Taipei Udon Restaurant 》麵匠坐坊是非居酒屋的中山站日本餐廳

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(結束營業 ) 我都稱 麵匠坐坊本店中山站賣日式咖哩烏龍麵的餐廳, 從 麵匠坐坊菜單 來看, 這是一家非居酒屋且適合家庭聚餐的日本料理餐廳.
(Closed Down ) Men Sho Za Bou is a Japanese Udon Restaurant near Zhongshan MRT station. This is a Japanese restaurant that is suitable for family gathering as well.

麵匠坐坊 菜單 在文末》Men Sho Za Bou Menu is at the end of article


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About Men Sho Za Bou Japanese Restaurant MRT and Information

麵匠坐坊離中山捷運站1號出口大約 15 ~ 20分鐘路程, 已經過長安西路, 雖然麵匠坐坊地址在台北市中山區中山北路一段55號, 但實際上大門卻是在巷弄內, 並不是在中山北路上. 初訪與二訪餐廳客人比預期地多, 以附近居民為主, 可輕鬆用餐的日本家庭式餐廳大概是最適合的形容. 之前新聞報導麵匠坐坊的日本師傅是來自大阪, 將大阪烏龍麵美食放進菜單裡.
Men Sho Za Bou restaurant is about 15 ~ 20 minutes walking distance from Zhongshan MRT Exit 1. Even though the restaurant address is located at Zhongshan North Road, but the front door is at the alley. There are more customers than expected at my first and 2nd visit, which mainly are locals. The dining environment is quite comfy for family gathering. The previous news mentioned that the chef is from Osaka, Japan.

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咖哩烏龍麵 (牛肉)

Japanese Curry Udon (Beef)
Price: NTD $240
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

麵匠坐坊菜單很厚, 不僅有烏龍麵, 也有丼飯與天婦羅之類的日本料理. 單點可加價成為套餐, 我是選單點而已, 因為沒有玉子燒.初訪我直接就選牛肉咖哩烏龍麵. 咖哩適量濃郁, 不會過水, 更濃會更好. 之後看網路報導才知道原來是可以與店員說要日本濃郁版本, 而不是台灣版本. 咖哩裡有 “牛肉片” 和洋蔥, 很像壽喜燒與咖哩一起入口, 風味有甜也有辛香. 烏龍麵不錯很Q彈, 份量男生可7分飽, 可能還需要單點其他餐點來填飽肚子. NTD $240 價格我可以接受.
There are lots of dishes at Men Sho Za Bou menu. Not only udons, there are don and tempura dishes as well. You can pay extra to upgrade to set. I ordered Japanese Curry Udon – Beef. The curry broth is thick instead of watery. You can ask for Japanese thicker version curry broth. There are “beef slices” and onion. It tastes like the mix of sukiyaki and curry. The flavor is sweet and also a bit spicy. The udon tastes quite great. However, the quantity is not much as expected. You might need to order other dishes to fulfill the appetite. I can accept the NTD $240 as its price.




Fried Chicken
Price: NTD $130
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

麵匠坐坊炸雞吃起來皮脆不油膩, 肉嫩度高, 日式美乃滋加些七味粉讓這道日式炸雞加分, 只是份量偏少, 導致 NTD $130 價格感覺偏高.
Their fried chicken is crispy but not oily. The meat is tender. The mayo dip sauce pairs great. However, NTD $130 is a bit expensive considering its quantity.



Cold Udon with Tempura
Price: NTD $300
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

麵匠坐坊冷烏龍有兩款 – 有較細的稻庭冷烏龍與一般烏龍麵, 後來發現大家都是點炸櫻花蝦, 我則是點天婦羅. 天婦羅炸得偏細緻, 與 “二月半蕎麥麵”一樣是屬於細緻型, 而不是像 “金子半之助” 偏粗獷類型. 每道食材都不錯吃, 都很酥脆不膩, Q 彈烏龍麵搭配沾醬入口微甜, 可惜份量不多, 男生可能只能六分飽.
Men Sho Za Bou Japanese Restaurant cold udon has two types – thin udon and regular udon. Most people ordered fried sakura shrimp, but I ordered tempura though. The batch is delicate like “Taipei Healthy Soba” instead of “Tendo-JP restaurant”. Every tempura ingredient is tasty and crispy. The dip sauce is sweet as well. However, there isn’t much quantity. Guys would need to order more dishes to fulfill the appetite.

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麵匠坐坊 資訊

Men Sho Za Bou Japanese Restaurant Information

餐廳: 麵匠坐坊
地址: 台北市中山區中山北路一段55號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山捷運站
電話: 02-2536-2611
Restaurant: Men Sho Za Bou Japanese Restaurant
Address: No. 55, 1st Section, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan MRT station
Tel: 02-2536-2611


麵匠坐坊 菜單 》Men Sho Za Bou Menu