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台北新開幕咖哩飯餐廳又一家! Noname咖哩專門店是台北大安捷運站附近的餐廳, 除了咖哩飯外, 唐揚炸雞也是招牌料理之一.
Another curry restaurant opens at Taipei City. No Name Curry Restaurant is one of the restaurants near Da’an MRT station. Besides curry rice, their fried chicken is also their signature dish.


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餐廳只有六個高腳椅座位, 面對大安高工. 裝潢簡約讓人誤以為是咖啡店, 進門即可看到廚房, 開水是採用自助式. 因為販售品項不多, 牆上直接標記咖哩飯內用與外帶的價格, 外帶比內用便宜NTD $40, 原因是外帶份量較少, 內用若咖哩不夠可以免費加,但是唐揚炸雞無法外帶.
There are only six high chairs at the restaurant facing the school. Decoration is simply. The customers would serve the water by themselves. The restaurant doesn’t offer many items. The To-Go price is NTD$40 cheaper than dine-in. The reason is that the quantity of to-go is less. However, if dine-in, you can add the curry for free.




English Name: Beef Curry Rice
Price: NTD $150
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Noname 咖哩飯專門店販售的是傾向日式咖哩, 並不是重口味印度咖哩. 價格比其他咖哩飯餐廳低, 飯的份量跟“寅樂屋咖哩”一樣多, 口感較軟, 整體份量男生吃不飽. 牛肉口感算是軟嫩, 半熟蛋並沒有特別醃製過, 綿密蛋黃膏證明並不是預切, 店家自製的福神漬相當脆, 比 “史蒂芬斯咖哩專門店”好吃. 至於淺褐色咖哩部分, 雖然沒有像 “Spoon Taipei”有優格點綴, 但可以在咖哩中也感受到微弱酸度, 雖然菜單寫微辣, 但其實只有香料短暫地刺激味蕾, 原本期待的是像“寅樂屋咖哩”較為強勁.
This restaurant offers Japanese curry, which has light flavor. The price is cheaper than other restaurants. The quantity of soft rice is as much as “Torarakuya Taipei”. The beef is tender as expected. The half-boiled egg’s yolk is creamy and moist. The pickled vegetable is crispy and a bit sweet. It tastes better than “Stephen’s Curry Restaurant”. The light brown curry doesn’t have the yogurt drizzling like “Spoon Taipei”. But there is still hints of acidity in the curry. Even though the menu stated “mild spicy”. But there is only a few spices that stimulate the tastebuds. However, I was expecting the taste is as spicy as “Torarakuya Taipei”.




English Name:Chicken Karaage (Fried Chicken)
Price: NTD $40
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我在台北吃到的唐揚炸雞幾乎都是乾硬柴, 我壓根也沒想到這道配料這麼美味, 無骨雞肉外皮相當酥脆, 咬下去會有ㄎㄠˇ的聲音, 油脂這時才出現, 嫩雞肉相當迷人, 這是一道我如果下次來必點的配料.
The Chicken Karaage that I tasted in Taipei is always dry and hard. Honestly, I never thought this dish would be such a delicious dish. The boneless chicken skin is very crispy with sounds. The meat is tender and delicious. If I come again, I will definitely order this dish again.


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Restaurant Name 店名: NoName咖哩カレーライス專門店 No Name Curry Restaurant
Address: No. 4 , 166th Lane, 3rd Section, Xinyi Road, Taipei 台北市信義路三段 166巷4號 (MAP)
Nearby MRT station: Da’an MRT station 大安捷運站
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