Taipei Zhongshan Market Food Guide 》低調的台北中山市場美食推薦

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Google 上可查到許多 台北傳統市場美食推薦 , 這篇文章是關於 台北中山市場美食推薦 , 有 中山紅豆湯麻糬, 吉慶飲食部排骨酥麵鶯歌號燻雞和豬頭皮.
You can search for many Taipei Local Market Food recommendation online. This article is about Taipei Zhongshan Market Food Recommendation Guide. It includes Mochi at Zhongshan Market Chinese Dessert Shop, Ji-Qing crispy spareribs noodle, and Ying-Ge smoked chicken.


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前言 Preface

台北中山市場地址為 台北市中山區長安西路3號 , 離中山站一號出口大約 15 ~ 20 分鐘路程. 中山市場每家攤位的營業時間都不一樣, 建議直接打電話問攤位比較準確. Website Link: . 中山市場佔地不大, 並不會迷路, 我建議白天來會比較有多種美食選擇, 基本上文章裡的美食攤位都在同一個通道, 不會一直繞圈找不到其中一家.
Zhongshan Market address is No. 3, Chang’an West Road, Taipei City. It is about 15 ~ 20 minutes walking distance from Exit 1 of Zhongshan MRT station. Every booth’s operation hour is different. I would suggest you to call to ask the operation of the booth. Website Link: . Zhongshan Market is not large. You wouldn’t get lost in the market. I would suggest to visit here during day time. In this article, all the food booths are located at the same lane. It is easy to find.

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Zhongshan Market Chinese Dessert Shop

雖然店鋪名稱是中山紅豆湯, 實際上有名的是麻糬與各種粿類,小小的店面擺滿傳統美食, 例如碗粿,紅龜粿, 宜蘭糕, 花生糖, 端午節也有販售粽子, 聽說農曆過年前更是大排長龍.
Zhongshan Market Chinese Dessert Shop offers mochi and various rice cakes and Chinese traditional snacks. People lines up purchasing traditional snacks before Chinese new year.



Zhongshan Market Mochi
Price: NTD $10/個 unit
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這裡的麻糬與行天宮捷運站附近知名的“不老客家麻糬”一樣都是 NTD $10/個, Size 雖然沒有比 “不老客家麻糬”大, 但是相較之下, 中山紅豆湯的麻糬皮卻比較好吃, 也許是因為老闆每天都會在市場炊粿, 造就微有彈性且軟嫩口感. 這裡的紅豆餡是最出名, 只是我這次選了花生與芝麻內餡, 兩款的自製內餡都是不錯吃, 細緻的內餡不會過濕且有足夠香氣. 若是有住或工作在附近, 我會建議你順道來這裡買麻糬.
Both Zhongshan Market Mochi and Hakka Mochi are both NTD $10/pcs. Zhongshan Market Mochi size is a bit smaller. But, the mochi appearance is quite delicious with fair amount of soft texture. Their red bean filling is the most famous filling. However, I ordered peanut and sesame filling. Both fillings are delicious and flavorful along with less moist texture. If you live or work nearby, I would suggest you to visit here.

延伸閱讀: 不老客家麻糬 》 Hakka Mochi

店名: 中山紅豆湯
地址: 台北市中山區長安西路3號 – 28 號攤位(Map)
捷運: 中山捷運站
Restaurant Name: Zhongshan Market Chinese Dessert Shop
Address: Booth 28, No. 3, Chang’an West Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongshan MRT station
Tel: 02-2551-4451



Ji-Qing Food Shop

吉慶飲食部位於鶯歌號攤位旁邊, 老闆貼心地將內用區域圍起來開冷氣, 夏天內用不怕熱! 吉慶飲食部的什錦煮麵是上班族的最愛, 因為食材豐富 – 有蝦子, 花枝, 魚板, 豬肝片, 豬肉絲. 這裡也有單賣排骨酥大包裝, 網路上也有人提到各種小菜也是不錯吃. 我則是點排骨酥麵.
Ji-Qing Food Shop is next to Ying-Ge Shop. The dining area has air conditioner, which is great during summer time. Ji-Qing Seafood noodle is quite popular, which has shrimp, squid, fish cake, pig liver ..etc. They also offer large package of Crispy Spareribs. People also mentioned that their appetizers are good too.



Ji-Qing Crispy Spareribs Noodle
Price: NTD $85
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

請注意只有星期二四六有販售排骨酥麵! 這裡的排骨酥與大家看到的商用冷凍排骨酥完全不同等級. 麵裡的排骨酥的肉比例高, 吉慶飲食部排骨酥有用醬油,糖,高粱酒醃製入味數天, 自製豬油應該算是秘密武器, 讓酥炸後的排骨酥更香.白蘿蔔更是吸收了湯汁精華, 整體吃起來不會過鹹, 反而有些清甜, 整體份量不多, 男生大概可以吃六分飽, 如果不喜歡吃麵, 他們也有賣排骨酥湯品. 我個人都很推薦.
Please notice that Ji-Qing shop only offers crispy spareribs noodle on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Their crispy spareribs are much more better and delicious than the frozen commercial package. The meat percentage is higher. They also use soy sauce, sugar and alcohol to marinate for a few days. The secret weapon would be that they use their custom-made lard to fried the spareribs. The radish absorbs fair amount of the soup. Overall, it is not too salty. The quantity is not large. So, guys can order some appetizers to fulfill the appetite. If you don’t like noodle, they have crispy spareribs soup. I would recommend this dish.

店名: 吉慶飲食部
地址: 台北市中山區長安西路3號 33-37 號攤位(Map)
捷運: 中山捷運站
Restaurant Name: Ji-Qing Food Shop
Address: Booth 33 ~37 , No. 3, Chang’an West Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongshan MRT station
Tel: 02-2561-4512



Ying-Ge Shop

鶯歌號位置在吉慶飲食部與中山紅豆湯的中間, 現點現切保持肉汁, 鶯歌號最知名的莫過於煙燻雞與豬頭皮, 這裡的紅燒肉看起來也很美味. 過年時, 很多人都特地到這裡買煙燻雞. 價格有時會變動, 價格的計算方式是以兩或是斤, 一台斤等於 600g. 一兩等於37.5g. 有趣的是, 老闆看我可能不太清楚份量, 直接說 “我幫你裝一盒吧”, 老闆人真好.
Ying-Ge Shop location is in between Zhongshan Market Chinese snack shop and Ji-Qing Food Shop. Their famous items would be smoked chicken and smoked hog Scalp. Price may vary time over time. The price is based on its weight – Taijing (600g) or Lian (37.5g). Honestly, it is a bit difficult to explain. The owner is nice and patient. You can just say you want one box (show him the picture down below as well).



Ying-Ge Shop Smoked Chicken
Price/Box: N/A
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

網路上提到鶯歌號老闆是採用花蓮放山雞, 這裡的燻並不是像 “棧直火廚房 C-Kitchen by FUK” 炭燒, 因為鶯歌號在煙燻過程加進高山茶葉, 煙燻茶香是偏細緻茶香, 深褐油亮的雞皮不易脫落, 讓我可以連皮帶肉一起入口, 雞皮帶來的油脂與適量燻香是個絕配, 雞胸肉與雞腿肉一樣多汁軟嫩很難得. 對於常吃鹽水雞的人來說, 單吃其實不會太鹹, 也可以搭配飯或是麵. 我個人很推薦鶯歌號煙燻雞.
Ying-Ge Shop owner uses ranch-free chicken from Hualien, Taiwan. The smoked process is not with charcoal, like at “C Kitchen by FUK”. The owner puts high mountain Taiwanese Tea leaves during smoking process. So, the chicken actually has delicate smoky flavor. The dark brown but shiny chicken skin has fair amount of fats. The best part is that the skin attaches at the juicy meat all the time. The chicken breast meat and chicken thigh meat are both tender. Overall, it is not too salty, which is suitable for rice or noodle. I definitely recommend their smoked chicken.

延伸閱讀: 棧直火廚房 C-Kitchen by FUK 》搬家後重新開幕與轉型的台北餐酒館



Ying-Ge Shop Hog Scalp
Price/Box: N/A
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這道煙燻豬頭皮夠味, 可當作餐桌上最出色的小菜, 這一盒建議 6 ~ 8 人分享.
The hog scalp is flavorful and will become a great appetizers on the dining table. This box is suitable for 6 ~ 8 people to share.

店名: 鶯歌號
地址: 台北市中山區長安西路3號 32 號攤位(Map)
捷運: 中山捷運站
Restaurant Name: Ying-ge Food Shop
Address: Booth 33 ~37 , No. 3, Chang’an West Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongshan MRT station
Tel: 02-2536-7548



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