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好吃的台北傳統早餐店有很多家, 四海豆漿大王菜單上的餐點與美味程度絕對是中山站傳統早餐推薦.
There are many Local Traditional Chinese Breakfasts at Taipei. Zhongshan Si Hai Soy Milk King menu price and delicious level is definitely one of the Zhongshan MRT station breakfast recommendation.


中山站 四海豆漿大王 菜單在文中 》Zhongshan Si Hai Soy Milk King Menu is at the middle article



 About Si Hai Soy Milk King

長安東路的四海豆漿大王位置離中山捷運站地下街 R4 & R5 出口不遠, 餐廳附近有 “April Taipei 日本洋食屋”. 與其他台北傳統早餐店營業時間比較, 四海豆漿大王從 6am 營業到 10pm, 下午時段並沒有休息. 當時用餐時是平日早上八點, 大部分的人是外帶, 入座後觀察原來店家都是自己製作小籠湯包與燒餅, 並不是商業用的冷凍食品. 難怪觀光客旅客與附近居民都會到這家餐廳用餐. 我照我喜歡程度依序寫 Review.
Si Hai Soy Milk King is located near Exit R4 & R5 of Zhongshan MRT station. The nearby restaurant is “April Taipei restaurant”. Comparing with other breakfast shops, Si Hai Soy Milk King restaurant operates to 6am ~ 10pm. After seating, I realized that they are making their soup dumpling and clay oven rolls by their own. No wonder locals and foreign tourists would come here and enjoy the meal.

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Steamed Soup Dumpling

Price: NTD $ 40 / 4 pcs
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍 👍

小籠湯包似乎在台北傳統早餐店常看到, 台北中山站四海豆漿大王有販售一籠 (8 pcs) 與 半籠 (4 pcs) 小籠湯包, 店家手作小籠湯包的皮比預想地薄, 雖然有破洞, 但是一上桌迅速就被吃完, 一顆湯包兩口可以解決, 只需花 NTD $10 價格能吃到肉汁充沛的小籠湯包, 不錯吃值得點.
Steamed soup dumpling seemed to be common at Chinese Breakfast Shop. Si Hai Soy Milk King offers 4 pcs and 8 pcs. The soup dumpling appearance is unexpectedly thin. I can finish one unit in two bites. With only NTD $10, I can enjoy the meaty soup dumpling. It is worth ordering.

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Soy Milk

Price: NTD $18
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍 👍

四海豆漿大王菜單似乎沒有無糖豆漿 [備註: 有讀者告知- 只需要跟員工說要無糖豆漿, 他們就會提供], 微甜並沒有所謂的豆香味, 其他人似乎都是點米漿或是豆漿 + 紅茶.
They don’t seem to have non-sugar soy milk. [Remark: One reader mentioned that you can ask for non-sugar soy milk. They will prepare for you]. This soy milk is a bit sweet but no soybean aroma. Other people seemed to order rice milk or soy milk +black tea.


燒餅 + 蔥蛋 + 油條

Clay Oven Rolls + Green Onion Egg + Fried bread stick

Price: NTD $44
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

份量與其他傳統早餐店差不多, 燒餅與油條吃起來非常酥脆, 微鹹且熱騰騰蔥蛋讓我一口接著一口, 如果要帶外國朋友來這裡吃, 建議點一份燒餅油條蔥蛋來吃.
The quantity is probably the same at other breakfast shops. The clay oven rolls and fried bread stick are both very crispy. The green onion egg are a bit salty but keep me craving. If you come here with your foreign friends, I would suggest you to order this dish for a try.

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Chinese Omelette

Price: NTD $25
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

雖然沒有像 “ˇ長勝君捲蛋餅” 浮誇, 煎餅皮有些脆, 不錯吃, 多人一起吃可以點來分享.
Even though the Chinese Omelette is not as exaggerate as “Champion Omelette” , the crispy appearance still makes this omelette pretty good taste. I would suggest to order in order to share with your friends.

延伸閱讀: 長勝君捲蛋餅 》 民生社區早午餐美食


餐廳: 四海豆漿大王
地址: 台北市大同區長安西路29號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山捷運站 or 台北車站捷運站
電話: 02-2556-2785
Restaurant: Si Hai Soy Milk King
Address: No. 29, Chang-An West Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan MRT station or Taipei Main Station
Tel: 02-2556-2785


中山站 四海豆漿大王 菜單

Zhongshan Si Hai Soy Milk King Menu


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