Taichung View Restaurant 》關於又見一炊煙的三個重點 ( 內有菜單價格 )

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又見一炊煙 台中景觀餐廳推薦 之一, 也是台中米其林餐盤餐廳, 這次我跟家人們是品嚐 又見一炊煙下午茶, 這篇文章會提到 又見一炊煙訂位, 價格與景觀座位區
Fooding Smoke Restaurant is a Taichung Restaurant with views. It is also awarded as Michelin Plate restaurant. This time, we tried Fooding Smoke Restaurant’s afternoon tea. This article will also mention reservation, traffic and price.


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又見一炊煙 交通 & 訂位

How to get to Fooding Smoke Restaurant and reservation.

又見一炊煙地址是台中市新社區中興嶺街一段107號 , inline 頁面 ( https://reurl.cc/xlo08z ) 有提到可抵達餐廳的各種交通方式 (圖一) , 我個人會建議開車是最方便, 因為郊區的計程車與 uber 都不太好叫. 又見一炊煙訂位是採用 inline ( https://reurl.cc/xlo08z ) , 只能預約午餐與晚餐時段, 下午茶不接受訂位, 只能現場候位, 請注意餐廳不接待12 歲以下的小孩.
Fooding Smoke Restaurant address is No. 107, Sec. 1, Zhongxingling St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan. Their Inline page ( https://reurl.cc/xlo08z ) stated several transportation methods (Pic 1). I personally will suggest to drive car due to the inconvenience of the Taichung Suburban area. It is not easy to get a taxi nor uber around the area. You will need to reserve via inline ( https://reurl.cc/xlo08z ) for Lunch Time and Dinner Time. However, they do not accept reservation during afternoon tea time though. Please note that they do not accept children under 12 years old.


又見一炊煙 座位區

Fooding Smoke Restaurant Seating Area

進入餐廳皆需要拖掉鞋, 旁邊有鞋櫃可以置放鞋子 , 更換拖鞋後即可入場.
Everyone will need to change to slipper to enter. There is a shoe shelf on the side.



Indoor Seating Area

又見一炊煙的一樓與二樓的設計風格皆是日式襌風, 若是多人聚餐 (午餐與晚餐時段) , 我個人會建議選擇窗邊的室內座位.
Both 1F and 2F design is toward Japanese Zen Style. If there are lots of people dining during lunch and dinner time, I would suggest to sit indoor near the window.



Outdoor Seating Area


✅ 池邊四人座位區:
四人座位區是大長桌, 實際上可以坐六位. 當天我們六位就是選擇池邊四人座位區品嚐又見一炊煙的下午茶

✅ 池邊兩人座位
網美拍照景點是兩人的池邊座位, 因為桌子偏小, 我只建議下午茶時段再選擇在這區域用餐.

The ourdoor area has two seating areas::

✅ 4 people seats near the pond
4-people seating area is large long table. It can fit 6 people. We have six people and choose to sit at this seating area to enjoy the afternoon tea time.

✅ 2 people sets near the pond
The seating area is perfect for taking picture. Since the table is a bit small, I would suggest to have afternoon tea time here but have lunch/dinner inside the restaurant.


又見一炊煙 菜單價位

Fooding Smoke Restaurant Menu Price

又見一炊煙是無菜單料理餐廳, 所以網路並沒有餐廳的菜單. 午餐/下午茶/晚餐菜單價位都標註在 inline 頁面 ( https://reurl.cc/xlo08z )

✅ 2023.4 午餐與晚餐價格 (可訂位)
葷食 NTD $1680+10% /人
素食 NTD $1000+10% /人
兒童餐 NTD $800+10% /人
**不接待 12 歲以下的小孩
✅ 2023.4 下午茶價格 (不可訂位, 只能現場候位)
NTD $380/人

Fooding Smoke Restaurant menu is Chef’s Choice (or we called it “omakase”). In other words, there is no menu information on the Internet. The price of Lunch/Dinner/Afternoon Tea price is at their inline page ( https://reurl.cc/xlo08z )

✅ 2023.4 Lunch and Dinner Price (You can reserve )
Regular Menu: NTD $1680+10% /person
Vegetarian Menu: NTD $1000+10% /person
Children Meal: NTD $800+10% /person
**They do not serve children under 12 years old
✅ 2023.4 Afternoon Tea Price (You cannot reserve )
NTD $380/person

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又見一炊煙下午茶 Review

Fooding Smoke Afternoon Tea Review

又見一炊煙下午茶價位是 NTD $380/人 , 這次的下午茶是每人一盤鹹點, 甜點與水果, 再附一杯飲料, 鹹派吃起來熱且酥脆, 麻糬沾芝麻醬慢慢吃頗有日式風情, 咖啡不會苦澀. 如果你喜歡景觀與拍照, 食物通常不是重點, 如果下午時段剛好在台中市新社區, 建議先打電話看有無營業, 可到這裡喝個下午茶.
Fooding Smoke Afternoon Tea price is NTD $380/person. This time, each person has one plate of salty dish, dessert dish, fruit and a drink. The quiche is hot and crispy. The mochi with sesame sauce is toward Japanese style. The coffee is not bitter. If you like views and taking pictures, foods are usually not the main attention. If you are around Xinshe District, Taichung, you can call to check if they are opened. You can enjoy the afternoon tea time here.

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又見一炊煙 餐廳資訊

Fooding Smoke Restaurant Information

店名: 又見一炊煙
地址: 台中市新社區中興嶺街一段107號 (Map)
電話: 04-2582-3568

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/foodingsmoke

Restaurant: Fooding Smoke Restaurant
Address: No. 107, Sec. 1, Zhongxingling St., Xinshe District, Taichung City, Taiwan (Map)
Tel: 04-2582-3568