The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar- San Clemente 》南加州海邊餐廳

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南加州橘郡海邊餐廳有哪些? 位於 San ClementeThe Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar 就是其中一家餐廳.
Which restaurant is located nearby the ocean at Southern California Orange County? The Fishermans Restaurant & Bar- San Clemente happened to be one of the restaurants.

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The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar 有兩家分店, 一家在西雅圖著名的57號碼頭 (Pier 57), 這家在 San Clemente 則是第二家分店, 兩家皆與太平洋零距離. 頂著加州陽光, 隨著海浪聲與海鷗一路從停車場走向海灘, 離沙灘不遠的地方即可看到有著純白座椅與藍色陽傘的餐廳, 室內的吧檯稍微老舊, 但戶外座位才是亮點. 我家人有時會帶來美國旅行的台灣友人來這裡享受美式風情.
The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar has two branches. One is at Seattle Pier No. 57, the other one is at San Clemente. Both are very closed to Pacific Ocean (Literally on the top of the beach). The white chair and blue umbrella represent sky and ocean. The interior design is a bit old-fashioned. But outdoor seats have the best view. My family sometimes bring their Taiwanese friends to dine here and enjoy the sunset.


肋排,焗豆, 高麗菜沙拉

BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans and Coleslaw
Sunset Price: USD $5
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The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar 菜單上每天有 Sunset Hour 優惠 (4pm – 7pm), 也是 Happy Hour 的概念, 項目有包括調酒與一道料理. 那天用餐是星期二, 我們就隨意點了“肋骨,焗豆, 高麗菜沙拉”. 肋骨風味與口感雖然不及 Irvine “Wood Ranch”, 但有達水平的嫩度, 高麗菜沙拉脆並不會膩. 基本上是一道打發時間的料理.
The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar menu has Sunset Hour Promotion everyday. The concept is Happy Hour (4pm ~ 7pm). The items include several cocktails and once dish. We ordered Tuesday Sunset Hour Promotion Set – BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans and Coleslaw. Even though the flavor is not as good as “Wood Ranch”, the meat is still tender. The Coleslaw is crisp and not soggy.


草莓風味檸檬汁 & 咖啡

Strawberry Lemonade & Black Coffee Coffee
Price: USD $4 & USD $3
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草莓風味檸檬汁在美國算是第三常見的飲料 (第一是可口可樂, 第二是百事可樂), 是飲料機而非新鮮檸檬汁, 因此可無限續杯, 甜多過於酸, 我幾乎在美國不是點可樂就是點這款檸檬汁. 咖啡也是可無限續杯.
Strawberry Lemonade is the 3rd most-seen drink in USA. First is Coke, and the second most-seen is Pepsi. However, it is not fresh lemonade, instead, it is a fountain drink. The drink can be refilled. There are more sweetness than acidity. The coffee is also unlimited refill.



Halibut and Chips
Price: USD $22
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後來與家人決定在這裡點多兩道料理來當作晚餐, 點了英國傳統料理 Fish and Chips 的進階版, 也就是比目魚, 價格稍高. 擠上新鮮檸檬汁, 將現炸比目魚外皮沾上白色塔塔醬, 外層不失脆感, 只是魚肉稍乾, 有點可惜.
My family and I decided to order two more dishes as simply dinner. We ordered the upgrade version of British Fish and Chips. We ordered Halibut and Chips, which cost is much higher. The Halibut tastes quite crispy even dipping into the tar tar sauce. However, the meat is a bit dry.



Calamari Strips
Price: USD $12
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份量不多, 但一眼即可知道並非經銷商賣的炸花枝商業包裝, 現炸海鮮燙口, 再加上誘人的帕馬森起司, 會讓人一口皆一口吃, 比起上一道“比目魚與薯條”, 我會建議點這道炸花枝.
The dish doesn’t have too much quantity. However, you can tell that the ingredient is fresh fried seafood instead of pre-fried dish. Hot seafood pairs great with tasty parmesan cheese. Comparing with the Halibut and Chips, I would recommend this dish.




店名: The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar- San Clemente
地址: 1611 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA (Map)
營業時間: 打電話確認
Restaurant Name: The Fishermans Restaurant & Bar- San Clemente
Address: 1611 Avenida Victoria, San Clemente, CA 92672, USA (Map)
Tel: 949-498-6390
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm