Taipei Historic Site & Food 》靜心苑是台北日式老宅餐廳之一 (內有菜單)

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台北南港靜心苑的全名為 靜心苑-療癒古蹟 (松山療養所所長宿舍), 也是少數有重新改建的台北日式老屋餐廳.
Jing Hsin Yuan is a Taipei Historic Site at Nangang District. It is also a restaurant with Japanese Historic House Style.

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Jing Hsin Yuan Reservation

靜心苑離昆陽捷運站四號出口大約 15 分鐘路程, 需要過忠孝東路六段, 沿著昆陽街即可, 別擔心, 一路走來都有靜心苑指示牌. 最有趣的莫過於靜心苑週圍都是新建案/新建築, 唯獨靜心苑是日據時代的古蹟風格. 靜心苑訂位是採用電話訂位方式 ( 02-2653-0033 ) . 進入大門時, 有看到兩隻雞悠哉地走, 比 “老東北餐廳”養的白色鴨子自由許多.
Jing Hsin Yuan is closed to Kunyang MRT station No. 4 exit. It is about 15 minutes walking. There are direction signs pointing to the destination – Jing Hsin Yuan. The most interesting part would be there are quite a few new buildings around this Taipei Historic Site. You would need to call to reserve seats ( 02-2653-0033 ). Entering the front door, you would see two roosters walking around freely.

延伸閱讀: Lao Dong Bei Restaurant 》東北人開的老東北家鄉特色菜料理餐廳



Jing Hsin Yuan Remarks

進入靜心苑餐廳需要脫鞋穿襪子, 與“和合青田”一樣要穿襪子, 可是靜心苑並不是榻榻米. 需要到櫃檯點菜先付費. 目前疫情期間除了梅花座外, 也有隔板, 四人座基本上就是要分兩桌.
You will need to take off your shoes and wear socks, just like at “HeHe QingTian”. However, Jing Hsin Yuan’s floor is not Tatami though. You will need to order at the cashier counter and pay first. Now, during the pandemic, the seating area is arranged different. Four people would need to be seated in 2 tables separately.

延伸閱讀: 預約制台北茶館包廂推薦 》 和合青田 | Taipei Tea House Recommendation



Taking Picture at Jing Hsin Yuan

靜心苑的後院是要從前院繞過去, 而不是直接從餐廳穿過去.靜心苑後院的景點是一大特色, 不僅可以完整拍到日式建築風格, 也可坐在舒適且乾淨的木板拍照, 只要有在餐廳用餐或喝飲料皆可到後院拍照.
You would need to walk around the building instead of going through the restaurant itself. Jin Hsin Yuan backyard is quite beautiful with Historic Japanese style. You can sit on the clean wooden floor to take pictures. You can take pictures here as long as you spend money on the food or drink at Jing Hsin Yuan.



Jing Hsin Yuan Dish


Signature Pork Knuckle Rice Set
Price: NTD $300
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

靜心苑最受歡迎的料理是麻油雞菜餚, 當天用餐是炎熱夏天, 我就點 “所長最愛好運蹄醐味”, 也就是豬腳飯套餐. 米飯口感微硬, 可惜滷汁不夠多拌飯. 豬腳吃起來口感偏甜 , 隱約有品嚐到微鹹, 應該就是所謂的醍醐味. 入味豬腳肉質吃起來有軟嫩口感, 只是皮肉與骨頭的比例偏高. 由於台北有蠻多出色的豬腳飯餐廳 ( “老牌張豬腳飯” 與 “伊宛面的椒麻豬腳” ),靜心苑的豬腳飯並沒有很驚艷.
The most popular dish in Jin Hsin Yuan is chicken with sesame oil. However, it was quite hot during the day. So, I decide to order the Signature Pork Knuckle Rice set. The rice texture is a bit hard and with less soy sauce than expected. The pork knuckle is a bit on the sweet side. The pork is tender. However, the pork and bone percentage is quite high. There are many other great pork knuckle rice restaurants ( “Chang’s Pork Knuckle” and “Yi Wan Mian” ). So, overall, Jing Hsin Yuan’s pork knuckle tastes average.

延伸閱讀: 台北民生社區餐廳 》 伊宛面的椒麻豬腳滷汁與眾不同 | Taipei Pork Knuckle Dish

延伸閱讀: 老牌張豬腳飯 》大稻埕美食 | Taiwanese Pork Knuckle



Spicy Beef Rice Set
Price: NTD $250
Foodelicious: N/A

這是我朋友點的辣牛肉飯 , 菜單敘述是滷牛腱, 我本來以為是 “川畝園” 牛肉捲餅裡的微厚牛腱肉, 但是視覺感則是微薄牛肉片, 吃起來是小辣.
My friend ordered this spicy beef set. The menu stated that it is braised brisket. I though that it is going to be like the thick slice beef brisket at “Chuan Mu Yuan restaurant “. It turns out to be thin slice beef brisket. The taste only has small amount of spicy flavor.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Zhongshan Restaurant 》有時會想念的川畝園麵食館



Rainbow Cheese Cake
Price: NTD $70
Foodelicious: 👍

靜心苑有茶飲也有蛋糕, 當天我朋友點彩虹起司蛋糕, 視覺感十足, 蛋糕甜點並不是靜心苑製作, 解凍後口感變得太軟, 風味也沒有經典的起司蛋糕, 我個人只吃一口而已, 以價格 NTD $70 評估, 美味程度偏低 , 離 “摸摸桃子洋菓子”的巴斯克起士蛋糕美味程度差一大截.
Jin Hsin Yuan has tea drink and dessert. My friend ordered rainbow cheese cake. The cheese cake is made somewhere else. The defrosting process might cause the overall soft texture. The flavor doesn’t have the classic cheese cake flavor. I only tasted one bite. Even though it is NTD $70, the taste is still under performance.

延伸閱讀: 摸摸桃子洋菓子 Gâteau de momochee 》必點半熟焦香巴斯克起士蛋糕


結論 Conclusion

靜心苑餐點與甜點都偏普通, 也許你們可以試茶飲?! 靜心苑後院日式風格建築景點絕對是特色, 很適合拍照, 很適合想念日本懷舊風格的人.
Jing Hsin Yuan’s cuisine and dessert are average. Maybe you guys can try the tea drinks. Its backyard is definitely a selling point. It is suitable for people who like Japanese building style.

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Jing Hsin Yuan Short Video



Jing Hsin Yuan Information

店名: 靜心苑-療癒古蹟 (松山療養所所長宿舍)
地址: 台北市南港區昆陽街164號 (Map)
捷運站: 昆陽捷運站
電話: 02-2653-0033
Restaurant: Jing Hsin Yuan
Address: No. 164, Kunyang Street, Taipei City(Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Kunyang MRT station
Tel: 0 02-2653-0033



Jing Hsin Yuan Menu

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