Taipei Curry Rice 》想吃還要看時間的 高木食堂 (內含菜單)

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(已結束營業 ) 近期吃了乾杯集團旗下的高木食堂咖哩飯, 連我自己都很意外將新開幕的高木食堂放進我的台北東區美食推薦之一.
(Closed Down ) Recently, I tasted Takagi Shokudo restaurant, which belongs to Kanpai Group. I myself am surprised to put this restaurant at my Taipei East District Restaurant Recommendation List.


高木食堂 菜單 2020 在文中 》 Takagi Shokudo Menu 2020 is at the middle of article



Takagi Shokudo Restaurant Information

高木食堂靠近忠孝敦化3號出口與5號出口中間的巷弄內, 靠近 “Solo Pasta” 與 “Tzubi Coffee”, 高木食堂與乾杯燒肉其實在同一個地址, 乾杯燒肉晚上營業, 高木食堂營業時間只有平日中午, 六日休息. 走進高木食堂餐廳, 有高腳椅適合單人用餐, 也有四人座與團體座, 與“大阪香料咖哩” 座位規劃相似. 高木食堂菜單品項不多, 只有和牛咖哩飯, 和牛漢堡排與和牛起司漢堡排. 和牛漢堡排則是每日限量. 請看以下的非業配Review吧.
Takagi Shokudo restaurant is near Exit 3 and Exit 5 of Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station. The restaurant is near “Solo Pasta” and “Tzubi Coffee”. Takagi Shokudo restaurant and Kanpai Yakiniku restaurant are actually at the same location address. Kanpai restaurant operates at night. Takagi Shokudo restaurant only operates on weekday lunch time. It is not opened during weekend. The restaurant has high chairs suitable for singles. There are also four people or group seating area, which is similar with “Osaka Spice Curry”. There are only three dishes on the menu – Wagyu Curry Rice, Wagyu Beef Patty, Cheese Wagyu Beef Patty. The Beef Patty quantity is limited daily. Please check the non-promotional review down below.


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Wagyu Beef Curry Rice
Price:NTD $250
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

和牛咖喱飯包括自製福神漬, 漬物,半熟蛋半顆與湯, 咖哩濃郁勾勾有微辛香, 店長高木先生提到與台式咖哩比較不同, 高木食堂的咖哩是偏微重口味, 喜歡 “雷咖哩” 或 “通庵咖哩” 會喜歡這家的咖哩! 我個人蠻驚訝以 NTD $250的價格可以吃到適量的整塊澳洲日本濕式熟成牛肉, 畢竟現在台北咖哩飯價格有些已經超過 NTD $300. 已經口感如預期地軟嫩. 可惜蛋偏冷的, 我個人愛熱的. 湯是昆布柴魚湯, 配料醃漬也是偏重口味. 整體我覺得很值得品嚐, 乾杯集團自己可能都沒意料到高木食堂會變得如此受歡迎吧.
Wagyu Beef Curry Rice includes soup, 1/2 half-boiled egg and Japanese pickled items. The curry is thick and small amount of spicy flavor. The owner mentioned that their curry is different from Taiwanese curry. Japanese curry is more on the thicker texture and heavier flavor. I have a feeling that if you like “Les Curry” or “Tongan Curry” , you would like Takagi Shokudo restaurant. I am surprised to taste fair amount of Wet-Aged Wagyu Beef chunks with only NTD $250. Some Taipei Curry Restaurant dish is charged more than NTD $300.  The meat texture is as tender as expected. However, the half-boiled egg is a bit cold. The soup is seaweed soup with bonitos. The pickled items are quite heavy flavor as well. The overall is worth tasting. Kanpai Group probably doesn’t predict that Takagi Shokudo restaurant becomes so popular.

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餐廳: 高木食堂
地址: 台北市大安區仁愛路四段345巷4弄45號一樓 (Map)
捷運站: 忠孝敦化捷運站
電話: 02-2752-9797
營業時間: 看 Facebook
Restaurant: Takagi Shokudo Curry Restaurant
Address: No. 45, 4th Alley, 345th Lane, 4th Section, Ren-Ai Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongxiao Dunhuan MRT Station
Tel: 02-2752-9797
Operation Hour: Check Facebook

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高木食堂 菜單 2020 》 Takagi Shokudo Menu 2020