Antoine Room 》品嚐台北喜來登安東廳的牛排菜單

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台北喜來登安東廳 近期成為饕客們的台北牛排餐廳推薦 , 這次品嚐安東廳菜單的牛排套餐, 沒想到龍蝦湯也成為我的安東廳推薦菜餚之一.
Antoine Room in Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel becomes one of the Taipei Steakhouse recommendation among foodies. This time, we tried the steak set. To my surprise, the lobster bisque becomes my dish of recommendation too.


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台北喜來登安東廳 訂位

Antoine Room Reservation

安東廳地址在台北市中正區忠孝東路一段12號2樓 , 也是台北喜來登大飯店 2樓, 離善導寺捷運站二號出口非常近. 進入餐廳後, 彷彿來到傳統歐式風格的高級牛排餐廳. 與其他台北牛排餐廳的時尚風格截然不同 ( 例如: “Smith & Wollensky” ) . 安東廳聘請米其林一星餐廳「教父牛排」的行政主廚吳小芳為顧問, 從門口的嶄新乾式熟成冰櫃即可觀察到專業度. 安東廳的線上訂位 Link: . 可接受一人訂位.
Antonie Room restaurant ’s address is at 2F, No. 12, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. The location is at Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel 2F. The hotel is quite closed to Shando Temple Metro Station Exit 2. Antonie Room’s dining environment design is toward traditional but upscale European-style. It is quite different from the contemporary styles of some other Taipei steakhouse establishments, such as “Smith & Wollensky Taipei “ . Antonie Room enlisted the Executive Chef Hsiao-Fang Wu, from the Michelin-starred Danny’s Steakhouse , as the consultant. This commitment is evident in their professional dry-aging refrigerators on display near the restaurant entrance. Antonie Room restaurant reservation link is . They can accept one-person reservation.


延伸閱讀: 台北朋友聚餐餐廳推薦 》Taipei Restaurant Recommendation For Group Dining

延伸閱讀: 台北約會餐廳懶人包 2023 》Taipei Dating Restaurants Guide

延伸閱讀: Smith & Wollensky Taipei 》台北微風南山餐廳之一



Antoine Room Private Dining Room

安東廳包廂圖片是餐廳提供, 價格與細節部分請自行打電話詢問 02-2321-1818.
The private dining room picture is provided by the restaurant. Please call 02-2321-1818 to ask for details.




Antoine Room Menu and Minimum Charge

Menu Link:

✅ 單點菜單
✅ 午間套餐: 僅平日午間時段供應
✅ 安東廳精選套餐: 平日與假日全時段供應. 我跟朋友這次吃的就是安東廳精選套餐, 中午與晚上時段皆可以點

最特別的是安東廳餐廳低消規定是每人單點主菜. 換句話說, 你朋友可以點套餐, 你可以只點牛排. 我個人還是會建議點套餐, 因為套餐的前菜, 湯品, 配菜與甜點選擇眾多 , 可以兩位都點套餐一起分享.

Antoine Room has three types of menus :
Menu Link:

✅ al carte dish
✅ Lunch Set: Only offers during weekday lunch
✅ Antoine Room Set: Offers during weekday and weekend all day. My friend and I tasted this set menu.

The most special part would be its minimum charge, which is one person per main course. In other words, your friend can order the set and you can order one main course. However, I would suggest both people to order set since there are many appetizer, soup, side dish, and dessert selections.


安東廳評價 – 精選套餐

Antoine Room Review – Set Menu

✅ 日本熊本 A5 和牛菲力精選套餐 (4oz): NTD $3880
✅ 澳洲 M9 老饕牛排精選套餐 (4oz): NTD $3980

We selected Two Sets
✅ Japanese Kumamoto A5 Wagyu Filet Set (4oz): NTD $3880
✅ Australian M9 Wagyu Rib Eye Cap Set (4oz): NTD $3980




Bread & Butter
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

店員端上兩款麵包 – 洋蔥吐司與南瓜布里歐麵包, 我喜歡洋蔥麵包抹上奶油入口, 吃完可續, 麵包吃不完可外帶.
The staff brings out two types of breads – onion toast and pumpkin brioche. I prefer the onion toast with butter. You can ask for more or just take it to-go.


前菜- 八選一

Appetizer – Choose One out of Eight


Fried Black Tiger Prawn, Harissa Sauce, Scallion Puree
Additional Price: + NTD $150
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

在台灣吃到的虎蝦幾乎都是搭配海鮮義大利麵 ( 例如: “A Mano Pizza Taipei “). 安東廳主廚將台灣黑虎蝦酥炸, 凸顯微Q彈蝦肉口感.脆口的黑色竹炭粉米餅為這一道菜增添了層次感, 一人一隻, 盤底的墨⻄哥莎莎醬與哈里薩辣醬刺激著味蕾, 也間接讓虎蝦呈現出更多海鮮風味, 不錯吃.
In Taiwan, tiger prawns are commonly served with Seafood pasta (such as “A Mano Pizza Taipei” ). The chef takes a unique approach by deep-frying Taiwan’s black tiger prawns, accentuating their delightfully tender and slightly chewy shrimp meat texture. The crispy black charcoal rice crisp adds a delightful layer of complexity. One person is served with one prawn. The zesty Mexican salsa sauce and Harissa Sauce tantalize the taste buds, indirectly enhancing the prawns’ overall seafood flavor. This dish is quite tasty.

延伸閱讀: A Mano Pizza Taipei 》義舍廚房菜單除了披薩還點哪些菜餚?



Crab Cake, Orange Remoulade , Coleslaw
Additional Price: + NTD $150
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

台北喜來登安東廳的蟹肉餅偏美式, 與 “CHA CHA THÉ CUISINE” Fusion 版本的蟹肉餅截然不同. 切開時, 蟹肉餅有酥脆聲響. 飽滿內餡除了手工挑選的新鮮蟹肉外, 也有洋蔥泥. 不約而同與餐前洋蔥麵包相呼應. 品嚐並不會過分油膩, 而且將海鮮風味呈現得恰到好處. 這一道蟹肉餅並沒有常見的荷蘭芹 (parsley) . 取而代之的是三款不同風味的沾醬 – 柳橙蛋黃醬,辣根醬與些許自製辣椒油. 我個人比較喜歡單吃蟹肉餅不沾醬.
Antoine Room offers crab cake dish that leans towards American-style cuisine, distinct from the fusion version found at “CHA CHA THÉ CUISINE”. While slicing the crab cake, the crunch sound is quite satisfying. Its rich filling includes hand-selected fresh blue crab meat and onion puree. This dish delivers seafood flavors without being overly greasy. Unlike traditional crab cakes, this version doesn’t feature the usual parsley. Instead, the chef offers three distinct dipping sauces: orange hollandaise, horseradish sauce, and a touch of house-made chili oil. Personally, I prefer to enjoy the crab cake on its own without any sauce.

延伸閱讀: CHA CHA THÉ CUISINE 》二訪菜單與美味程度皆升級 (米其林入選)


湯品- 四選一

Soup -Select One out of Four


Lobster Bisque Brandy Scented
Addition Price: + NTD $600
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

這款經典干邑風味龍蝦濃湯是套餐加價NTD $600. 在台灣西式餐廳鮮少會品嚐到干邑風味龍蝦濃湯. 唯獨上次在 “台北 101 大安東尼義大利餐廳” 吃到類似的干邑龍蝦汁手工麵. 安東廳店員先端上置放一整隻台灣岩龍蝦的湯盤, 再將熬煮多時的濃稠龍蝦高湯倒入盤裡, 多次過篩打造出龍蝦濃湯的滑順質感, 法式干邑白蘭地的提味讓整體龍蝦湯品更加鮮味醇厚, 別擔心, 並不會有明顯酒香, 龍蝦肉的甜脆依舊迷人 , 這一道干邑風味龍蝦濃湯的視覺, 嗅覺與味覺皆刻畫於當晚的美好回憶,   非常地美味且值得. 單點經典干邑風味龍蝦濃湯是 NTD $880, 我個人推薦點套餐直接加價 NTD $600 加點. 
You would need to pay extra NTD $600 with the set to taste this classic cognac-infused lobster bisque. It is not easy to find the lobster bisque in Taiwan. The last time I encountered similar was at “Taipei 101 Anthony’s Italian Restaurant,” where they served a Cognac lobster sauce with handmade pasta. A whole Taiwanese spiny lobster is presented at the soup plate. Then the staff pours in the rich, thick lobster broth, which has been simmered for a long time. Multiple straining and filtered processes create a silky-smooth lobster soup texture. The addition of French Cognac brandy elevates the overall flavor of the lobster bisque, making it even more savory and delightful. No worries, there isnt much obvious alcohol aroma. The lobster meat is delicious as usual. The visual, the aroma and the taste are all kept in my wonderful evening memories.  Lobster Bisque Brandy Scented is a dish that’s truly worth trying. The al carte lobster bisque is NTD $880. If you consider ordering it, I recommend to pay extra NTD $600 for the set menu instead of al carte. 

延伸閱讀: Da Antonio Restaurant 》台北 101 大安東尼義大利餐廳



Chicken Consomme
Addition Price: $0
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

套餐點雞肉澄清湯不用多加錢. 安東廳主廚的自製蝦餃比高級粵式餐廳的蝦皇好吃 (例如 “大三元“ 與 “ 頤宮 “ ) . 自製雞肉丸渾圓爆汁也不錯吃, 湯清味濃的雞湯深得許多饕客的喜愛.
You don’t need to add extra money for chicken consommé for the set. Handmade shrimp dumpling is more delicious than other high-end Cantonese Restauranst, such as “Three coins Restaurant” and “Le Palais”. The chicken meatball is quite delicious too. The chicken Consommé with clear but thick flavor base  is always one of foodies’ favorite.

延伸閱讀: Three Coins Restaurant 》大三元菜單推薦 ( 內有預訂桌菜 )

延伸閱讀: 頤宮 Le Palais 》Taipei Michelin 3 Stars Restaurant | 君品酒店台北米其林三星餐廳榮耀



Main Course

安東廳和  A Cut 牛排館 醬料服務方式有所不同 , A Cut 是端上四款不一樣的鹽讓客人自行添加. 安東廳則是協助客人將芥末籽醬, 粉紅玫瑰鹽與海鹽放置於盤裡, 並不是自助式.
There is a difference in the sauce service between Antoine Room and A Cut steakhouse.  At “A Cut steakhouse”,they provide four different types of salts for guests to add to their preference.. In contrast, Antoine Room Restaurant assists guests in placing mustard seed sauce, pink rose salt, and sea salt on the plate. It is not self-service.



日本熊本 A5 和牛菲力 4oz

Japanese Kumamoto A5 Wagyu Filet
Set Price: NTD $3880
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍👍

我上次在 “和蒔炭火割烹” 吃到 A4 日本鹿兒島和牛紐約客牛排 . 這次在安東廳吃到的是 A5 日本熊本和牛菲力牛排. 是和牛最高等級, 端上桌時, 高溫盤子是專業度的表現. 5分熟是最佳熟度. 這次安東廳聘請米其林一星餐廳「教父牛排」的行政主廚吳小芳為顧問,「短時間高溫爐烤」技術讓牛排中心溫度控制在50度左右, 造就牛排外層微焦脆, 也是我喜歡的牛排類型, 此款日本和牛菲力外層口感是立體且分明,適量油脂讓這一款日本熊本A5 和牛菲力牛排柔軟豐腴且多汁. 4oz 份量可以自己一人吃或是與朋友分享.
Last time, I enjoyed a A4 Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu Strip steak at “Wamaki Taipei “. This time, we order Japanese Kumamoto A5 Wagyu Filet. A5 is the highest grade of Wagyu. The hot plate is a display of culinary expertise. The restaurant suggests the steak to be medium. Antoine Room enlisted Chef Wu Xiaofang, who has Michelin-starred Danny Steakhouse restaurant experience, as consultant. The “short-time high-temperature oven roasting” technique keeps the  steak core temperature around 50 degrees celsius. The steak will appear with a slightly crispy exterior, which is my preferred steak type. It has just the right amount of fat, making this Japanese Wagyu Filet meat tender and juicy. The 4oz portion is suitable for individual enjoyment or sharing with friend

延伸閱讀: 台北牛排推薦 (分區) 》Taipei Steak House Recommendation (By District)

延伸閱讀: 和蒔炭火割烹 Wamaki Taipei 》台北中山條通美食


澳洲 M9 和牛老饕牛排 4oz

Australian M9 Wagyu Rib Eye Cap (4oz)
Set Price: NTD $3980
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

澳洲和牛M9 等級就如同日本和牛 A5 等級, 大理石油花非常豐富. 老饕牛排的部位是「 肋眼牛肉之筋膜所切下的上蓋肉 」, 是公認肋眼牛排的精華部位. 安東廳建議三分熟, 品嚐頗嫩口且有肉香. 只是我個人比較偏愛日本熊本 A5 和牛菲力.
Australian Wagyu at the M9 grade is comparable to Japanese A5 Wagyu, boasting an abundance of intricate marbling. The “Prime Ribeye Cap” is considered the essence of ribeye steak. It is cut from the fascia covering the ribeye muscle. It’s widely acknowledged as the finest part of the ribeye steak. The Restaurant recommends medium-rare, resulting in a tender and flavorful Australian M9 Wagyu Rib Eye Cap steak. However, personally, I have a preference for the A5 Japanese Kumamoto Wagyu filet.


配菜: 六選一

Side Dish: Choose one out of six


Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

在菜單裡選了一個安全牌配菜 – 綠蘆筍, 份量比預期地多 , 清脆且無纖維感, 不錯吃且適合分享.
I choose a safe choice from the side dish – green asparagus.The portion was surprisingly generous.  The asparagus had a delightful crispness without any fibrous texture. It was enjoyable and suitable for sharing.



Maitake Mushroom
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

我朋友點舞菇, 只是我們都認為整體吃起來有些偏油, 都比較喜歡蘆筍.
My friend orders Maitake Mushroom. However, it is a bit greasy. We both prefer asparagus.



甜點: 四選一

Dessert: Choose One out of Four


Fudge Brownie, Earl Gray Ganache, Miso Caramel Ice Cream
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

每一口布朗尼有著濃郁黑巧克風味, 些許伯爵甘納許風味被覆蓋住, 一旁的味噌冰淇淋有著鹹香, 鹹甜交錯. 我個人比較偏好 “Allez Bistro “ 的經典花生布朗尼.
Every bite of the brownie is rich with dark chocolate flavor, slightly covering the Earl Grey flavor from the top. The accompanying miso ice cream added a hint of saltiness. Personally, I prefer the classic peanut brownie at “Allez Bistro.

延伸閱讀:ALLEZ BISTRO 來酒館 》再訪品嚐更美味的新菜單推薦




Apple Tart , Vanilla Ice Cream , Caramel Sauce
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

安東廳的套餐甜點份量是單點份量. 蘋果切塊內餡甜度稍高, 我跟朋友喝著套餐茶搭配蘋果塔, 可以降低些許甜度.
The dessert portion in the Antoine Room’s set menu is of single person serving size. The apple tart had a slightly higher sweetness level. My friend and I enjoyed the apple tart with the tea that came with the set, which helped balance out the sweetness.



Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

以套餐茶/咖啡水準, 安東廳的紅玉紅茶與洋甘菊茶都非常出色.
At the level of set drink, menu, the ruby black tea and chamomile tea at Antoine Room are both excellent.



Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing 有分 2 杯, 3杯 與 4 杯, 各有不同價格, 我是選三杯 Wine Pairing, 讓安東廳的人幫忙搭配酒.
For the wine pairing, there are options for 2, 3, or 4 glasses at difference prices. I choose the three-glass option and let the staff at Antoine Room assist in wine selection to pair with the meal.


結論 Conclusion ⭐

✅ 台北喜來登安東廳近期轉型 , 聘請米其林一星餐廳「教父牛排」的行政主廚吳小芳為顧問, 「短時間高溫爐烤」讓牛排中心溫度控制在50度左右, 造就牛排外層微脆, 也是我喜歡的牛排類型

✅ 這次我跟朋友都比較喜歡 4oz 日本熊本 A5 和牛菲力

✅ 安東廳餐廳低消規定是每人單點主菜. 換句話說, 你朋友可以點套餐, 你可以只點牛排. 但是我個人不建議, 因為套餐的前菜, 湯品, 配菜與甜點選擇眾多, 適合分享

✅ 經典干邑風味龍蝦濃湯很值得套餐加點 , 這一道干邑風味龍蝦濃湯的視覺, 嗅覺與味覺皆刻畫於當晚的美好回憶,平日午間套餐與全日精選套餐皆可以加點! 套餐加點龍蝦湯是 + NTD $600 , 單點則是 NTD $880.

✅ 美饌卡可享有 75 折優惠

✅ Taipei’s Sheraton Antoine Room has recently undergone a transformation. They enlisted Executive Chef Wu Xiaofang, who is from the Michelin-starred Danny Steakhouse restaurant, as the consultant. The unique method is ” short-time high-temperature oven roasting”. It maintains the steak core temperature around 50 degrees. It will create a steak with a delicately crispy exterior, which is a type of steak I personally enjoy.

✅ During this visit, my friend and I both prefer the 4oz Japanese Kumamoto A5 Wagyu Filet.

✅ Antoine Room has a minimum charge as one main course per person. In other words, your friend can order the set, while you can order just the steak  as one main course. However, I would suggest to order the set since the restaurant  offers a wide variety of appetizers, soups, side dishes, and dessert choices.

✅ The classic Cognac-flavored lobster bisque is well worth adding to your set meal.The visual, the aroma and the taste are all kept in my wonderful evening memories. The price will be extra +NTD $600 to the set price. It is available for both the weekday lunch set and the all-day set. The al carte price is NTD $880.

✅ With the Sheraton Gourmet Card,  you can enjoy a 25% discount.


♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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Antoine Room Information

店名: 台北喜來登安東廳
地址: 台北市中正區忠孝東路一段12號2樓 [台北喜來登飯店2F] (Map)
捷運站: 善導寺捷運站(B13)
電話: 02-2321-1818


Restaurant: Antoine Room at Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel
Address: 2F, No. 12, 1st Section, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City ( Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel 2F] (Map)
Nearby Metro Station: Shandao Temple Metro Station (B13 )
Tel: 02-2321-1818