【 La Crema Monterey 2014 Chardonnay】Costco 好市多 | La Crema 夏多內白酒 2014

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若要單飲或是開派對的時候 通常Google或是一些書籍可以協助找到合適的酒, 但是若沒空, 在Costco 酒區價格旁邊都會提到這種酒適合哪些料理餐點, 很方便的! 此款酒- La Crema Monterey 2014 Chardonnay 則是 夏多內白酒.
When you are preparing a party or drinking by yourself, both google master and books can assist. However, if you don’t have the time, you can just simply go to Costco and look at the price sign when purchasing. It stated that which dish is the best for the wine.


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Product Name 產品名稱: La Crema Monterey 2014 Chardonnay [ La Crema 夏多內白酒 2014] Wine Type種類: Full Bodied White Wine 酒體飽滿型白酒
Country of Origin 原產地: USA 美國
Area 產區: Monterey, California 加州中部海岸
Pairing with 建議搭配餐點: Salmon 烤鮭魚, Shrimp 烤蝦,  Caesar Salad with Chicken 烤雞凱薩沙拉
Recommended Temperature 建議酌飲溫度: 13 C
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1. Channel 購買地點: Costco
2. Price:  NTD $599
3. Total ml 總容量: 750 ml
4. ABV 酒精濃度: 13.5%
5. Bottle Bar Code: 04933102109
6. 進口商: 好事多股份有限公司

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警語: 警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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打開瓶蓋後, 軟木塞上充滿熱帶水果的香甜味, 請想像進去超市水果區的綜合香味, 倒出微透明金黃色的葡萄酒時會直接聞到蘋果香甜味, 其他例如網站上所說的鳳梨香味和奶油香味全部都被蓋過, 喝下第一口後, 也會感覺到葡萄酒該有的微酸, 但是還不至於把香氣蓋過, 如文章所寫, 建議最佳喝的溫度是13度, 太冰的話酸度反而會蓋住蘋果香氣. 還有初飲者要注意,甜度往往都會讓人誤認酒精濃度低! 建議最適合的場合是野餐派對, 可搭配沙拉 ,三明治.由於台灣人認為白酒= 甜酒, 記得要告訴他們 這支酒的尾韻會有點葡萄酒該有的微酸度.  台灣人喜歡夏多內的人有限, 若你已經知道其中一位朋友愛喝夏多內, 我會推薦這一款. 

After opening, you can smell the cord is full of the mixture of fruity aroma.The fresh apply aroma dominates after pouring out the light cider color wine. First sip might make you feel like it is just a wine with apple flavor. However, the mild citric acidity will follow right after. But no worries, it is not enough to cover all the crisp apple aroma and mild sweetness. Google mentioned that there is also pineapple or buttery hint, but by time starting to drink, the aroma seemed too light to detect. Also, please note that if the serving temperature is too low, the acidity will cover the aroma!!. Interesting fact is that the sweetness usually make the beginner think this bottle is low ABV. This wine suits for large group of picnic party since it pairs well with salad and sandwiches.  Remember to tell them that this white wine is NOT like sweet ice wine. It is with a bit of acidity! People who like red wine can try it too. I would recommend this wine to Taiwanese who like to drink wines with acidity.