Taipei Curry Rice 》羅本家咖哩飯是台北平價咖喱飯之一 (內有2020菜單)

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羅本家咖哩專賣店中山站美食之一, 羅本家菜單 價格已經可以算是我吃過的最經濟實惠的台北咖喱飯餐廳.
Robben Curry Restaurant is one of the Zhongshan MRT station Restaurants. Its price is probably the most price-friendly curry rice restaurant at Taipei City.

羅本家 菜單 2020 在文末 》Robben Curry Menu is at the end of article

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關於羅本家咖哩專賣店 About Robben Curry Restaurant

羅本家咖哩餐廳離中山站一號出口有些距離, 反倒是直接從中山地下街 R4 出口最為方便, 就地理位置, 羅本家咖哩專賣店比較靠近京站, 附近餐廳有“四海豆漿大王”與 “Twin Brothers Coffee”. 羅本家咖哩餐廳招牌懷舊, 餐廳裝潢簡單, 有單人吧台座位, 也有2 ~ 4 人座位, 稍微有些擁擠. 羅本家咖哩專賣店規則是每人低消 NTD $100, 用餐時間 60 分鐘, 不收服務費, 這裡的咖哩可選日式咖哩或是南洋咖哩. 在用餐時段時, 也有許多人外帶咖喱飯.
Robben Curry Restaurant is a bit far from Exit 1 of Zhongshan MRT station. It is better to walk out at R4 Exit. Robben Curry Restaurant is in the alley near “Taipei Local Breakfast – Four Seas Soy Milk” and “Twin Brothers Coffee”. The restaurant sign is a bit traditional and its design is simply and average. It has single bar seat and also 2 ~ 4 table seats. However, it is a bit crowded. The restaurant rule is minimum charge is NTD $100 per person. The dining time is 60 minutes. You can select Japanese Curry or South Eastern Curry. During dining time, there are lots of people order To-Go.

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千層起司豬排咖哩飯 Curry Rice with Pork and Cheese

Price: NTD $ 200
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

羅本家咖哩專賣店招牌料理是唐揚炸雞與千層起司豬排咖哩飯, 我這次是選千層起司豬排咖哩飯, 這裡的豬排並不是像 “Tokyo Curry & Bar 東京咖哩林森店“ 是炸里肌豬排, 而是豬肉片堆疊在一起如同義大利千層麵. 日式咖哩並沒有想像中地濃稠, 由於羅本家咖哩裡有加入肉末, 吃的時候只有微弱的蔬果甜味, 反倒是有足夠肉香風味. 豬肉片有起司的加持, 雖然沒有牽絲, 但是吃起來並不會過乾. 飯上的炸洋蔥末並不用加錢. 以200元價格而言, 份量與美味程度算是可考慮, 如果剛好在附近或是有預算, 可考慮到羅本家咖哩專賣店.
Pork and Cheese Curry Rice & Fried Chicken Curry Rice are both Robben Curry Restaurant’s signature dishes. I ordered the pork slice and cheese curry rice. Unlike “Tokyo Curry & Bar”, the pork here is slice instead of pork chop. The slices of pork piled up just like Italian Lasagne. The Japanese curry is not as thick as expected. The chef also puts ground porks to enhance the meaty flavor instead of meaty flavor. With cheese, the pork slice is not too dry. As for the price $200 standard, the quantity and delicious level is definitely above average. If you happen to be in the area or has a budget, you can consider Robben Curry Restaurant.

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升級套餐配菜 Upgrade Set Side Dish

Price: + NTD $60
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

套餐加價 NTD $60 可四選二 (黑胡麻冷豆腐, 薯餅, 每日湯品, NTD $40 飲料), 我選的是黑胡麻冷豆腐與冰紅茶, 黑胡麻醬看似凝固在豆腐上, 視覺讓十分有趣, 只是吃的時候, 醬的風味會存留在舌尖一段時間, 需要喝水清味蕾, 如果有二訪, 應該會點薯餅
With Extra NTD $60, you can select (Black Sesame Sauce with Tofu, Hash Brown, Daily soup or NTD $40 Drink). I selected Black Sesame sauce with Tofu. The sauce seemed to be stick on the Tofu, which the visual image is quite interesting. However, the flavor of the sauce will stay at your tongue. You would need to drink water to clear the tastebuds. If there is second visit, I would select hash brown.

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地址: 台北市大同區長安西路138巷3弄2號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山捷運站 or 台北車站捷運站
電話: 0902-198-712
Restaurant: Robben Curry Restaurant
Address: No.2, 3rd Alley, 138th Lane, Chang’an West Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan MRT station or Taipei Main Station
Tel: 0902-198-712

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羅本家 菜單 2020  》Robben Curry Menu 2020

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