【Royal Salute 21 Years 】皇家禮炮21年 | 威士忌 | 送禮

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通常大部分的皇家禮砲規格都是700ml, 我朋友送我的則是迷你版50ml 皇家禮炮21年,  酒瓶的雕刻是不一樣的!
The market usually sells 700ml. The price may vary. Please note that 700ml bottle sculpture appearance is different from 50ml.


Product Name 產品名稱: Royal Salute 21 Years Old Mini Version 禮物: 皇家禮炮21年蘇格蘭威士忌
Country of Origin 原產地: Scotland, England 蘇格蘭, 英國
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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Channel 購買地點: Gift 禮物
Price:  N/A
Total ml 總容量: 50 ml
ABV 酒精濃度: 40%


打開軟木塞後, 並無強烈的威士忌嗆味, 只有威士忌該有的微煙燻味, 但是並無聞到網站上所說的蔒衣草的花香味. 當喝下第一口深琥珀色的酒時, 敏感的味蕾會感受到刺激的高酒精濃度嗆味, 但是進入喉嚨後則是厚實且滑順, 除非你平常不喝烈酒 ,要不然應該不會被此款嗆到喉嚨, 喝完後的尾韻則是久久不散的威士忌酒香味.
When opening up the bottle, surprisedly, there isn’t any the whisky spice smell but mild smoky whisky aroma. However, I couldn’t detect any lavender and violet aroma that the google stated. While taking the sip of deep amber color scotch whisky, your taste buds will feel the burners of high degree alcohol. But this liquid enter your throat, suddenly, it becomes both smooth and thick without burning your throat. The finish rich note last longer as expected. This is the most smooth whisky that came across.


通常消費者會買皇家禮砲當做送給貴賓的禮物, 這是個很好的選擇, 客人會覺得很有面子, 相對你以後也會多受他們的關照!
People usually purchase Royal Salute as a gift for the V.I.P.  I would say that this is an excellent choice. As for personal drink, the price might not be friendly after all.


警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!