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(2021. 10 更新) 你一定常聽到紅酒配起士, 但是有聽過“酒渣封存起司”嗎? 其實我這個菜鳥只聽過菲達起司, 莫札瑞拉起司, 切達起司, 豪達乳酪. 但是這些都是“產品名稱”而非“起司種類”
You always hear about wine pairing with cheese. But, have you heard of cheese coated with “grape must”? As a newbie, I only heard about Feta, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Gouda. But those are  “product names” instead of “type”.


Product Name 產品名稱:Barolo Cheese 巴羅洛葡萄酒起司
Cheese Type種類: Washed Rind Cheese 洗皮起司
Country of Origin 原產地:  Italy 義大利
Foodelicious 美味程度 : N/A (I didn’t try it, but I hope that I will in the future)

通常洗皮起司都是利用鹽水洗浸表皮形成風味飽滿的起司, 有些洗皮也會用酒類代替, 例白蘭地或是酒. 伊泊斯起司 (Epoisses)就是使用法國勃根地地區渣釀白蘭地洗浸, 起司表面帶有點淺橘紅色.
Most common Washed Rind Cheese are bathed or scrubbed with brine (salt water) to encourage the growth of the surface and become more flavorful. However, the brine can be substituted with brandy or wine. “Epoisses” is a soft cheese that are made from cows milk. It was washed with mixed salt water and pomace brandy from France. Its appearance is red-orange color.



我以後會再寫更淺顯易懂的《起司101》(你也可以上網找). 目前你只需要知道巴羅洛葡萄酒起司是產品名稱, 洗皮起司是它的種類, 此外巴羅洛葡萄酒是世界公認的義大利葡萄酒之王, 只在義大利的Piemonte 生產且只使用Nebbiolo葡萄. 很多人可能看不懂這一段, 如果真的我有哪天喝到Barolo我再來寫….. (希望啦)

Now you would only need to know “Barolo Cheese” is the product’s name and its type is “Washed Rind Cheese”. And Barolo is a red wine produced in the northern Italian region of Piedmonte. It is made from the Nebbiolo grape and is often called as one of the Italy’s greatest wines.


最有名的巴羅洛葡萄酒起司品牌為 “Beppino Occelli”, 工廠將牛乳起司先熟成至少五個月,再用葡萄酒之王的酒渣洗浸至少兩個月,  最終再將巴羅洛葡萄酒渣佈滿整個起司再進行封存. 網路上提到吃過此款起司的人不是超愛就是超討厭, 討厭的原因大部分是因為此款起司味道非常重, 甚至會讓少數人認為有異味, 加上又是硬起司很難切. 愛的人就是喜歡巴羅洛葡萄酒滲透至這款起司中, 即使吃的時候會掉紫色的酒渣, 綿密加上微微酒香的口感感受遠遠超過一時的味覺. 可惜的是這款起司連微風超市都沒有賣, 也許將來等台灣起司市場興起後, 進口商會想辦法進口吧!

The most famous Barolo Cheese brand would be “Beppino Occelli” brand. It is made from cow milk. It is aged for at least five months in the cellars. Then, it was refined for two more months in vineyards where it is enriched with Barolo wine. Then, This hard cheese is packed in “grape must” resulting from the product of Barolo wine.Viewers either love it or hate it.The aroma wasn’t friendly, some might even consider it stinky. The cheese surface is crunchy due to the coated grape must. First bite might cause the purple crumbs to fall down. The grape essence is not only appear at the surface but also add hints of wine flavor into this creamy cheese.  Sadly, I couldn’t find this brand of cheese in Taiwan, not even in Breeze Supermarket. Maybe, just maybe, the importer might consider introducing “Beppino Occelli” brand to Taiwan market.


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