Gino Pizza 》除了白色熱情招牌 Pizza 還推薦哪些料理?

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Gino Pizza Napoletana 蘆洲店 在我的新北市比薩推薦名單上, Gino Pizza 菜單豐富, 也是新北市葡萄酒友善餐廳.
Gino Pizza Napoletana Lujhou Branch is on my New Taipei City Pizza Shop Recommendation List.

Gino Pizza 菜單在文末 Gino Pizza Menu is at the end of article


Gino Pizza 共有三家新北分店 – 蘆洲, 板橋, 新莊, Gino Pizza 蘆洲店離三民高中捷運站其實有些距離, 大約 20 分鐘步行距離, Gino Pizza Napoletana 蘆洲店水軍藍色招牌在巷弄內並不會引人注目. 走進餐廳內, 右側有主廚/老闆鄭羽辰人型立牌, 左側則是跟 “BANCO PIZZA” 類似的窯烤設備, 餐廳佔地頗大適合家人聚餐, 等待朋友的同時在餐廳四處走走, 看到 KIMBO 品牌咖啡, 也發現有專業葡萄酒杯和醒酒器, 收洗杯費50元/杯, 有點店內的酒就附六個杯子, Gino Pizza Napoletana 蘆洲店是一家名符其實的葡萄酒友善餐廳. 當時用餐是平日中午, 用餐客人比我預期地多.
Gino Pizza Restaurant has three branches – Lujhou, Banqiao, Xinzhuang. You would need to walk 20 minutes from Sanmin High School MRT station. The blue & white restaurant sign is not obvious. Walking inside the restaurant, there is a large baking oven, just like at “BANCO PIZZA”. Surprisingly, I notice the KIMBO coffee sign and professional wine glass at the restaurant. The glass washing fee is NTD $50/glass, which is very cheap. If you order their wine, you will get 6 glasses without any charge. The dining time was in the afternoon, which has more people than I expected.


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Pizza Passione
Price: NTD $320
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這款比薩食材有瑞可達起司, 藍紋起司, 馬滋瑞拉起司, 無花果乾, 新鮮無花果, 芝麻葉, 帕達諾 , 帕瑪生火腿. 店員提到麵團只用水,麵粉,天然海鹽, 少量新鮮酵母. 起初構想很明顯就是台灣常見的”四種起司比薩”, 芝麻葉與帕瑪生火腿增加更多義大利風格, 最特別食材莫過於來自台灣雲林的新鮮無花果,甜度微高的無花果乾更勾勒出主廚創意巧思. 拿起比薩即將咬下去時, 聞到適量的麥香, 窯烤Pizza 切面有著許多氣孔, 與 “Salt & Stone 餐廳”的薄片Pizza不一樣. 吃起來起司風味十足, 味蕾時不時會會品嘗到無花果乾的適量甜度, 整體的風味是甜鹹, 卻一點也不突兀, 會讓人想要一吃再吃,  我個人很推薦這款 Gino Pizza 的白色熱情比薩.
The ingredients include Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Padano, Fig, Dried Fig, Arugula and Pama Ham. Surpringly, the fresh figs are from Yulin, Taiwan. The staff mentions that the pizza dough is only made with water, flour, sea salt and small amount of natural yeast. The basic concept is obviously 4 cheese pizza. With fresh fig and dried fig, this pizza becomes quite special. The overall taste is fruity sweet and yet a bit salty. You won’t able to resist the taste.  I definitely would recommend this Pizza Passione.

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羅馬街邊燉牛肚佐 Pizza 包

Panino Con Lampredotto
Price: NTD $250
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這道料理在台灣其它義大利餐廳菜單上較少見, 如名這就是一道意大利的街邊小吃, 我把這道菜餚比喻成義大利版刈包. 客人自己將燉牛肚放進空心 Pizza, 當做三明治咬下去, 番茄微酸搭配嫩牛肚的肉香是經典, 推薦朋友聚餐可點這一道來分享.
I didnt see this dish in most Italian Restaurants in Taipei. As the name stated, this dish is actually a street food. I call it Italian version of Gua Bao. The customer would put the stewed tripe into the pizza pocket and eat it like sandwiches. The acidity from the tomato along with the meaty flavor is a classic match. You can order this dish for friends to share.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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Isalata Con Frutti di Mare
Price: NTD $260
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

沙拉食材有中卷, 小花枝, 小章魚, 白蝦, 柳葉魚, 水菜, 櫻桃番茄, 油醋膏, 蜜核桃和帕達諾起司. 如似小丘般的份量適合四人左右享用, 吃海鮮時會有窯烤香氣, 但隨後即被油醋膏風味蓋住, 如果不求海鮮風味, 可考慮點這道菜餚.
The ingredients include Calamari, Polpo, Seppie, Gamberi, Pesce, Lattuga Rossa, Pomodorini, Noci, Vinaigrette, Pomodorini, and Padano. The quantity would be suitable for party of 4 or more. While eating, the Vinaigrette flavor would cover the seafood flavor. If you don’t expected seafood flavor, you can order this.



Spaghetti with Scallop and Black Truffle Sauce
Price: NTD $260
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍

以 NTD $260 的價格, 干貝的份量很有誠意, 雖然是生食級干貝, 但是我個人比較喜歡在 “Chou Chou Taipei” 吃到的香煎干貝, 松露醬也只是松露萃取物, 感覺三樣食材是各自分開, 比較可惜.
In NTD $260 price, the quantity of scallop is quite large. I still prefer my scallop to be pan-fried. The truffle sauce is just tiny bit extract from truffle. Honestly, the overall taste is not good enough.

延伸閱讀: Chou Chou Taipei 》台北東區法式餐酒館重新裝潢推出新菜單


Masti Vernacol Moscato Giallo DOC

Price: NTD $550
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

Gino Pizza 蘆洲店酒單有啤酒和葡萄酒,  我目前在台北吃披薩搭葡萄酒是在“Antico Forno 老烤箱義大利披薩餐酒”, 這次跟朋友們點了這瓶白葡萄酒, 麝香葡萄品種香氣顯著, 甜度偏高, 這就是一款台灣女生會喜歡的經典白酒款.
Gino Pizza menu also has beers and wines. Last time I ate pizza with pairing wine was at “Antico Forno “. My friend and I ordered this white wine, which is 100% Moscato Giallo. The musk aroma is strong along with high sweetness. This wine is a white wine that Taiwanese girls would like.

延伸閱讀: Antico Forno 老烤箱義大利比披薩餐酒 》 紅蝦評鑑美食推薦 | Taipei Bistro

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警語: 警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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店名: Gino Pizza Napoletana 蘆洲店
地址: 新北市蘆洲區長安街108巷27號-1號 (Map)
捷運站: 三民高中捷運站
電話: 02-2848-2666
營業時間: Call to Confirm
Restaurant: Gino Pizza Napoletana
Address: No.27-1, 108th Lane, Chang’an St., Lujhou Dist., New Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Sanmin High School MRT station
Tel: 02-2848-2666
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm

Gino Pizza 菜單 》 Gino Pizza Menu

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