LO BAH PNG 》夯・魯肉飯是信義區五分埔魯肉飯

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夯・魯肉飯 ( 原五分埔魯肉飯)松山站美食, 有著文青裝潢風格,夯的魯肉飯不錯吃, 在我的信義區小吃推薦名單裡.
Lo Bah Png restaurant is a restaurant near Songshan MRT station. Its hip decoration is quite attractive. Lo Bah Png braised pork rice is quite delicious too. It is on my Xinyi District Food recommendation list.

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Lo Bah Png Menu

夯魯肉飯 有中英文菜單!
Lo Bah Png has Chinese and English Menu.


夯魯肉飯點菜 SOP

Lo Bah Png Order SOP

夯魯肉飯餐廳離後山埤捷運站不遠, 我則是從松山站的3號出口走5分鐘到餐廳.文青設計風格裝潢有點類似南陽街的 “北北車魯肉飯” , 內用與外帶皆在窗邊, 付錢後入座. 餐廳內一人吃飯也不會尷尬. 不忙的時候, 店員會端餐點給你, 其他則是採自助式 – 餐具自己拿, 吃完自己拿到回收台. 餐廳也有搭配外送平台!
Lo Bah Png restaurant is near both Houshanpi MRT Station and Songshan MRT station. Its Instagram-friendly indoor decoration is similar with “Braised Pork Shop at Nangyang Street”. The customer would order indoor and to-go near the window counter. Pay before sitting down. If the restaurant is not busy , the staff would bring the food to you. Others are self-help, for example, you would need to take the utensil by yourself and return the empty plate to the recycle area. Lo Bah Png restaurant also cooperates with various delivery platform.

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魯肉飯 (小)

Braised Pork Rice (Small)
Price: NTD $30
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

原本以為夯的魯肉飯價格會跟 “My 灶” 一樣高, 孰不知, 價格跟 “東門市場滷肉飯” 一樣平價. 魯肉飯放了些魚鬆, 網路上是說像台灣南部魯肉飯 Style, 亮黑金色的魯肉吃起來會有罪惡感, 迷人油脂多卻不會太過於黏嘴, 適量鹹度, 整體非常下飯且好吃, 再訪的話, 我應該會點大碗魯肉飯.
I thought that the price would be as high as “My Zhao Restaurant”. But in fact, the price is quite friendly, just like at “the braised pork shop at Dongmen Market”. The restaurant displays small amount of dried fish floss. Most people mentioned that the braised pork rice style is toward the Southern Taiwan style. The pork meats and fats are braised perfectly with long time. It doesn’t taste too oily. Overall, it is delicious. Next time, I would definitely order the large size.

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Signature Fried Sparerib Soup
Price: NTD $50
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

排骨酥湯是 夯・魯肉飯的招牌菜餚之一, 端上時, 店員有提到用的是冬瓜, 而不是白蘿蔔/菜頭. 我喝排骨酥湯經驗比較少, 夯・魯肉飯的湯頭喝起來帶些黑胡椒風味, 也微濃郁, 這道湯品的主角排骨酥吃起來軟嫩, 整體吃起來蠻特別, 我個人還是比較偏愛 東門市場的偏清淡型的 “吉慶飲食部排骨酥麵”.
Signature Fried Sparerib Soup is Lo Bah Png restaurant’s signature dish. The staff mentioned that they use winter melon instead of white radish. The soup tastes a bit of pepper flavor & aroma. The sparerib is tender. Overall, it is an interesting experience for me. However, I still prefer the fried sparerib soup at “Zhongshan Market”.

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Braised Fried Tofu
Price: NTD $35
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

夯・魯肉飯的配菜就如傳統小吃店一樣有嘴邊肉, 大腸頭, 魯白菜之類, 油豆腐滷得有入味, 不錯吃, 這種份量賣 NTD $35 很平價.
Lo Bah Png restaurant side dishes are just like other traditional food restaurant. Their braised fried tofu is yummy. With this fair amount of quantity, NTD $35 is quite price-friendly.


夯・魯肉飯 短秒影片

Yu Hsi Restaurant Video


夯・魯肉飯 資訊

Lo Bah Png Restaurant Restaurant Information

店名: 夯・魯肉飯 ( 原五分埔魯肉飯 )
地址: 台北市信義區松山路152號 (Map)
捷運站: 松山站捷運站 or 後山埤捷運站
電話: 0918-653-835
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lobahpng/
Restaurant: Lo Bah Png Restaurant
Address: No. 152, Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Songshan MRT station or Houshanpi MRT Station
Tel: 0918-653-835