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(Closed Down) 最近很夯的“泡菜肉彈”就在新北市的51 BBQ 韓國烤肉餐廳! 位於永安市場捷運站只需15分鐘路程.
(Closed Down) 51bbq Korean restaurant offers the famous “Kimchi Fried Rice”. It only takes 15 minutes walking from Yongan Market MRT station.



沿路走來其實餐廳並不多, 但室內裝潢為工業風只有51bbq , 走進餐廳後發現佔地頗大, 不僅適合親子餐廳, 也很適合大型聚餐, 每一張桌上都有特殊的手動排煙管, 可惜的是油煙還是無法像台北信義區的Maple Tree House楓樹韓國烤肉完全沒有.
There are not much restaurants along the way, but 51bbq is the restaurant with special industrial theme indoor design. The dining space is large and suitable for family and also large gathering. Every table has new smoke pipe, however the dining environment is still not smokeless as Maple Tree House at Taipei Xinyi District.



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跟Maple Tree House消費機制一樣,一桌至少要點兩份肉, 而招牌的“泡菜肉彈”和在台灣韓國料理較少見的”豬皮“則是不包括這兩份肉裡, 建議若是2~3人, 就直接點兩人套餐較為划算, 且餐廳員工會協助燒烤.
One table would at least order 2 meat dishes. However, the signature fried rice and pig skin are not included. If there are 2~3 people to dine, it would be better to order 2 people set dinner.



每人都會有三種調味料 (不定期) – 鹽佐香油, 大蒜切片, 韓式辣豆瓣醬. 除了沙拉和可包肉的生菜外, 也有四碟免費可續的小菜, 海帶跟醃白羅蔔解油膩, 泡菜脆度高但不會過辣,“醃漬苦瓜”跟平常印象中的苦瓜不一樣, 口感與風味皆類似配粥的醬瓜且帶有點甜味, 完全出乎意料之外.
Each person will have three flavoring – fragrance oil with salt, sliced garlic, korean soy bean paste. Besides salad and lettuce, there are 4 free dishes with unlimited supply. Both seaweed and daikon tastes are great. The kimchi is crisp and full of flavors but not yet too spicy. The bitter melon is unexpectedly sweet and crisp, which is completely different from bitter.




English Name: Pork Shoulder with pear and pepper salt
Price: NTD $400 / 200g
Foodelicious 美味程度: 3/5

51bbq 提供的並不是八色燒肉類型的肉片, 而是較講求肉質本身的美味, 而不是藉由濃郁風味醃醬而調味, “梨椒鹽”是店家特製的梨子醬搭配椒鹽, 風味較為清淡, 店員將厚切豬五花放在鐵板滋滋作響, 瘦肉吸收高溫逼出的油脂而變得多汁和軟嫩.
Different from “8 Color Pork” type, 51bbq is more focus on meat’s original flavor. Pear and pepper salt are only two flavoring that pair with pork shoulder. The fat transfer the thin part into tender texture.



單吃並沒有品嚐到梨子醬的風味, 只有淡淡的椒鹽風味. 可直接搭配生菜, 也可搭配白飯或是直接沾鹽佐香油保持原味即可, 我則是最喜歡沾鹽佐香油.
I didn’t taste the pear sauce by eating solely at the pork. There are only hints of salt and pepper flavor. I prefer pairs with the fragrance oil instead of rice or lettuce.




English Name: Pork Skin
Price: NTD $150 / 2 Sheets
Foodelicious 美味程度:  3/5

每當在Facebook上看到小片豬皮在鐵盤上滋滋時都會口水直流, 店員熟練地將兩大片淺褐色屏東黑豬皮, 出乎意料的厚度將燒烤時間拉長, 即使表皮已呈金黃色, 建議盡量烤得更脆甚至有點焦, 才不會有過多膠質黏牙, 建議多於三人時再點豬皮, 兩大片的份量令人有滿足感.
The staff prepares two large thick sliced sheet of pig skins. You would need to grill for a long time in order to the appearance golden and crispy. However, there are large amount of the collagens that might stuck in your tooth though. It would be better to order this dish only if there are 2~3 people dine together.




多數台灣人對韓國烤肉的刻板印象是重口味的醬醃肉, 但是51bbq走得是較不一樣的路線, 而是較為忠於原味. 這家餐廳的最大考驗會是培養一群鐵粉.
Most Taiwanese are under the impression about Korean BBQ is salty with heavy flavor. However, 51bbq is heading toward another direction. The most difficult challenge would be finding its correct target audience.



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Restaurant Name 店名: 51bbq 韓國烤肉餐廳 51BBQ Korean BBQ Restaurant
Address: No.51, Yongho Road 1sT Section, New Taipei City 新北市永和區永和路一段51號 (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/51krbbq
Nearby MRT station: Yongan Market MRT station 永安市場捷運站
電話:02-8660- 5151
營業時間:11am ~ 2:30 pm | 5 pm ~ 9:30pm


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