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上澄鍋物日曜天地 OUTLET 餐廳之一 , 也是台中火車站週邊美食. 不僅有多樣海鮮與肉類選擇, 30多款新鮮野菜吃到飽區上澄鍋物評論者的最愛.
Kiyora Shabu Shabu , which is located at Taichung Sunshine Plaza Outlet 2F, is one of the restaurants near Taichung Train Station. They not only offer various seafoods and meats selection, they also offer 30+ types vegetables buffet selection.


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關於日曜天地 OUTLET

About Taichung Sunshine Plaza Outlet

日曜天地 OUTLET 與臺中公園智選假日飯店為同一棟建築, 離台中火車站只有 10 ~ 15 分鐘 步行路程, 位於市區很方便,  日曜天地 OUTLET 地址為台中市中區自由路二段94號, 上澄鍋物餐廳則是位於日曜天地 OUTLET 2 樓. 走進日曜天地時, 全新的「 光的聚落」中庭視覺感比預期地明亮許多, 中庭的品牌櫃位擺設不會過於擁擠, 仔細一看, 皆是年輕人熟悉的品牌 – KANGOL , NCAA , EVERLAST , 讓每個品牌與產品皆有展示空間, 這是比較少見的 Outlet 商場設計, 金屬棚架與框架讓我聯想到 “春大直”的裝潢. 此外, 我也發現 The North Face 品牌也進駐日曜天地 OUTLET 1F
Taichung Sunshine Plaza Outlet and Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park are at the same building. It is near Taichung Train Station, which is about 10 ~ 15 minutes walking distance. The address is at No. 94, 2nd Section , Ziyou Road, Central District, Taichung City , Taiwan. Kiyora Shabu Shabu restaurant is located at Taichung Sunshine Plaza Outlet 2F. Sunshine Plaza Outlet has remodeled their central courtyard. It now has a much brighter visual appeal than expected. I also noticed that the brands are famous young generation, for example — KANGOL , NCAA , EVERLAST . The layout of the retail booths in the courtyard is not overly crowded, allowing each brand and product to have sufficient display space. This is a design feature that is less commonly seen in Outlet Malls. The metal scaffolding display reminds me of “Chun Place” design. I walked around to discovered that The North Face brand is also at the 1F of the Outlet.

延伸閱讀: 春大直主廚市場懶人包 》Chun Place Chef Market Guide

日曜天地 OUTLET Website: https://www.s-outlet.com.tw


上澄鍋物 訂位

Kiyora Shabu Shabu Reservation

上澄鍋物位於日曜天地 OUTLET 2 樓, 最佳拍照與採光座位是窗邊座位區, 可看到台中公園的湖景. 上澄鍋物是一人一鍋, 每位選一款湯底,並沒有鴛鴦鍋. 上澄鍋物 inline 訂位 連結是 ( Link: https://reurl.cc/94b2Qj ), 一人也可訂位.
Kiyora Shabu Shabu is located at Taichung Sunshine Plaza Outlet 2F. The best seating area would be near the window , which is great for food photo shooting and enjoy the Taichung Park Lake view. Kiyora Shabu Shabu policy is that each person has to order one pot with one choice of broth. However, there isn’t double-flavor hot pot selection. Kiyora Shabu Shabu reservation inline link is ( Link: https://reurl.cc/94b2Qj ). You can also reserve for one person.


上澄鍋物評價 – Buffet 區

Kiyora Shabu Shabu Review – Buffet Area


Fresh Vegetable Buffet Section

上澄鍋物菜單裡的”套餐”皆可享用新鮮野菜自助區. 這是我第一次看到台灣火鍋餐廳有 30多種新鮮野菜的 Buffet 區, 許多款蔬菜品種我個人也未曾嘗試過 , 餐廳也特別標註 “季節限定”. 這次用餐 (圖一) 有品嚐到季節限定紅莧菜/ 皇宮菜 / 絲瓜/ 白精靈菇 / 牛番茄 / 栗子南瓜 / 芋頭. 我個人最喜歡白精靈菇與紅莧菜, 這些新鮮的蔬菜將為餐點增添豐富的風味.
The set meal at Kiyora Shabu Shabu all come with access to the fresh vegetable buffet area. It’s the first time that I’ve seen a hot pot restaurant offering over 30 varieties of fresh vegetables in a buffet selection. There are many vegetable varieties that I personally haven’t tried before. The restaurant also specifically labels some as “seasonal” options. During my visit, I had the opportunity to taste the following (Pic 1) – seasonal red amaranth / Ceylon Spinach / loofah/white beech mushroom/ tomato/ Kabocha Squash/Taro. I love the white beech mushroom and red amaranth vegetables. These fresh vegetables added a rich and flavorful element to the meal.



Hot Deli Section

上澄鍋物熟食區提供冷烏龍麵, 白飯與風味飯. 風味飯不定期更換, 我很喜歡這次的昆布飯.
Kiyora Shabu Shabu Hot Deli section offers cold udon noodle, rice, and flavored rice. This time, I tried the kelp rice and I love it.



Sauce Section

醬料區則是有 12款不同的醬料, 我有發現較特別的三款醬料 – 胡麻醬, 素醬油與黃椒泥. 值得一提的是, 醬料區並不提供沙茶醬, 推薦吃食物的原味.
In the sauce section, there are 12 different types of sauces available. I discover three special sauces – sesame sauce, shoyu sauce, and yellow pepper paste. They do not provide satay sauce since they recommend to try the original flavor of foods.

招牌吃法 (圖一): 醬油1匙+ 蘿蔔泥1匙+黃椒泥 0.5 匙 + 些許蔥花
Signature Sauce Remix (Pic 1): Soy sauce 1 spoon, radish paste 1 spoon + yellow pepper paste 0.5 spoon + a few green onion.



Dessert Section

套餐皆有附甜點, 可二選一: 冰淇淋與養生龜苓膏. 兩者皆是冷甜點, 很適合夏天.
The set always comes with desserts. You can choose one – Ice cream or Chinese herbal jelly. Both are cold desserts and suitable for summer time.



Drink Section

套餐有可自行挑選飲料 – 選擇有黑豆茶與薏仁露, 我個人是比較喜歡甜度適中的冰薏仁露多過於回甘的熱黑豆茶. 部分飲料需要額外付費,例如可樂 (圖三)
Set comes with drinks – the selection includes black bean tea and barley drink. I prefer the ice sweet barley drink over the slightly bitter hot black bean tea. Some beverages require an additional charge, such as coke (Pic 3)


上澄鍋物評價 – 火鍋湯底

Kiyora Shabu Shabu Review – Chef’s Broth

剝皮辣椒鍋 (全素)

Pickled Peeled Chili Pepper Broth
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍 👍

剝皮辣椒鍋湯底清澈, 辣椒風味是溫和小辣, 並不會辣嗆, 我個人比較喜歡這一款.
Pickled Peeled Chili Pepper Broth has a clear and mild spicy flavor without being overpowering. It provides a gentle and pleasant spiciness.


牛肝菌鍋 (全素)

Porcini Broth with Vegetables
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

A few camomiles are on the surface, which can be vary. It adds a unique aroma to the entire dish. The Porcini Mushroom Hot Pot emanates fair amount of mushroom aroma, offering a mellow and savory taste. The broth is not overly rich, allowing for a pleasant and mild dining experience. It is a good choice for those who do not enjoy spicy dishes.




Kiyora Shabu Shabu Review – The Surft and Turf Platter
Price: NTD $688/人
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

草鱸盛合是NTD $688/人, 照片的海陸拼盤是兩人份, 可選兩份火鍋湯底, 總共價格是 NTD $1376.

✅ 雙人套餐內容: 超級海草蝦, 金目鱸魚, 透抽, 蛤蜊,螢光小卷, 鮑魚
✅ 雙人套餐搭配: Prime 厚切雪藏牛

除了無刺且不容易散開的金目鱸魚外, 這一道草鱸盛合有數量頗多的透抽與螢光小卷, 台灣鮑魚更是珍貴. 一人一隻超大草蝦是絕佳享受, 我最喜歡上澄鍋物的蛤蜊,  採用從王功魚港凌晨直送到店家的文蛤, 每一顆蛤蜊都是肉質飽滿. 我喜歡上澄鍋物海鮮拼盤多過於肉類拼盤, 我搭配的是剝皮辣椒火鍋湯底.

The Sea Bass Set is priced at NTD $688 per person. The photo of the Surf and Turf Platter represents a portion for two people. With the Surf and Turf Platter, you can choose two different hot pot broth bases. The total price for this combination is NTD $1376.

✅ Platter for 2 people: Giant Tiger Prawn, Asian Sea Bass, Cuttlefish, Clam, Squid, Abalone
✅ Platter for 2 people Pairs with: US Angus Prime Strip Lion Beef

The Sea Bass is boneless and there are a generous amount of cuttlefish and squid. The oversized seaweed shrimp is a delightful treat, with one shrimp per person. The Taiwanese abalone is rare as well. I particularly enjoy the clams, as they are sourced directly from Wanggong Fish Port in the early morning, ensuring their plump and juicy texture. I prefer seafood platter than the meat platter in Kiyora Shabu Shabu.



Kiyora Shabu Shabu Review – Deluxe Matsuzaka Iberico Pork Combo with 3 Taste
Price: NTD $688/人
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

逸品三豚松板套餐內容有 薄切大麥松阪豚 與 西班牙伊比利松阪豚, 碗裡盛著是手工厚切松阪豚 . 我喜歡西班牙伊比利松阪豚, 比台灣豬肉更有豐富且不規則的油花, 給予肉質更細緻的口感. 其他兩款松阪豚肉品皆是台灣大麥豚, 飼料配方中添加適量大麥, 使得豬隻的油花分佈更加均勻, 提升肉質的口感與甘甜度, 我喜歡薄切多過於厚切. 我知道大部分饕客幾乎都是點牛肉, 偶而點台灣大麥豚跟朋友互相分享也是個不錯的選擇.
The set contains Spanish Iberico , thin-sliced and thick-sliced Taiwanese Matsusaka pork. I personally prefer the Iberico pork since it has a richer marbling and fats. Therefore, the Iberia pork has flavorful taste. The other two varieties of Matsusaka pork are Taiwanese barley-fed pigs. I prefer the thin-sliced over the thick-sliced. While I understand that most foodies often choose beef, occasionally opting for Taiwanese barley-fed pork and sharing it with friends can be a great choice as well.



Vegetable Buffet Set
Price: N/A (It may be vary )
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

上澄鍋物菜單有素食者的選項 – 野菜放題套餐 (圖一) , 時段不同有不同價格, 可享用 30 多款蔬食 Buffet 外, 選擇這一款套餐一樣有附熟食飲料自助吧與甜點, 而且湯底可以四選一 , 上澄鍋物有兩種全素湯頭可以選擇 – 剝皮辣椒鍋 (全素) 與 牛肝菌鍋(全素)
Kiyora Shabu Shabu Menu also offers Vegetable Shabu Buffet Set (Pic 1) . You can enjoy the 30+ vegetables buffet.  It all comes with access to Hot Deli, Drink Buffet and dessert as well. And you can choose 1 out of 4 broths. Kiyora Shabu Shabu offers two broths for vegetarian – Pickled Peeled Chili Pepper Broth and Porcini Broth with Vegetables.




Add Extra Money to Order


Deep Fried Bread Stick Stuffed with Calamari Starch (Limited Quantity)
Price: NTD $98
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

這是每日限量. 油條上方是花枝青醬. 這一道比較適合剝皮辣椒湯底或是比較濃的火鍋湯底, 油條可吸收些許辣香, 搭配花枝青醬有多層次風味.
This dish is offered in limited quantities daily. It features a deep fried crispy stick topped with calamari starch e. It is best enjoyed with the peel chilli broth or thicker broth, as deep fried bread stick can absorb a hint of spiciness from the broth. It will create a multi-layered flavor when paired with the calamari starch with pesto.



Add Extra Money – Red Royal Prawn
Price: NTD $228
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

上次吃生食級胭脂蝦是在 “Oli 餐酒館”, 請注意這次在上澄鍋物是要煮熟, 大約1分鐘就可以. 如果你沒有點海鮮套餐, 可考慮點胭脂蝦.
I had the red royal prawn at “Oli Bistro”. Please note that you have to cook the shrimp through in between 1 minute in Kiyora Shabu Shabu. If you didn’t order seafood set, you can consider order this dish.

延伸閱讀: Oli 餐酒館 》菜單除了歐式料理也要點 Weekly Special




Add Extra Money – Silky Fowl Egg
Price: NTD $28
Foodelicious: N/A



結論 Conclusion ⭐

與其他台中火鍋餐廳比較, 上澄鍋物的餐廳佔地並不大, 但是也有多項優點

✅ 有 30多種新鮮野菜的 Buffet 區
菜單有野菜放題套餐 (Buffet) , 可享用新鮮野菜區, 熟食區與飲料區, 也可以享用甜點. 野菜區有季節限定蔬菜與許多沒吃過的蔬食. 65 歲以上的年長者只需 NTD $428/人(2023.7月價格) , 近期進口蔬菜價格飆漲, 不妨直接享用台灣蔬菜.

四款火鍋湯頭就有兩款是全素湯頭 – 剝皮辣椒鍋與牛肝菌鍋.

✅ 海鮮選項眾多
這次用餐有看到其他客人預訂木桶龍蝦, 我這次用餐是草鱸盛合, 每款海鮮都不錯吃
✅ Extra Bonus
吃完可以逛樓下的日曜天地 OUTLET , 也可以跟朋友繼續在 1F Starbucks 聊天

Comparing with other Taichung Hot Pot restaurants, Kiyora Shabu Shabu is not large. But, there are still a few selling points.

✅ There is a 30+ vegetables selection in the buffet section
The menu has vegetable buffet option. You can enjoy the fresh vegetable, hot deli ,drink and dessert. The vegetable buffet section has seasonal vegetables and also vegetables that are not usual in the market. The 65 years old + senior’s price is only NTD $428/person (2023.July price). You might as well enjoy the Taiwanese vegetables instead of imported vegetable.

✅There are 4 Hot Pot Broth selections
There are 2 vegetable hot pot broths – Pickled Peeled Chili Pepper Broth and Porcini Broth with Vegetables.

✅ Several Seafood selections
I saw other customers order Lobster in Wooden Barrel. This time, I tried the surf and turf. Each seafood item is quite delicious.
✅ Extra Bonus
After eating, you can walk around the Taichung Sunshine Plaza Outlet. Or you can chat with your friends at Starbucks.



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♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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上澄鍋物 餐廳資訊

Kiyora Shabu Shabu Information

店名: 上澄鍋物
地址: 台中市中區自由路二段94號2樓 (Map)
電話: 04-2223-7013

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kiyorashabushabu2013/

Restaurant: Kiyora Shabu Shabu
Address: No. 94, Sec. 2, Ziyou Rd., Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan (Map)
Tel: 04-2223-7013