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(二訪 2018.08)   有著招牌私房花椒麵饞食坊是一家大安區深夜食堂, 多頁的酒菜單與氛圍已有點像中式居酒屋.
Zen Food restaurant, which is next to Da’an MRT station, offers the signature thick Sliced Noodle with Peppercorn Powder. dish.  Because of the dining atmosphere and many pages of menu, I would consider this restaurant as Chinese Bistro.

2018 饞食坊菜單連結在文末  2018 Zen Food Menu link at the end of article


多年前朋友帶我來這家裝潢懷舊的餐廳, 除了戶外有類似日本拉麵店單人座外, 室內則是有類似陸光小館的木質桌椅, 多年前光臨時還可以直接入座, 令人驚訝的是最近平日幾乎已被訂滿. 近日二訪饞食坊時, 發現菜餚已小幅調漲.菜單洋洋灑灑好幾頁, 有日式也有台式料理, 酒單上更是有啤酒,高梁..etc, 朋友聊是非, 情侶滑手機, 但人手幾乎一杯酒, 但不會過於吵鬧, 氣氛極像外國的Bistro.
Many years ago, my friends took me to this old-fashion interior design restaurant. The outdoor has seats similar with Japanese ramen single set. There are also wooden tables and chairs as well. Nowadays, it would be better to call to reserve seats prior coming. I noticed the dishes price increase on my 2nd visit.There are Taiwanese and also Japanese cuisines on the menu. As for the alcohol menu, there are beers, guiling..etc. Friends and couples are hanging out but not too noisy. The atmosphere is similar with Bistro in foreign countries.





English Name: Thick Sliced Noodle with Peppercorn Powder
Price: $70   (原價: $60)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

這一碗簡單的關廟麵收服了無數的老饕常客, 有著厚卷寬的關廟麵上方灑著 紅褐色花椒細粉, 跟忠南飯館麻婆豆腐上的顆粒花椒粉不同, 迫不及待先品嚐形狀像蕾絲般的麵, 口感Q彈不黏牙, 香麻但不會辣的風味讓許多人懷念, 攪拌碗底少許醬油與醋後, 講垂涎三尺似乎太誇張, 但這是我第一次吃到這道私房花椒麵的感覺. 這次二訪品嚐時, 口感依舊讚, 一邊吃一邊想這整道麵與醬汁也太像曾拌麵香蔥椒麻口味. 
This dish has fulfill many foodies’ cravings. There are peppercorn powder on the top of thick and curly noodle. The powder’s shape is different from Chungnan Chinese restaurant’s Mala Tofu though. The noodle is cooked perfectly. The tastebuds become numb and full of aroma but not too spicy. Stirring the noodle wit the exiting soy sauce and vinegar has created this perfect dish. On my second visit, this dish is still going strong and delicious.



English Name: Salted Grilled Pork
Price: $160 (2 units)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這次二訪我跟朋友大約已經5分飽, 我們除了點麵外, 也只點了鹽味豬五花, 整齊的串燒讓我想到信義安和捷運站的”喀佈貍串燒居酒屋 “, 紮實豬肉讓我與朋友很難從竹籤上將豬肉用筷子夾起, 到最後是決定直接用牙齒豪邁地咬, 肉質富有彈性, 其實我最初是想將豬五花沾一些花椒麵的醬, 後來吃時發現其實肉的鹹香風味已足夠, 整體算是不錯.
My friend and I are already 50% full. So, besides noodle, we ordered salted grilled pork. The grilled pork remind me of “Kabuli Izakaya”. The tense pork is a bit difficult to take it off by chopsticks. Instead, my friend and I used tooth to tear it off. I was going to dip the pork into the sauce from the peppercorn noodle. However, the pork is already full of meaty texture along with salted flavoring. It is overly tasty.



English Name: Thousands Year Old Egg with Tofu
Price: $170  (原價: $150)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

雖然聽起來是道很普通且清淡的料理, 後來才發現佐醬油膏的皮蛋豆腐上灑滿了可樂脆果, 好不容易從一座口感極脆地可樂果小山中挖出口感綿密的皮蛋和嫩豆腐, 是一道可搭配飯或是麵的好配菜.
The chef added a twist on this simply dish by adding corn crackers. The creamy thousand year old egg pairing with crispy cracker and silky tofu seemed to be the perfect match. It is a perfect dish to pair with any noodle or rice.



English Name: Rice with Chicken Oil Drizzle.
Price: $35  (原價 $30)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

白飯看似刨冰型狀倒扣, 醬油像黑糖般淋在上方, 雞油雖然不見蹤影, 但扒飯時, 雞油的香味隱約埋藏在醬油風味裡, 不夠出色. 我會建議點私房花椒麵.
The soy sauce and invisible chick oil drizzle covered this dish. However, the chicken oil aroma is covered. Therefore, I would suggest their signature noodle dish instead.




台北宵夜餐廳 》Taipei Midnight Diner Guide




店名: 饞食坊
地址: 台北市大安區信義路四段30巷8弄13-1號 (Map)
捷運: 大安捷運站
營業時間: 打電話確認
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenfooood/
Restaurant Name: Zen Food Restaurant
Address: No.13-1, No. 8 Ale, 30th lane, 4th section Xinyi Road , Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Da’an MRT Station
Tel: 02-2755-5859
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm



供應時間 晚餐 晚上6點~晚上11點宵夜 晚上11點~凌晨1點

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