WINE FOLLY Book Review 》看圖學葡萄酒

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台灣的葡萄酒書籍很多, “WINE FOLLY” 看圖學葡萄酒是其中一本用近期最夯的視覺資訊圖表 (Infographic) 來讓更多初學者理解葡萄酒.
There are many books in Taiwan regarding wines. Wine Folly is one of the popular books that use Infographic for beginners to learn about wines.


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Book Name 書籍名稱: 看圖學葡萄酒 WINE FOLLY
Author 作家: Madeline Puckette & Justin Hammack 著作
ISBN: 978-986-459-052-0
** This book is translated book. It has English version **
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大致上整理出細讀後這本書的的特色和重點 There are a few selling points about this book!

1. Wine Folly 本身是個網站 Wine Folly itself is a website

我還沒買這本書之前就已經知道有這個網站 ( , 資訊原本就是在是有系統地整理, 就如部落格文章有標籤任讀者搜尋, 作者將網站上虛擬化資訊放進書籍裡, 讓我每次要寫酒的時候, 搜尋資訊更完善且快速.
I already knew about the website ( before purchasing the book. The information is already categorized well. The author put virtual datas into the book, which is easier for me to search. Every time, I write about the wine, I could research in short period of time.



2. 採用視覺資訊圖表 Using easy-to-understand Infographic

Infographic 已經流行一陣子, 圖文並茂讓每個初學者不會看書看到睡著 (真的有書像治療睡眠最佳書籍), 圖表的配色也十分愉悅, 一項品種用兩頁大致上解釋常見氣味, 品種產區和產區差異. 雖然字少, 但是最基本的資訊有包括到.
Infographic has been popular in a while. Pictures with words is easier to read and understand. The picture and color are delightful. One type of grape has two pages to explain nose note, grape zone and terroir difference. Even though there is only a few words, but the basic information are all included.


3. 作者將每個國家的產區清楚列出 List out every country’s grape area

大部分的葡萄酒書都只有關於品種的資訊, 較少有條理將每個產區細節列出, 可迅速找出哪些產區有產哪些品種的葡萄, 節省我不少時間.  最讓我驚訝的是法國產區,  “法國波爾多“, “法國布根地“, “法國隆河谷地”各寫兩頁, 文章裡的資訊滿滿.
Most wine books are only include individual grape species, instead of list out every country’s grape zone. I can use this book to search information faster. The most surprising part would be “France”. The authors wrote 2 full pages for each area – Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone Valley.


時間就是金錢, 整體上來說, 這本書讓我省了不少錢.
Time is money. Generally Speaking, this book saves me tons of money for sure!

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