Malpighi Balsamic Vinegar》關於這款不錯吃的義大利巴薩米克陳年醋

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這一款 義大利巴薩米克醋推薦 的全名是 Acetaia Malpighi 金牌15 年義大利巴薩米克陳年醋. 目前在台灣的 IIKI  網站販售.
The full name of this Balsamic Vinegar is “Acetaia Malpighi Gold Of Modena IGP (15 Years) “ . The products are sold at Taiwan IIKI website.

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關於 Malpighi 品牌

About Malpighi Brand

陳年醋與葡萄酒一樣皆有莊園, Malpighi 是義大利知名的巴薩米克陳年醋釀製莊園, 莊園也在 San Giovanni Palio ABTM Competition 獲得最高榮耀- 金湯匙, 官網顯示 Acetaia Malpighi 品牌已出口至 65 個國家. 目前 Acetaia Malpighi 品牌在台灣的 IIKI  網站販售 ( Website: )

Malpighi 品牌的特別之處
✅ 釀醋的桶是採用義大利橡木
✅ 葡萄品種用的是 Trebbiano 與 Lambrusco
✅ 不僅莊園得過獎, 他們的義大利巴薩米克醋也有陸續得獎
✅ 沒有加任何防腐劑/色素/增稠劑
✅ Malpighi 品牌巴薩米克醋以濃稠密度分等級 – 白金 1.36 , 金 1.34 , 銀 1.28 , 銅 1.22 , 換句話說, 密度越高,品質越好.
**如何計算巴薩米克醋密度: 直接舉例說明, 1 公升的完成產品重量如果是 1.1 KG , 密度就是 1.1.

Malpighi brand is a quite famous Italian Balsamic Vinegar brand with its own manor. The manor is rewarded with gold spoon at San Giovanni Palio ABTM Competition. Their website shows that the brand is already exported to 65 countries around the world. Now, Acetaia Malpighi brand Balsamic Vinegar is selling on IIKI  website ( Website: ) .

Malpighi Brand Selling Points
✅ The barrels are made from Italian oaks
✅ The grape types are Trebbiano and Lambrusco
✅ Both Manor and Products have several awards.
✅ The Balsamic Vinegar does not have coloring / preservative / thickening agent
✅ They use density to categorize the Balsamic Sauce – Platinum 1.36 , Gold 1.34 , Silver 1.28 , Bronze 1.22. Greater the density means higher quality.
**How to calculate Balsamic Sauce: For example. If the weight of one Litter of final product is 1.10 KG, its density is 1.10.






關於 IIKI 品牌

About IIKI  Brand

IIKI 品牌 於 2022 年七月正式上線,「IIKI 」是日本人生活哲學「IKIGAI」的衍義 , IIKI 品牌創辦人有提到「 希望大家可以一起思考的, 一起講究,思考生命中應該去蕪存菁的部分,才能有動力享受生活.⠀」. IIKI 網站 ( 按此 ) , 除了Malpighi 義大利巴薩米克醋外, 也有來自歐洲的初榨橄欖油與 丹麥Skandinavisk 品牌香氛, 仔細一看, 還有許多市面少見的品牌 – 例如冰島 Nordur 品牌的海鹽. 比較特別的是, 店家將不同產品組合成禮盒販售. 整體來說, IIKI 是頗具質感的品牌選物網站.
IIKI Select Brand is established on July, 2022. IIKI is Japanese Lifestyle theory – IKIGA. The brand creator stated that 「 We would need to declutter our life in order to enjoy life.⠀」. IIKI website ( click here ) offers not only Balsamic Vinegar , they also offer European Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Denmark Skandinavisk scented products…etc. There are also several rare brands – Iceland Nordur brand sea salt. The most special part would be that they combine different products together as gift package to sell online. Overall , IIKI  is a the Brand Selected online shop.



How to Order at IIKI  (SOP)

IIKI  網站 是

Step 1: 到網頁右上角按人像
Step 2: 可選擇用 Line ,Facebook 或是 Email 註冊
Step 3: 會員註冊成功後, 可直接點選想買的產品
Step 4: 付款與取貨方式皆可看網站敘述
Step 5: 註冊即送 NTD $100 購物金

IIKI website 是

Step 1: Go to the website right hand upper corner to click the profile icon- Membership Section
Step 2: You can register with Line, Facebook or Email
Step 3: When the membership is registered successfully, you can choose the products that you like
Step 4: Payment method and payment are stated at the website
Step 5: After registration, you will receive NTD $100 discount for the first purchase.


2022.10 月網站折扣公告

2022. October Website Discount Announcement

Website Link:



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✅ 10% Off on most products on the website
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IIKI 產品 Review

IIKI Product Review

Malpighi 金牌15 年義大利巴薩米克陳年醋

Acetaia Malpighi Gold Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena IGP
Price: NTD $1680
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍👍

這款義大利巴薩米克陳年醋是 250ml , 採用頗厚的玻璃罐裝, Size 比預期的大瓶. 這次我第一次品嚐15 年等級 , 80 % 熬煮葡萄汁造就完美濃稠度 , 單吃時, 先是感受到圓潤口感 , 味蕾感受到適量甜度, 微酸並不會過於刺激. 淋在生菜沙拉, 搭配 Feta Cheese , 這款巴薩米克陳年醋風味居然沒有被 Feta Cheese 蓋過, 對許多人來說, 陳年醋像是一個點綴, 對我來說, 陳年醋反而是ㄧ項不可少的調味元素. 如果你也是同樣想法, 我個人會推薦這款 Malpighi 金牌15 年義大利巴薩米克陳年醋.
Acetaia Malpighi Gold Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena IGP is in 250ml glass bottle package. Size is bigger than expected. This is my first time trying 15 years aged balsamic vinegar. The texture of the Balsamic Vinegar is dense and also smooth. 80% of cooked grape juice makes the perfect density. The tastebuds can sense the fair amount of sweetness. The acidity is not over stimulate. I pair the vinegar with Feta Cheese in my salad. Surprising, the flavor is not covered by the Feta Cheese. For many people, Balsamic Vinegar is just a disposable dressing. For me, Balsamic vinegar is one of the main ingredients in a recipe. If you have the same thought, I would recommend this Acetaia Malpighi Gold Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena IGP

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生菜沙拉佐 Malpighi 陳年醋

Salad Picture with Acetaia Malpighi Gold Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena IGP (15 Years)


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IIKI Information

品牌名稱: IIKI
地址: 台北市大安區信義路三段147巷5弄5號 (Map )
電話: 02-2325-8598
Brand Name: IIKI
Address: No. 5, 5th Alley, 147th Lane, 3rd Section, Xinyi Road, Daan District, Taipei City (Map)
**Please call to reserve prior visiting
Tel: 02-2325-8598