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這次在2019台北國際食品展覽會西班牙館, 西班牙豬肉業聯盟安排知名台北西班牙餐廳 “隱丹廚” 現場 Demo 如何將西班牙豬肉食材發揮到日常料理食譜.
At 2019 Food Taipei, INTERPORC Spain arranged famous chef from famous Taipei restaurant “Hidden by DN” to do a live demo for Spanish Pork dishes.


西班牙豬肉料理 &營養價值
Spanish Pork Dish & Nutrition

對於西班牙人和台灣人來說, 我們對於豬肉同樣的喜愛. 西班牙是全球僅次於日本,人民平均壽命最長的國家. 這點在很大的層面上歸功於他們地中海式的飲食習慣, 其中包括了豬肉和其相關產品,當然賽拉諾火腿更是西班牙的美食寶藏之一. 這次隱丹廚 Chef Julio 則是現場 Demo 有著中式外表卻有西式內餡的創意刈包.
Both Taiwanese and Spanish share the same interest on pork. Besides Japan, Spain is the 2nd longest life in average. The main reason would be that Spanish enjoy light Mediterranean cuisine, which includes Spanish Pork and other related ingredients. And Serrano Ham is one of examples. At 2019 Food Taipei Exhibition, Chef Julio from “Hidden by DN” makes Gua bao by using Spanish pork and Spanish flavorings.

延伸閱讀: Spanish Serrano Ham 》關於西班牙塞拉諾火腿的五個問題

圖ㄧ來源 :6/21 娜姐 Foodelicious – 活動現場 – Chef Demo



西班牙豬肉料理食譜 (中文)
Spanish Pork Recipe (English)

圖片ㄧ來源: 6/21 娜姐 Foodelicious – 食譜 (中文)
圖片二來源: 6/21 娜姐 Foodelicious – Recipe (English)
其他圖片來源: 6/21 娜姐 Foodelicious – 活動現場- 食材


About this Spanish Pork Recipe

這道料理名稱為西班牙白豬里肌肉刈包, 食譜可做 10 ~ 12 人份的刈包, 西班牙白豬里肌肉一塊大約為 600g, 最具特色的部分是有甜味與辣味西班牙煙燻紅椒粉, 整個刈包吃起來微辣, 豬肉比預期地嫩. 文末影片有更多製作節. 
This dish is called Spanish White Pork Loin Bao. The recipe is suitable for 10 ~ 12 people. Chef Julio uses 600g Spanish white pork loin. The most remarkable should be the sweet and spicy Spanish paprika powders. The overall tastes a bit spicy. The pork is much tender than expected. There are more details in the video at the end of the article.

圖片一來源: 6/21 娜姐 Foodelicious- 製作過程
圖片二來源: 6/21 娜姐 Foodelicious- 刈包 Gua bao

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