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S 飯店餐廳台北松山區餐廳之一, 近期換新主廚, 也同時推出以歐陸菜餚為主, 也帶些許北歐風格的新菜單.
S Hotel Restaurant is one of Songshan District Restaurants. Recently, S Hotel changed its executive chef and updated its new menu.

S Hotel 餐廳 菜單 在文章中間 S Hotel Restaurant Menu is at the middle of article


S Hotel 座落於敦化北路上, 位於南京復興站與小巨蛋捷運站中間, 停車場入口在長春路, S Hotel 餐廳則是在進入飯店後往左邊的樓梯方向往下走, 即可看到色彩繽紛的高挑書牆, 雖然餐廳位於地下一樓, 用餐環境與氣氛並不會很拘謹. S Hotel 飯店包廂 與 “文華飯店 Bencotto Taipei“ 包廂一樣皆有酒櫃裝飾, 而且皆有專業侍酒師與 Wine Pairing Menu. 這次新主廚則是聘請到台北米其林餐盤餐廳 “JE Kitchen” 的主廚 Constant 與廚師團隊, 分別設計出午餐與晚餐的套餐菜單.
S Hotel is located at Dunhuan North Road, which is in between Nanking Fuxing and Taipei Arena MRT station. The restaurant technically is at B1, by walking down the stairs. The dining environment is not too uptight, instead, it is quite casual. Similar with “Bencotto Taipei”, there are wine display shelfs at private dining room. S Hotel Restaurant & Bar has its Sommelier, which also offers Wine Pairing Menu. Recently, S Hotel hired “JE Kitchen” executive chefs Constant and his team.

延伸閱讀: Bencotto Taipei 》台北文華東方酒店義大利餐廳新菜單新主廚

延伸閱讀: 台北東區餐酒館之北歐餐廳 》JE Kitchen 2019 新菜單裡有令人難忘的料理

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S Hotel 餐廳- NTD $1980 晚間套餐
S Hotel Restaurant – NTD $1980 Dinner Set

備註: 晚間套餐分為 NTD $1980 (10 道菜) 和 NTD $1500 (8 道菜)
Remark: Dinner Set Menus are NTD $1980 (10 courses) and NTD $1580 (8 courses)

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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麵包 , 風味奶油

Bread with Flavored Butter
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

與 Home Hotel 的 “al sorriso”一樣, S Hotel 餐廳原本就有提供早餐給房客, 不同款式佐餐麵包更是不能馬虎, 提供煙燻奶油有著獨特且濃郁的奶油風味, 我跟朋友更是讚不絕口.
Same as Home Hotel “al sorriso”, S Hotel offers breakfast to the customers that live at the hotel. They serves different types of fresh-baked breads. The butter has unique smoky flavor, which my friend and I both like.

延伸閱讀: 台北大安區美食 》 al sorriso 2019 晚餐套餐新菜單 Review



Amuse Bouche
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

開胃小點與 “168 牛排館 ”一樣有三款, 依季節不同而做更換, 視覺上最大的不同是 S Hotel 餐廳的開胃小點是三盤分開放, 吃的順序則是從番茄雲朵 (圖一) -> 鴨肝泡芙 (圖二) -> 葡萄橄欖 (圖四). 番茄雲朵比棉花糖更輕盈且入口即化, 有著所謂的空氣感,  雖然名稱裡有番茄, 但並沒明顯的酸甜香氣, 反倒是灑在雲朵上的法國 A.O.P. Piment D’espelette 艾斯佩雷產辣椒粉隱約刺激著味蕾. 圖二鴨肝泡芙內餡並不會有預期地腥味.  最令我好奇的是葡萄橄欖, 看似醃漬橄欖, 後來得知是橄欖藻膠包覆的葡萄, 可搭配盤裡的初榨橄欖油, 創意程度不亞於 “Gen Creative” 的中卷料理
Same as “168 Steak House”, Amuse Bouche includes three items. It is a surprise to see all three items are placed in three different plates. The staff mentions that we should eat from the cloud (Pic 1) -> Puffs with Duck livers (Pic 2) -> Grape Olive (Pic 4). The cloud doesn’t have the classic tomato flavor. Instead, the tastebuds would sense hints of stimulation from  French A.O.P Piment D’espelette. The duck liver doesn’t have weird intestine flavor. The most interesting part would be the grape, which looks like the olive. The staff mentions the grape is wrapped with olive aligns. You can dip the grape into the Extra Virgin Oil sauce extra flavor. The particular amuse bouche is quite creative, just like the squid cuisine that I tasted at “Gen Creative Taipei”.

延伸閱讀: Gen Creative Taipei 》不要以先入為主的觀念來品嚐這家餐廳

延伸閱讀: 168 Steak House Taipei New Chapter 》168 牛排館 2019 新主廚新菜單



Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這道石頭是主廚 Constant 的代表作, 就如 “Logy 餐廳“的代表作是茶碗蒸. 如同麻糬外皮的主要食材是牛奶與吉利丁, 微綠顏色並非來自綠茶, 而是採用菠菜與蒔蘿, 店員建議先咬一口享受原味, 鹽醃賦予北海道干貝微鹹風味, 同時店員桌邊服務將用甜菜根汁製作的西谷米放置於醬汁裡. 建議吃法是將石頭沾西谷米與醬汁入口, 醬汁裡的淡菜汁與香草油勾勒出微海鮮味與清香. 我個人是比較喜歡單吃不沾醬, 整體菜餚帶有些許北歐料理風格.
Just like steamed egg is “logy” signature dish, this stone dish is Chef Constant’s signature dish. The main ingredients of appearance  are milk and gelatin. The green color is not from green tea, instead, it is from spinach and dill. The Hokkaido scallop has small amount of salty flavor, since it is pickle-salted. The red color of tapioca is from the beetroots. The staff mentions that dipping the scallop into the sauce and eat along with the tapioca. The overall flavor has hints of seafood and refreshing taste. I personally prefer not dip into the sauce though.

延伸閱讀: Logy Taipei 》台北米其林一星 logy 餐廳美食


蕃茄 , 綠咖哩 , 櫻花蝦

Tomato, Green curry, Sergestid Shrimp
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這道菜餚詮釋著 S Hotel 餐廳冬季菜單的辛辣元素, 櫻花蝦薄脆餅與去皮番茄看似內斂簡約的外型, 綠咖哩則是在番茄裡置中, 店員解釋先將脆餅打碎, 再搭配番茄和微辣綠咖哩互相襯托帶出最佳效果,  多層次風味裡有辛辣也有來自番茄的甜香.
This dish perfectly presents the main theme of this menu, which is fair amount of hot and spicy flavor. The sakura shrimp crispy layers are at the top of peeled tomato. The green curry is in the middle of the tomato display. S Hotel staff suggests to  mash the layer and eat with the tomato and spicy green curry together. This dish has no doubt many layers of flavors, which include the sweet flavor from tomatoes.


豬舌, 山葵

Pork tongue, Wasabi
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

看似西式小漢堡, 仔細一看是 S Hotel 自製的迷你炸刈包. 我特地詢問主廚為何選擇豬舌而非台灣人喜歡的牛舌, 主廚提到試菜時發現豬舌較軟, 牛舌較脆, 因此選擇偏軟嫩且低溫烹調的豬舌, 溫和山葵美乃滋蓋過少許麻油香, 可惜刈包偏乾.
The dish appearance looks like burger. Actually, the dish is fried mini Gua bao with pork tongue, green onion, and wasabi mayo in the middle. Why choose pork tongue instead of beef tongue? Chef Constant mentions that the pork tongue is much more tender than beef tongue. The wasabi mayo is not too spicy but still covers the sesame oil flavor. However, the bun is a bit dry.



Cod brandade, Cauliflower
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

有著日式茶碗蒸的外型與質地其實是奶油鱈魚酪與白花椰菜慕斯, 鱒魚卵則是隱藏於細緻滑順的慕斯裡, 店員建議攪拌均勻後再享用, 主要原因有鹽醃鱈魚佔鱈魚酪食材一大部分, 希望客人吃得時候是每一個皆有適量鹹香. 整體熱騰騰吃起來的濃郁鹹香海鮮風味不輸給“ AFTERWORK by ACME” 的蟹肉蛤蠣汁蒸蛋!
The appearance is similar with Japanese steamed egg. It turns out that this similar texture is Cod brandade and Cauliflower mousse. The roes are hidden inside the silky texture of brandade. The staff suggest to mix evenly to avoid heavy salty flavor. This hot dish has strong seafood flavor, similar with “AFTERWORK by ACME” steamed egg with roes.

延伸閱讀: AFTERWORK by ACME 》新開幕台北西門站餐酒館也是酒吧


蘑菇, 蘑菇

Mushroom, Mushroom
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這道料理採用 Table Service, 將綜合蘑菇高湯注入於碗裡, 立刻嗅到一抹獨特菌菇香氣, 看似麵線其實是杏鮑菇切絲, 看似“隱家拉麵”的筍乾實際上是巴西蘑菇切片, 兩種菇類的鮮脆口感深得我心, 因為我本身就喜歡吃蘑菇. 這款熱騰騰的湯品雖然不是冬季常見的奶油濃湯, 但卻是我所喜歡的湯品.
S Hotel Restaurant staff pours into the broth into the bowl as table service. The noodle-look-a-like are slices of king oyster mushrooms. The dried-bamboo-look-a-like are slices of Brazilian mushroom. Both types of mushroom are crisp, just the texture that I prefer. The broth overall is quite good.

延伸閱讀: Shilin Ramen 》隱家拉麵是拉麵愛好者心目中的士林平價拉麵店


蕎麥, 咖啡

Buckwheat, Coffee
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這道菜餚裡的蕎麥 “喬裝”成燉飯, 與我上次在 ”ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei “吃到的薏仁替代燉飯米的概念相似, 微硬蕎麥口感最為明顯. 整體以海綿蛋糕的咖啡味道為主導風味, 十分特別.
The buckwheat is considered risotto at this dish. The concept is similar with “ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei” uses Pearl Barley as risotto. The hard texture of the buckwheat is quite obvious. The main flavor would be the coffee flavor from the sponge cake, which is quite special.

延伸閱讀: ULV Restaurant and Bar Taipei 》台北餐酒館 | 法式料理與北歐料理之邂逅


章魚. 泡菜

Octopus, Kimchi
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

章魚每季都會出現在菜單上, 顯然是 S Hotel 餐廳必備食材, 一旁的沾醬會依季節不同而改變. 這次沾醬是韓式泡菜醬, 如同慕斯般口感, 雖然辛辣但不會過於刺激味蕾, 算是中辣程度, 主廚提到章魚先燉煮 12 小時後再乾煎, 難怪章魚吃起來比 “Pico Pico Taipei” 更嫩.
The octopus always appears at S Hotel Restaurant menu since the beginning. The dip sauce would change by seasons. This winter seasonal sauce is Kimchi sauce with mousse texture. It also has fair amount of spicy flavor but without heavy stimulation. The chef mentions that the octopus are stewed for 12 hours and pan-fried. No wonder the tender level is higher than “Pico Pico Taipei”.

延伸閱讀: Pico Pico Taipei 》 符合大眾口味的台北秘魯餐廳 (內附菜單酒單)


菲力牛排, 優格醬

Beef tenderloin, Yogurt
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這是主菜四選一的其中一款. S Hotel 餐廳採用美國 US Prime 等級的菲力牛排, 100g (3.5oz) 牛排並沒有舒肥或是爐烤, 而是用直球式炭火直燒, 切開褐色焦脆外層後, 粉嫩五分熟呈現於眼前, 牛排藉由煙燻炭香帶給味蕾經典的鹹香, 沾一旁的優格醬裡會有微甜清新小黃瓜味道, 完全是看個人喜好, 我個人是喜歡不沾醬.
This dish is one of the main course options. S Hotel Restaurant uses US Prime tenderloin. The 3.5oz steak is grilled directly with charcoals instead of sous vide nor oven grilling. The staff suggest medium instead of well-done for the steak. The steak has classic salty and meaty aroma. You can dip the steak into the yogurt sauce, which has refreshing cucumber flavor per preference. I would prefer to taste the steak without sauce though.


石斑, 大根絲絨醬

Grouper, Daikon Veloute
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這也是主菜四選一的其中一款, 上次吃到石斑魚是在台北中式餐廳 – “鴻寶港式海鮮”,  西式料理的石斑魚大部份都是採用乾煎方式, S Hotel 餐廳不例外也是採用乾煎烹調方式, 比較特別的是盤底有法國五大醬之一的質地滑順的絲絨醬, 醬裡的白蘿蔔食材和海鮮相當搭, 均勻灑上的中式配料例如薑,蔥, 爆米香讓這道料理多些東方元素, 這道料理是我當天用餐最喜歡的料理.
This dish is also one of the main course options. Last time I ate grouper was at “Hon Buo Cantonese Seafood Restaurant”. In Chinese cuisine, the groupers are always steamed. In S Hotel restaurant, the grouper is pan-fried. The most surprisingly part would be the Veloute sauce at the bottom of the plate. The daikon flavor from the sauce pairs great with seafood. The ginger, green onion, and puffed rice shows more Eastern cuisine style. It was my favorite dish of the day.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Seafood 》鴻寶港式海鮮菜單除了海鮮也有其他菜餚選擇


麻糬, 百香果

Mochi, Passion fruit
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

麻糬吃起來相當軟嫩, 內餡除了百香果內餡外, 也有冰白豆泥與荸薺, 我一邊吃一邊想如果內餡換成冬季草莓會不會更討台灣人喜愛?!
The mocha is very soft and tender. Beside the passion fruit, the filling also has mashed white bean and water chestnut. While eating this pre-dessert, I was thinking if Taiwanese would prefer strawberry filling?!



Winter Scene
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

紅色與綠色立馬聯想到聖誕節, 看起來份量頗多, 上次吃到傳統凍糕(Parfait)是在 “Hidden by DN 隱丹廚”. 這次 S Hotel 餐廳加入檸檬馬鞭草香料後, 這款凍糕顯得相當清新, 與預期完全不同, 一旁的溫藍莓汁並不是淋在凍糕上, 而是吃完凍糕再喝.
This dish has the classic Christmas color- Red and Green. The quantity of this dessert is quite large. Last time I tasted the traditional Parfait at “Hidden by DN”. S Hotel adds verbena spice to have more refreshing flavor, which is quite unexpected. The staff mentions that the customer would drink the warm blueberry juice afterwards instead of pour-in.

延伸閱讀: Hidden by DN 隱丹廚 》 信義安和捷運站美食推薦 | Taipei Spanish Restaurant



Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

餐後飲料可選茶或咖啡, 我是選擇拿鐵, 可惜喝起來微苦, 比較沒有咖啡香氣
You can select coffee or tea. I choose latte. However, it tastes a bit bitter without any coffee flavor.


台北約會餐廳 Taipei Restaurant for Dating

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