junior High SchooMRT station
Tel: 02-2546-5655
Operation Hour: Check Facebook