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位於 Walnut, CANinja Sushi 是一家平價日本料理餐廳, 老闆與服務生皆為日本籍.
Ninja Sushi, which is a price-friendly Japanese restaurant, is located at Walnut, California. Both owners and waitresses are both Japanese.

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Ninja Sushi 外觀與內部並沒有執著在日本風情, 而是有一種日本家常餐廳的用餐氛圍. 座位多為四人座或六人座, 相當適合家庭聚餐. 日本餐廳內的單人座跟“井上禾食”相似, 都是在料理台前方, 可與日本籍料理長聊天. 菜單上有美國人能接受的照燒系列和炸天婦羅系列, 也有亞洲人喜愛的生魚片系列.
Ninja Sushi restaurant appearance does not focus on Japanese theme. The dining environment is more on the casual side, just like home. There are more 4 people or 6 people seats, which are suitable for family gathering. There are also single seating area near the kitchen counter, just like “Jin-Shan Japanese Restaurant”. On the menu, there are Americans’ favorite, which are the teriyaki series and tempura series. There are also most Asians’ favorite, which is the sashimi series.


Price: USD $7.50
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我們單點兩份, 一份皆有兩隻炸蝦, Size 適中不大, 炸蝦與其他配置口感酥脆程度無法與台北的“KICHI 吉天婦羅”和 “金子半之助”相比, 但在美國日本料理餐廳算是酥脆且不油膩, 我會建議若喜歡吃天婦羅, 可以直接點套餐.
We ordered two dishes, which has 2 units of shrimp tempura in each dish. Size is medium. The texture is not as crispy as “Kichi Tempura” and “Tendo-JP restaurant”. But comparing with other American Japanese restaurant, it is average crispy and not oily. I would suggest people to order in set.



Rainbow Roll
Price: USD$12.75
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來到美國日本料理餐廳, 除了點 California Roll 外, 當然也要點 Rainbow Roll. 之所以稱為 ”彩虹壽司“是因為顏色鮮豔, 亮橘色鮭魚搭配淺綠色酪梨, 也有鮪魚和鮮蝦, 新鮮海鮮食材較多, 單價也較高. 結構紮實, 並不會像美式日本料理“Sushi Express”裡的壽司一樣散落, 再沾少許芥末, 我吃的是當年在美國吃壽司的回憶.
When coming to American Japanese restaurant, I often order California Roll or Rainbow Roll. The name “rainbow” indicate its appearance colorful. There are bright orange color salmon, green color avocado along with tuna and shrimp. Most ingredients are fresh seafood, therefore the price is a bit higher than expected. The texture is dense. Dipping in the wasabi and soy sauce, the flavor is quite delicious.




Deluxe Sashimi
Price: USD $31.75
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在美國日本料理吃生魚片幾乎都是點套餐, 這次是單點一份豪華版生魚片. 除了常見的鮪魚肚和鯛魚外, 也有少見的花枝, 魚肝和北寄貝, 這道料理裡的蝦頭可選擇炸或是煮湯, 大部分的客人幾乎都是選擇煮味噌湯. 我唯獨魚肝吃不太習慣外, 其他海鮮皆相當新鮮, 價格部分僅美金 $31.75, 相當平價.
People usually order sashimi set instead of single dish. This time, my family and I order a deluxe sashimi dish. Besides the tuna and salmon, there are also squid, fish liver, and scallop. Surprisingly, the customer can choose the shrimp head to be fried or stewed into miso soup. Generally, I am not used to the fish liver. Other seafoods are very fresh and the price is only USD $31.75.




店名: Ninja Sushi
地址: 316 North Lemon Ave, Walnut, CA 91789, USA
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Restaurant Name: Ninja Sushi
Address: 316 North Lemon Ave, Walnut, CA 91789, USA
Tel: 909-594-4306
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