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所有的波本酒都是威士忌, 但是威士忌並不一定是波本酒
The internet mentioned: “All Bourbon are Whisky, but not all whisky are Bourbon.


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Product Name 產品名稱: Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Whisky [台北好市多: 美國甜心蜂蜜香甜酒] Foodelicious for based liquor 基酒美味程度: 👍👍👍
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1. Channel 購買地點: Costco
2. Price:  N/A (Less than NTD $600)
3. Total ml 總容量: 750 ml
4. ABV 酒精濃度: 35.5%
5. Country of Origin 原產地: USA 美國
6. “Bottle” Bar Code: 4901411047683
進口商: 利多吉股份有限公司
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這支酒是調合蜂蜜的波本威士忌, 但是大部分台灣人把此款酒歸類為利口酒. 打開瓶蓋時,  瓶蓋上充滿甜味和威士忌的嗆味 當琥珀色的酒被倒出時, 像蜂蜜倒出一樣滑順且無聲, 喝下第一口喉嚨倒是不會感到刺痛 但是尾韻的部分則是排山倒海的甜味, 請注意這種蜂蜜不是台灣龍眼蜜或是加拿大楓糖漿,  既沒有花香也沒有果香, 若要單喝 ,建議加冰塊讓整個甜度降低. 喝完一杯後, 覺得這支酒若當成基酒應該會很受歡迎, 加上檸檬或是其他基酒會蠻適合的. 若是拿來調酒, 我會推薦. 
Also, interesting enough, Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Whiskey is a honey blended whiskey. In details, it is Kentucky Straight Bourbon blended with American Honey. After the Bourbon was drained from the barrel, it went to the blending process.  However, most people consider this product as liquor. When opening up the bottle and sniffed the cap, you can immediately smell the sweetness with spiciness of whiskey. The amber color liquor got poured out in slow paste with no sound. It almost feels like the honey is pouring out of the bottle. When taking the first sip, the bourbon whiskey went smoothly into your throat without burning it. The aftertaste is whole lot of honey sweetness. But, please note that it is not Taiwanese type of Honey nor Canadian Maple Syrup. This particular honey in the bourbon is just plain sweet without any floral or fruity aroma. I would suggest to add ice into this blended bourbon to ease the sweetness. Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon Whisky is better for base liquor of cocktail instead of single glass. Adding the lemon juice would be better in theory. If you want to make cocktail, this whisky item would be great! 


警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康  <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!