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(2021.結束營業) 台北信義區松菸附近餐廳之一的大初鐵板燒 ( Da-Chu Teppanyaki ) 於 2017年新開幕, 平價龍蝦套餐 (NTD $1200) 為這家餐廳的招牌料理.
(Closed down at 2021) Newly-opened Da-Chu Teppanyaki is located near Songshan Culture Park at Taipei Xinyi District. Its price-friendly lobster set is one of their signature dishes.


大初鐵板燒與“五之神製作所拉麵”在同一個巷弄內, 深褐色低調招牌相當低調, 餐廳內以黑白色為主軸, 餐廳內有兩大桌鐵板燒料理台與有一張長桌, 鐵板燒料理台每人低消為NTD $1000, 若是四人以上或是有小孩適合坐長桌. 最引人注目的非魚缸內的活體龍蝦莫屬.
Da-Chu Teppanyaki and “GONOKAMI RAMEN” are located at the same alley “GONOKAMI RAMEN”. Dark brown restaurant sign is quite low profile. There are two large Teppanyaki counters and one large table. The minimum charge is NTD $1000 at the counter. If there are more than 4 people or kids, I would suggest to sit at the long table. The most eye-catching view would be the live lobsters near the long table.

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大初鐵板燒採無菜單預約制, 平日三個時段 12:00pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm, 週末有四個時段 11:30am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:30pm. 餐廳內並沒有擾人油煙, 唯一缺點就是迴音頗嚴重. 亮黑色桌上每人有一套高級餐具, 也有兩款調味料, 左為黃芥末, 右為洋蔥末, 店員倒完茶後, 隨後忙著端著套餐配置到料理台. 由於龍蝦是活切, 龍蝦套餐要雙數 (2,4,6..etc) 才能點, 因此我點了大明蝦套餐. 套餐有9 道菜, 包括麵包,湯, 干貝, 魚, 明蝦, 沙拉, 肉品, 炒飯, 甜點.
This restaurant has no menu with reservation policy. There are three schedules available during weekday (12pm , 5:30pm, 7:30pm). During weekend, there are four schedules available (11:30am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm). There isn’t any disturbing smoke. Each person has two types of sauces / side dish – the yellow mustard and onions. Since the lobster is live and cut in half, there would be party of 2, 4, or 6 to order the lobster set. Therefore, I ordered the Pawn Set, which includes bread, soup, scallop, fish, pawn, salad, meat, stir-fried rice, and dessert.






套餐有9 道菜, 包括麵包,湯, 干貝, 魚, 明蝦, 沙拉, 肉品, 炒飯, 甜點
Prawn Teppanyaki Set
Set includes 9 courses- Bread, Soup, Scallop, Fish, Prawn, Meat, Stir-Fried Rice, Dessert
Price: NTD $1000



Bread & Soup
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主廚專業地在料理台上現煎金磚香蒜吐司, 蒜香撲鼻, 表面酥脆, 單吃麵包體稍乾, 建議沾湯吃. 店家所準備的洋蔥湯一點也不馬虎, 稍嗆黑胡椒風味配上洋蔥甜味與口感, 參雜老式西餐聽回憶, 不知道為何也有種暖心感覺.
The chef prepares the bread on the Teppanyaki counter. The garlic aroma is strong and the appearance is crispy. However, the bread itself is a bit dry. It would be better to eat with the soup. Their onion soup has fair amount of spicy black peppers flavor, but also with hints of onion sweet flavor and texture.




Pan-Seared Scallop
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跟 “小後苑 Backyard Jr.”一樣是採用北海道生食級干貝, 在鐵板上滋滋作響, “跳舞干貝” 是最佳形容詞,. 黑鑽般魚子醬放置在微焦干貝表層, 品嚐干貝的鮮甜嫩口感是一種享受, 濃烈魚子醬海鮮味更是滲透味蕾, 底層海帶絲帶來清爽口感. 唯獨一旁的紫蘇梅醬過於酸甜, 醃漬梅果顯得突兀, 建議不要沾紫蘇梅醬.
Similar with “backyard Jr.”, the chef uses the best scallop from Japan. The black diamond, which is the caviar, is placed on the crispy appearance of the scallop. The scallop is extremely tender and sweet and pairs great with the caviar. The seaweed on the bottom is quite refreshing. However, the plum juice on the side doesn’t seem to fit in the dish since it is overly too sweet and acidity.



Cod with Truffle Mushroom Sauce
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鮮紅色蕃茄切片, 黃色櫛瓜, 象牙白色的鱈魚, 亮黑色松露醬, 主廚將每款食材推疊, 像個精心製作的蛋糕甜點,最後在淋上蘑菇奶油醬最為結尾. 鱈魚的鮮嫩無庸置疑, 奶油與蘑菇風味並存在乳白色醬汁, 不論搭配魚肉或是清脆櫛瓜都相當適合.
The red sliced tomato, yellow zucchini, cod, and bright black truffle sauce are combined to an artwork. The chef spreads the mushroom cream sauce on the top. The tender fish meat is delicious pairs with the creamy sauce. The zucchini is crispy as expected.




Prawn with mustard seed sauce
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主廚一邊煎龍蝦, 一邊煎明蝦, 兩邊皆兼顧相當專業. 先將明蝦頭立在盤上, 橘色蝦膏藏在細節中,蝦肉的海鮮味本身並不重, ,脆度極高明蝦肉適合沾盤中的芥末籽醬一起吃, 一邊吃一邊讚嘆店家採用活體海鮮的經營理念, 只是視覺上份量稍少, 我個人會建議點龍蝦套餐.
The chef cooks lobsters and prawns at the same time. First, the chef places the shrimp head along with the paste on the plate. The fresh and tender shrimp meat is not flavorful. I would suggest to pair with the mustard seed sauce. However, I would suggest to order the lobster set though since there is only NTD $200 difference.




Caesar Salad
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主廚採用跟 “al sorriso 義大利餐廳”一樣的珊瑚網狀起司, 將起司敲碎拌進沙拉裡, 沙拉裡有少許煙燻培根與麵包丁, 主廚解釋清脆生菜是重點, 間接暫緩味蕾, 因為接下來還有肉品, 炒飯和甜點.
The chefs uses the same ingredient – web shape cheese as “al sorriso Italian restaurant”. There are a few smoked bacons and bread crumbs. The chef mentions that the crisp lettuce can refresh the tastebuds since there are more courses to come.



肉品- 無骨牛小排

Boneless Rib
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肉品有三種選擇 – 土雞腿, 松阪豬和牛小排. 若要和牛需要多加價, 我選的是美國 Prime 等級牛小排, 熟度是主廚建議的五分熟, 嫩度中等, 口感嚼勁較強, 搭配少許蒜頭增加香氣, 也可直接沾鹽.
There are three meats selection – chicken thigh, pork, and ribs. I choose US prime ribs with medium. The meat is not as tender as expected, instead, it is bit chewy. The garlic can increase the meaty flavor in the end.




Stir-Fried Rice with Salmon
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米粒分明飯裡帶有鹹香, 吃一口就會讓人有想扒飯的感覺, 鮭魚存在感不大, 辣醃蘿蔔的脆意外讓這道炒飯相當成功.
The rice carries salty and meaty aroma at the same time. The salmon flavor isn’t strong. The crispy pickled daikon is quite successful to pair with the stir-fried rice.



Creme Brûlée
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細緻布蕾並不會過甜, 顆粒般砂糖帶來不同的口感, 很多餐廳所提供的焦糖烤布蕾連表層都是冷的, 但大初鐵板燒選擇桌邊服務, 熱的烤布蕾總是能取悅很多人.
The creme brûlée is not overly sweet. The caramelized appearance is the best of all. Most restaurants serves it cold, but Da-Chu Teppanyaki serves it hot right next to the table.


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Restaurant Name 店名: Da-Chu Teppanyaki 大初鐵板燒
Address: No.16, 6th Alley, 553th Lane, 4th Section, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City 台北市信義區忠孝東路四段553巷6弄16號 (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dachuteppanyaki/
Nearby MRT station: City Hall MRT station 市政府捷運站
電話: 0909-718-787
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