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當歐美地區正在流行喝蘆薈飲料時, 台灣人對蘆薈的印象僅停留在蘆薈面膜. 最近這2~3年, 蘆薈汁才開始在台灣大賣場走紅, 台灣佳和食品也加入蘆薈飲料製造商之一.
When most people in US and Europe start to drink Aloe Vera drinks, people in Taiwan mostly know Aloe Vera as facial masks. Recently, while hyper markets start selling the Aloe Vera drinks, JiaHo Food Co., LTD becomes one of the Aloe Vera drinks manufacturers that based at Taiwan.

Product Name 產品名稱: VERA’S FARM 蘆薈飲料

🗺 Country of Origin 原產地: Taiwan 台灣
Foodelicious 美味程度 : 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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📍 Channel 購買地點: 2017 食品展場 2017 Food Show
** 尚未量產 (Not Yet Sell at any sales channel in Taiwan)
💰  Price: N/A
⚖ Total ml 總容量: 500 ml
🏷 Bottle Bar Code: 4713043120975
製造商: 佳和食品

建議所有的蘆薈汁都是冰鎮完才喝, 除了可降低甜度外, 也可讓飲料中的果肉喝起來像果凍. 在美國時有喝過蘆薈汁, 但是並沒有像佳和食品的蘆薈汁裡有這麼多蘆薈小塊果肉,
It would be better to refrigerate all the Aloe Vera drinks before drinking. Besides lowering the sweetness level, the pulps would taste like soft jelly as well. I had tried Aloe Vera drinks back at US, but it doesn’t have many pulps like JiaHo Food Co., Ltd.

第一口的時候發現跟除了有蜂蜜風味外, 也有蘋果風味, 這是跟其他品牌較不一樣的地方, 整體是非常好喝, 很適合夏天暢飲.
First taste has honey flavor with mild level apple fruity flavor. This is definitely the selling point and different from other Aloe Vera drinks Generally speaking, Vera’s Farm Aloe Vera drink is great for summer!