Lun Lun 1976 》關於 輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅 的五個重點 (內有菜單 )

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輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅信義新光三越 A 11 美食餐廳之一, 以日式大正浪漫風格的復古火車裝潢為主軸, 這次是品嚐 2023 輪輪1976 菜單.
Lun Lun 1976 restaurant is one of the Xinyi SKM Mall A11 restaurants. The design concept is based on Japanese Taisho Roman Style. We tasted 2023 Lun Lun 1976 menu, which are mostly fusion cuisine.

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輪輪1976 – 訂位

Lun Lun 1976 Reservation

2022 新開幕的輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅地址為台北市信義區松壽路11號3樓, 位於信義新光三越 A11 3F, 在 “M One Cafe” 隔壁. 餐廳的大正浪漫色系- 赤煉瓦紅色造就令人印象深刻的餐廳裝潢, 好奇心會讓逛街人群停下腳步看菜單. 輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅餐廳比我預期地大, 何謂「大正時期風格 (Link) 」,建築與時尚風格是日式與西式兼容, 和風 Style 加點洋派, 復古元素包括紅色拼花磁磚與鵝黃色燈光. 輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅 訂位用 inline ( ), 座位區選項有各種類火車包廂與自由座.
2022 newly-opened Lun Lun 1976 restaurant address is at 3F, No. 11, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City. It is right next to “M One Cafe” .People stop and take a look at the menu out of curiosity. Lun Lun 1976 restaurant is larger than expected. The restaurant design is based on “Japanese Taisho Roman Style (Link) ” , which is quite impressive. In short words, it is an era of fusion – When East Meets West. The elements include bold red color tiles and dim yellow light. You will need to reserve via inline ( ). The seating area are categorized with different types of private dining rooms and other seats.

延伸閱讀: M One Cafe A11 》菜單不僅有早午餐也有主餐與甜點



輪輪1976 低消與包廂

Lun Lun 1976 Minimum Charge & Private Dining Room

以日式大正浪漫風格的復古火車裝潢為主軸, 讓客人更有在東方快車的高級包廂用餐的感覺. 低消以官方網站公佈為主
The design concept is based on Train Carriage Design with Japanese Taisho Roman Style. The minimum charge is based on their website announcement.

特等 VIP 包廂

First Class VIP Room

圖一 : 10 ~ 12 人
平日低消: NTD $10,000 +10%
假日低消: NTD $16,000 +10%
用餐時間: 三小時

Pic 1: 10 ~ 12 people
Weekday Minimum Charge: NTD $10,000 + 10%
Weekend Minimum Charge: NTD $16,000 +10%
Limited Dining Time: 3 Hours



Elite Class Dining Room

圖二: 6 ~8 人
平日 NTD $6000 +10%
假日 NTD $8000 +10%
用餐時間: 三小時

Pic 2: 6 ~8 people
Minimum Charge
Weekday Minimum Charge: NTD $6000 +10%
Weekend Minimum Charge: NTD $8000 +10%
Limited Dining Time: 3 Hours



Business Class Dining Room

圖三 3: 4 ~ 6 人 ( 開放式包廂 )
假日與平日低消: NTD $3000 +10%
用餐時間: 105 分鐘

Pic 3: 4 ~ 6 人 ( Without Door )
Weekend & Weekday Minimum Charge: NTD $3000 +10%
Limited Dining Time: 105 minutes



Non-Private Dining Room Seating Area

低消: 每人一杯飲品及一道餐點
用餐時間: 105分鐘

Minimum Charge: One Dish + One Drink per person
Limited Dining Time: 105 minutes


輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅 菜單⭐

Lun Lun 1976 Menu 2023

✅ 官網菜單 Website Menu:


輪輪1976 菜餚價位

Lun Lun 1976 Dish & Price


Stone Pot Rice Served with Soup and King Crab
Price: NTD $780
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

岩燒鱈場蟹石鍋泡飯是 輪輪1976 餐廳的招牌菜餚, 份量適合 3 ~ 4 人, 螃蟹種類會因為季節而改變, 餐廳將日式茶泡飯概念升級 , 將茶升級為用蝦殼熬煮 5 ~ 6 小時的海鮮湯頭. 將濃郁蝦湯汁倒進高溫石鍋飯裡, 滋滋作響, 湯汁結合米飯, 香菇, 水菜與新鮮蟹肉絲入口, 飯口感不會過軟, 讓人驚訝的是泡飯裡有帶殼螃蟹肉 (圖2). 我喜歡濃郁蝦湯的鮮味衝擊, 如果可以接受濃郁海鮮風味, 我會建議 2 ~ 3 人分享這一道岩燒鱈場蟹石鍋泡飯 .
This dish is the signature dish of Lun Lun 1976 restaurant. The quantity is suitable for 3 ~ 4 people. The crab type might be vary due to the seasons. The restaurant upgrades the concept of Japanese Chazuke. The chef upgrades the tea to shrimp stock, which is stewed by shrimp head for 5 ~ 6 hours. The staff pours the shrimp stock into the stone pot along with sizzling sounds. You can also taste the mushroom, mizuna (water greens) , and fresh crab meats. The most surprising part would be that there are crabs meats with shell inside the pot (Pic 2) . The rice texture is not too moist nor soft. I personally prefer this particular thick seafood flavor and aroma. I would suggest 2 ~ 3 people to share this dish if all like the seafood flavor.



Japanese Style Seafood Tartare with Avocado and Crab Roe
Price: NTD $380
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

餐廳很貼心, 先讓我們拍照, 店員再分成四等份. 長型寶盒中間置放海鮮酪梨塔, 鮪魚塔塔 ( Tartare ) 搭配新鮮酪梨的組合曾在西式 “Fogant 法式餐廳”品嚐過, 餐廳自製日式和菓子最中餅皆有均勻分配到海鮮酪梨塔, 味蕾可以感受到酪梨的清爽感, 鮪魚,蟹卵, 魚子醬賦予更多層次的海鮮風味. 日式與西式融合符合餐廳的風格, 適合 3 ~ 4 人點.
The staff is kind letting us to take pictures first. Afterwards, the staff separated into 4 portions evenly. Tuna Tartare pairs with fresh avocado is a classic combination, which I tasted before at “Fogant French Restaurant”. Each restaurant-made Monaka has fair amount of seafood avocado filling. The tastebuds can sense the refreshing taste from the fresh avocado. The tuna, crab roe and caviar offer layers of seafood flavor. West and East fusion fits this restaurant’s concept well. This dish is suitable for 3 ~ 4 people.

延伸閱讀: Fogant 法式餐廳 》內湖美食餐廳



Pork Yakitori with Sisley Style Coffee Seasoning
Price: NTD $200
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這一份菜餚為兩個串燒, 不太像我之前吃過的 “鳥哲” 純日式串燒, 而是類似 “串串 23” Fusion Style. 串燒外型比預期地美, 滋潤油亮, 店員提到這一道是義式與日式的綜合風味,撒上店家特製的「義式西西里咖啡粉」, 咖啡粉並不會蓋住肉香, 來自薄切檸檬片的微酸 中和了 BBQ 醬鹹甜香, 宜蘭三星蔥與豬肉風味互相襯托出最佳效果, 這一道料理適合喜歡創意口味的人, 可以四人分享淺嚐.
This dish has two units of pork yakitori. It is a bit different from the classic Japanese yakitori at “TORI TETSU Restaurant”. It is more toward the Fusion style, for example “ 23 Grill Bistro”. The staff mentioned that this dish is combined with Italian and Japanese cuisine style. The chef puts small amount of restaurant-made Sisley Style Coffee seasoning on the top. The coffee won’t cover the meaty aroma. The hints of acidity from the lemon balanced with the sweet and salty BBQ sauce. The green onion brings out more of the pork meaty flavor. This dish is for people who like creative flavor. This dish can be shared with 4 people.

延伸閱讀: Tianmu Restaurant 》鳥哲有桂丁雞串燒也有限量鳥哲拉麵

延伸閱讀: 串串 23 》菜單推薦點什麼 | 23 Grill Western Izakaya & Taproom



One Bite Size Grilled Beef Sushi
Price: NTD $200
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

客人可以選擇炎上海苔一口壽司的口味, 當天我們吃的是炙燒牛肉熔岩口味. 店員在桌邊現烤海苔, 就跟日料板前看日本師傅烤海苔的感覺一樣. 醋飯是壽司的靈魂, 主廚採用三年成熟的赤醋跟白醋融合台東越光米 , 赤醋的酸味明顯, 通常是搭配油脂飽和的食材 (例如牛肉) ,白醋通常是搭配清淡口味的魚類. 餐廳採用美國牛肉板腱肉, 最特別的是有新鮮鳳梨藏在這一款炙燒牛肉壽司, 呈現多樣化.
You can choose one bite size sushi flavor. We tasted the grilled beef sushi. The staff grills the seaweed on the table side. The sushi rice is the soul of the sushi. The chef uses both 3-years aged vinegar and regular vinegar to mix with the rice. The aged vinegar has more obvious acidity, which usually pairs with beef. The regular vinegar usually pairs with the light food, such as fish. The restaurant uses USA Blade Steak. The most special part would be that there is fresh pineapple in between sushi rice and beef. It shows different characters and flavors.



Fried Spring Roll with Shrimp
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

一盤有三個大和海老炸卷 , 經典春捲皮有著中式風格, 店員會在上方現刨帕瑪森起司, 搭配少許魚子醬, 西式與中式元素都到位. 炸春捲皮口感薄脆不油膩,  飽滿蝦肉內餡有著鮮味 , 可搭配一旁的泰式辣醬與炸芋頭條.
There are three fried springs. The classic fried spring roll has Chinese style.  The staff grates the parmesan cheese on the top. It also has small amount of caviar. This is the classic When East Meets West. The spring roll is not too oily. The shrimp filling has fair amount of seafood flavor. You can also pair with the Thai spicy sauce and fried taro slices.



Snow Crab Tart
Price: NTD $290
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

Size 類似 之前在 “C’elet 115 ” 吃過的 小 Size 法式鹹派, 一口可以吃到松葉蟹肉與濃郁起司塔的經典結合.
The tart size is similar with small size quiche at “C’elet 115”. You can taste the snow crab meat and cheese tart at the same time.

延伸閱讀: C’elet 115 》推薦這家台北東區香檳葡萄酒吧的三個理由


輪輪1976  飲料價位


Peach Green Tea
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

此款無酒精飲料飲料的外型設計概念就與 “海倫咖啡” 冰滴咖啡容器設計相似, 都像隨身酒瓶, 喝完瓶子還可以帶走. 店員特別提到這款茶是桃子與綠茶茶葉炒出來, 喝起來有輕盈蜜桃香, 不會過甜, 可考慮點, 再跟店員要求兩個酒杯, 讓整體用餐氣氛完全升級.
The appearance of this non-alcohol drink design is similar with “Helen’s Coffee” Drip Coffee Bottle design. You can get the whole bottle to-go. The staff especially mentions that this is the fresh peach mixes with the tea leaves. Overall, it tastes refreshing peach flavor. It is not too sweet. You can consider ordering it. Then, you can ask for two wine glasses to upgrade the dining atmosphere.

延伸閱讀: 海倫咖啡 》台北車站週邊咖啡店推薦 | Taipei Main Station Coffee Shop



Price: NTD $680
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅是西門町日料「 大車輪集團 」旗下的新品牌, 這次有喝到大車輪」與日本長野縣「大雪溪酒造」合作推出獨家販售的 330ml 聯名吟釀, 花香, 米香, 微甜三種元素讓初飲者也可以輕鬆品嚐, 我個人還蠻喜歡, 搭配其他菜餚成為日式餐酒館.
This 330ml sake has floral, rice and salt amount of sweetness. This sake is also suitable for people who drinks sake for the first time. I personally like it. While pairing this sake with other dishes, it would feel like Japanese Bistro.

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連結 (Link) :台北餐酒館懶人包 (分區) 》Taipei Bistro Guide (By District)

連結 (Link): 台北五大餐酒館推薦 》Top 5 Taipei Bistro Recommendation

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

娜姐專屬讀者優惠折扣 》Foodelicious Exclusive Discount



Price: NTD $380
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

這一款調酒是餐廳最受歡迎的調酒, 掀開金邊玻璃盒時有如幻境, 調酒基底是伏特加, 調入金萱, 桂花茶與自製紅茶糖漿, 較貼心是 Bartender 用的是酒吧專用冰塊, 不會快速融化. 這是不錯喝的調酒也很好拍照, 而且酒精度不高.
This cocktail is a popular cocktail at Lun Lun 1976 restaurant. The base is vodka. There are Jin Xian Oolong Tea, Osmanthus Tea, and black tea sugar syrup. The Bartender also uses same type of ice cube that are used in Bars. It tastes quite good and picture friendly. The ABV is not too high, which is suitable for light drinker.


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輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅 資訊

Lun Lun 1976 Restaurant Information

餐廳: 輪輪1976 和食茶酒駅
地址: 台北市信義區松壽路11號3樓 (Map)
捷運站: 市政府站 / 台北 101 捷運站
電話: 02-8789-1976


Restaurant Name: Lun Lun 1976 Restaurant
Address: XINYI SKM A11 MALL 3F (Map)
MRT station: City Hall / Taipei 101
Tel: 02-8789-1976