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新開幕Gumgum Beer & Wings 是台北市少數販售美式雞翅與精釀啤酒餐廳, 這次有這個榮幸可品嚐到他們的餐點與精釀啤酒.
Newly-opened Gumgum Beer & Wings is one of a few restaurants that specializes on selling chicken wings and craft beer restaurants. Now, I have the honor to try out their dishes and beers.


餐廳位置在 Honey Pig 韓國烤肉餐廳的後面巷弄裡, 這家餐廳的地理位置跟軒尼詩招待所一樣都在公園旁, 從落地窗外可看到客人享受著餐點與飲料的畫面, 餐廳內裝潢非常地豪邁, 門的右邊是吧台與長桌, 可供團體聚餐用,  提供包場服務,  左邊則是有不同款式的木質低桌椅, 建議高身高的客人或是穿裙子的女生坐中島位置. 到處走動時, 也發現餐廳有在販售文青小物.
The restaurant is located at the alley at the back of Honey Pig Korean restaurant. Most people walk by and get attracted by its large delightful dining area. At the right side of the entrance, there is a bar and long table for group dining. On the left, there are various wooden tables. However, I would suggest tall customers or women who wear skirts sit in the middle sofa area.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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我跟朋友被安排在窗戶旁, 雖然桌子較小, 服務生告知若放不下所有餐點, 會再加另一個小桌子. 我們陸續點了非常多餐點, 包括銷售第一的金沙雞翅, 甚至連甜點與咖啡都點.
My friend and I are seated near the window. The waitress informed that if the table is too small, they will add another tables. We ordered several interesting dishes- from their signature wing dish to desserts.




English Name: Truffle Fries
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍
薯條是美式餐廳Menu上最常見到的前菜, 但搭配松露美乃滋醬較為少見, 薯條酥脆且並不會像市面上軟爛, 手指不會過於油膩, 沾醬後, 濃郁的蕈菇風味理所當然是主導, Cream Cheese 的風味也是相當迷人, 我跟朋友都非常喜歡這道菜, 整體是可以點來搭配精釀啤酒的餐點之一.
Fries are most-seen appetizer in American Restaurant. However, it is not not common to see it pair with Truffle Mayo Sauce. The fries are crispy instead soggy. And the fingers wont get too oily after eating. The thick mushroom aroma dominate the whole dish. It is definitely a good dish to pair with craft beers.




English Name: Vanilla Ice Cream Pie with Chocolate Flakes
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我本來想阻止我朋友點這道甜點, 因為通常不會有人精釀啤酒餐廳點甜點. 後來聽服務生說這道甜點是他們自己做的, 冰淇淋並不會過硬, 可以非常輕鬆地挖一口來吃, 香草風味與巧克力內餡也不會像美式餐廳的甜點, 不會過甜且保持原有的風味, 派皮也不會過軟, 因為下午有營業, 建議可點這道甜點當下午茶甜點.
I was going to stop my friend ordering this dessert because no one would want to order desserts from a craft beer restaurant. However, since the waitress mentioned that they make this dessert by themselves. The ice cream isn’t too hard, which it is easy to scoop a bit to taste. Both vanilla flavor and chocolate filling are not overly sweet. The pie crust is not overly soft. Since they are opened in the afternoon, I would suggest to order this as afternoon tea dessert.




English Name: Salted Egg Chicken Wings
Price: NTD $230
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

Gumgum Beer & Wings 的雞翅風味高達13種, 也有互搭三種風味的拼盤 (名稱為 “剛剛有三寶” NTD $560 ), 因為用餐人數只有兩個人, 我們單點一種口味, 也就是他們的招牌- 經典金沙蛋黃風味雞翅. 雖然看似油膩, 但其實第一口是有脆度, 刻板印象中, 雞翅肉應該比雞腿肉乾澀, 但 Gumgum 的雞翅從圖片中可看到肉質較為嫩, 沙沙口感中有適度的鹹蛋黃創新風味, 吃完也會想點其他風味來試試看, 是個可搭配啤酒的下酒菜.
Gumgum Beer & Wings sells over 13 different flavors of Chicken Wings. It also has mixed plate with 3 different flavors (NTD $560). Since we only have two people, we only order their signature dish – Salted Egg Chicken Wings. Even though the appearance looks a bit oily, it tastes quite crispy. Also, the meat is surprisedly tender and not overly salty. The salty egg flavor is a creative flavor, which is great pairing with craft beer.




English Name: Red Point Rock Monkey Stout
Price: N/A
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我本來就喜歡喝黑啤酒 (Stout), 綿密啤酒泡沫搭配有著巧克力與咖啡風味的充實的酒體, 喝到最後也不會過苦, ABV 只有 5.8%, 若較喜歡輕盈且帶有果香的啤酒, 我會建議點“紅點龍洞拉格啤酒” . 剛剛拿鐵 (NTD $140) 其實就是拿鐵, 是我朋友點的, 我並沒有喝.
警語: 飲酒過量,有害健康
I personally like Stout, which has creamy beer head with chocolate and coffee flavor beer body. It wouldn’t get too bitter when drinking till the end. The ABV is only 5.8%. If you like light and fruity flavor, I would suggest to order their Lager. My friend ordered their latte.


香料奶油蘑菇 & 松露薯泥

English Name: Seasoned Mushroom Truffled Mashed Potatoes
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍

一大盤的小蘑菇擺放在薯泥上, 松露醬加上蘑菇風味蓋住其他風味, 薯泥因為奶油的關係而較為軟, 而非印象中像KFC較硬的薯泥, 我會建議此道料理搭配他們家的“溫泉蛋松露燉飯”, 單吃會過膩.
Fair amount of mushrooms are displayed on the top of smashed potato. However, truffle sauce covers every other flavors. The smashed potato ’s texture is soggy because of the fair amount of the butter, which is different from the KFC hard smashed potato. I would suggest to pair this dish with their risotto.



English Name: Spicy Garlic Pork Belly Pasta with Ice Water
Price: NTD $390
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍

點之前, 店長有告知會辣, 後來品嚐第一口才發現其實是“非常辣”, 後來才得知餐廳用的辣椒是“鬼椒”, 辣的風味遠遠蓋住蒜味與五花肉的香味, 味蕾會被辣味刺激到痲痹的狀態. 如料理名稱, 你一定會搭配冰水, 平常有在挑戰辣度的人可以嘗試, 會非常地過癮.
Before eating, the waitress informed us that it is quite spicy. However, it turns out that they use ghost chili instead of regular chili. Its spicy level is way over the chart, which covers the garlic and the pork belly flavor. the tastebuds would get stimulate by the ghost chili. As the dish name, you would need to pair with ice water for this dish.


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