Xiao Cheng Shi 》關於超難訂小丞事菠蘿蛋黃酥的五個問題

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(2023.8 更新) 台南小丞事菠蘿蛋黃酥禮盒 是難訂購的台灣中秋禮盒之一, 這篇文章包括大家最感興趣的五個問題- 例如: 如何訂購小丞事蛋黃酥禮盒.
(2023.8 Update) Tainan Xiao Cheng Shi Egg Yolk Pastry Gift Box is one of the difficult-to-reserve Moon Festival Gift Boxes in Taiwan. This article includes FIVE questions that most people are interested in.

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Does Xiao Cheng Shi Store only sell Egg Yolk Pastry?

答案: 不是. 小丞事全名是小丞事麵包烘焙坊, 地址為台南市南區國華街一段106號, 離新光三越台南新天地比較近,附近停車場截圖如下. 小丞事平常有賣麵包與甜點, 每逢中秋節, 麵包與甜點都會停做, 店家會 Focus 在製作菠蘿蛋黃酥.
Answer: No. Xiao Cheng Shi is a bakery. The address is at No. 106, 1st Section, GuanHwa Street, South District, Tainan. I also put the nearby parking lots map down below. Xiao Cheng Shi Bakery offers regular breads and desserts. However, when the moon festival is closed by, they would stop making breads and desserts. They only focus on egg yolk pastry.



Does Xiao Cheng Shi Store sell single unit of Egg Yolk Pastry?

答案: 以小丞事 Facebook 公告為主, 目前尚未公告有賣單個蛋黃酥. 我建議直接到他們的官網下單   ( https://eggfattoastbar.cyberbiz.co )  ,  一盒九入, 選取宅配或是到店取貨,  請注意小丞事的特別營業時間, 週一到週三休息, 週四至週日則是接近晚上才開門,
Answer: Based on Xiao Cheng Shi Bakery’s Facebook announcement, they didnt announce that they offer single unit of Egg Yolk Pastry.  I would suggest to order from their website ( https://eggfattoastbar.cyberbiz.co ) and select “Store Pickup” or “home delivery” . They are off Monday – Wednesday. They only operates during Thursday – Sunday near night time. 



How to reserve Xiao Cheng Shi Egg Yolk Pastry Gift Box?

答案: 小丞事菠蘿蛋黃酥禮盒 Facebook 會公告何時可開始預購. 公布時間通常是七月中.   請直接到他們的官網訂購 ( https://eggfattoastbar.cyberbiz.co )2021 小丞事菠蘿蛋黃酥禮盒預購成功完全是靠我的饕客朋友.
Answer: Xiao Cheng Shi Bakery will announce on their facebook. The time is usually at the middle of July. Please go to their website to purchase ( https://eggfattoastbar.cyberbiz.co ) Thanks to my friends that I can reserve their Egg Yolk Pastry Gift Box in advance.



How much is Xiao Cheng Shi Egg Yolk Pastry Gift Box?

答案: 2022 小丞事菠蘿蛋黃酥禮盒價格是 NTD $600 / 盒, 一盒九入. 一顆小丞事菠蘿蛋黃酥平均 NTD $66.67 , 與市面上的蛋黃酥價格相比其實不貴. 宅配則是常溫運送. 保存期限並沒有印在單顆包裝袋上, 禮盒會附一張小卡提醒七天保存期限的訊息.
Answer: 2022 Xiao Cheng Shi Egg Yolk Pastry Gift Box is NTD $600/box. There are 9 units in one box. The average price is NTD $66.67 per unit. It is not expensive comparing to other egg yolk pastry in the market. The home delivery is room temperature. However, the expiration date is not printed nor stamped. Please note that the regular expiration days will be after 7 days. They will put a small card to remind you.



Is Xiao Cheng Shi Egg Yolk Pastry delicious?

答案: 建議烤過之後會比較好吃. 小丞事蛋黃酥的外皮是菠蘿皮, 如果不烤, 吃起來會有厚實感, 烤過之後會有酥脆感, 外層吃起來就像吃港式菠蘿, 有些奶香卻不油, 建議咬一口直接將外層, 豆沙內餡與蛋黃一起吃. 內餡賦予適量甜度, 恰巧與微鹹蛋黃中和, 只是蛋黃並不是每口都是濕軟, 有幾口是偏乾, 但是整體我個人覺得還不錯, 如果你的朋友問你要不要一起團購, 請一起團購吧. 把小丞事菠蘿蛋黃酥的難訂程度想成 “喜相逢” 或是 “RAW” 吧.
Answer: I would suggest to reheat via baking in the oven prior eating. It would taste better. Xiao Cheng Shi Egg Yolk Pastry appearance is similar with Cantonese Pineapple Bun. Without baking prior eating, the appearance is quite thick. After baking, the appearance tastes quite crispy. I would suggest to eat together with appearance, bean filling and the egg yolk. The filling offers fair amount of sweet level, which pairs well with the salty egg yolk. However, not every bite of egg yolk tastes moist and soft. Some bites are dry though. But overall, I personally think that it is all right. If your friend ask you if you want to purchase together, please do so. It is difficult to reserve this bakery’s egg yolk pastry.

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Xiao Cheng Shi Information

店名: 小丞事麵包烘焙坊
地址: 台南市南區國華街一段106號 (Map)
捷運站: N/A
電話: 無提供電話號碼
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/小丞事-461071893946925/
Store: Xiao Cheng Shi
Address: No. 106, 1st Section, GuanHwa Street, South District, Tainan (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: N/A
Tel: They do not offer telephone number