Solo Pizza Napoletana 》巷弄內的台北義式窯烤 Pizza

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(2021. 4 結束營業) Solo Pizza Napoletana 是中山站的義式窯烤 Pizza 餐廳, Solo Pizza 菜單價格平易近人, 適合有預算的饕客們.
(2021. 4 Closed Down ) Solo Pizza restaurant is one of the Taipei Kiln Baked Pizza restaurants near Zhongshan MRT station. The price is quite friendly, which is suitable for people with budget.

Solo Pizza Napoletana 菜單在文末 》Solo Pizza Napotetana Menu is at the end of article

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關於 Solo Pizza 餐廳資訊

About Solo Pizza Information

Solo Pizza 餐廳離中山捷運站五號出口只有十分鐘路程, 位於公園旁. 餐廳室內裝潢風格類似 天母 “Pino Pizzeria Taipei “ 家庭式風格, 窯烤爐與 Pizza 料理台跟 “Gino Pizza Napoletana 蘆洲店” 一樣都是放在開放式廚房. Solo Pizza Napoletana 不提供訂位服務, 而且需要到櫃檯點餐, 先付現金後入座, 用餐完後的免洗盤也是需要客人自行整理, Solo Pizza 的座位偏擁擠, 團體聚餐比較不適合. 整體上來說, Solo Pizza 感覺就是一種 Pizza Express 的概念, 吃完就走並不會聊太多.
Solo Pizza restaurant is only 10 minutes walking distance from No. 5 Exit of Zhongshan MRT station. The indoor design is similar with “Pino Pizzeria Taipei” at Tianmu. The brick oven and pizza preparation counter are open kitchen, just like at “Gino Pizza Napoletana”. You would need to order and pay prior. After finishing the food, the customer would need to throw the paper plate away. Solo Pizza Napoletana seats are quite crowded, which is not suitable for group dining. General speaking, Solo Pizza is just like a Pizza Express, which is serve, eat, finish and go home.

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瑪格麗特 Margherita

Price: NTD $168
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Solo Pizza 是 10 吋比薩, 一人其實可以吃完, 為了節省人力成本與不加服務費, 餐廳是用免洗盤. 餅皮的焦黑程度比預期地多, 比較可惜, 撥開焦黑餅皮後咬下一口, 拿坡里式披薩餅皮有嚼勁也有香氣, 蕃茄醬的酸甜風味多過於具有奶香味的莫扎瑞拉起司, 帕達諾起司似乎是事先灑在 Pizza 再烤, 我個人是比較喜歡帕達諾起司再烤好後再撒, 起司風味會比較有存在感. Pizza 價格真得蠻便宜, 適合有預算的人.
Solo Pizza serves 10 inches Pizza, which can be served for one person. In order to lower the cost, the restaurant uses recycled paper plate and without service fee. It is sad to find out that the pizza crust has more burned mark than expected. The Napoletana Pizza is a bit chewy with small amount of barley aroma. The acidity and sweetness flavors from the Tomato Sauce are stronger than the cheese flavor from Mozzarella and Grana Padano Cheese. However, the Grana Padano cheese seemed to be spread before baking. I would prefer the Padano cheese are spread after baking. I would prefer more cheese flavor. Since the price is quite cheap, it is suitable for people who have budget.



餐廳: Solo Pizza Napoletana
地址: 台北市大同區赤峰街8巷4號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山捷運站
電話: 02-2550-6236
Restaurant: Solo Pizza Napoletana
Address: No. 4, 8th Lane, Chifeng Street,Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan MRT station
Tel: 02-2550-6236

Solo Pizza Napoletana 菜單 》Solo Pizza Menu


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