Leone Restaurant & Bar 》林森北路巷弄裡的 2020 新開幕台北餐酒館

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台北林森北路巷弄內有一間室外裝潢頗具藍白色地中海風格的餐廳, 新開幕的 Leone Restaurant & Bar 菜單 除了有非炸物主餐外, 也有創意調酒.
There is a 2020 newly-opened restaurant called Leone Restaurant & Bar with Santorini design style. Besides main courses, they also offer creative cocktails.

Leone 菜單在文末 》Leone Restaurant & Bar Menu is at the end of article

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關於 Leone 餐廳資訊

About Leone Restaurant & Bar Information

Leone 餐酒館位於中山站與雙連站中間, 離雙連站1號出口大約15 分鐘步行距離, 位於華泰瑞舍飯店後方. 轉進林森北路353巷後, 經過 “隱鍋”後右轉即可看到有愛琴海風格裝潢的餐廳, 餐廳內就如入夜般的希臘聖托里尼街頭昏暗, 中間有大沙發ㄇ字型座位, 大約可坐 10 ~ 12 人並無低消. 另一側則是有像 “裸餐酒 Naked Bistro “的時尚裝潢與座椅, 隱密的包廂 大約可坐 8 人, 低消$5000. 文末影片有更多細節. 酒吧的酒款與酒杯收藏豐富. 若想訂位, 可網路預訂( https://reurl.cc/N6xaMn ) 或是打電話訂位 (02-2581-3109) 皆可.
Leone Bistro is located in between Zhongshan MRT station and Shuanglian MRT station. It is about 15 minutes walking distance from No. 1 exit of Shuanglian MRT station. The nearby restaurant is “Yin Hot Pot Restaurant”. Leone Restaurant’s outdoor design is Santorini Greek Style. The restaurant indoor is like Greece streets with dim yellow light. Honestly, it is a bit darker than expected. There are two sofa sections , which can fit 10 ~ 12 people. They also have stylish tables and chairs on the side, similar with “Naked Bistro”. There is also a private dining room that is suitable for 8 people for minimum charge NTD $5000. There are more details in the video at the end of article. The bar has lots of collections of alcohols and glasses. If you would like to make reservation, you can go online ( https://reurl.cc/N6xaMn ) or call (02-2581-3109) to reserve.

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菜餚 Dish


Non-Alcohol Welcome Drink
Price: Free
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Leone Restaurant & Bar 無酒精迎賓飲品大概一個月換一次. 玫瑰金燭台樣式非常精緻, 這次飲品是桂花烏梅愛玉, 一人一杯, 微量花香偏甜, 與適量酸烏梅風味很搭配.
The welcome drink might change monthly. The golden pink color candle light cup holder is quite impressive. Today’s welcome drink is Plum Juice with Aiyu and Osmanthus. Slight floral aroma with fair amount of sweetness pairs well with plum flavor.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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Caramelized Duck Breast With Scallion Sauce Rice
Price: NTD $420
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Leone 餐廳有提供晚餐正餐, 這道名稱像極台式菜餚, 實際上則是以西式烹調手法. 先吃一片鴨胸肉吃, 主廚將櫻桃鴨舒肥後煎烤, 逼出油脂讓原本乾澀的鴨肉增加嫩度, 主廚將巴薩米克醋淋在鴨肉上, 與 “Luigi 路易奇洗衣公司”方式相似, 因此鴨肉有著鹹甜的風味, 我個人是偏好不事先淋好酒醋, 但是我朋友反倒喜歡這種方式. 主廚也提到燉飯是採用義大利米而非台灣米, 搭配店家自製白醬, 再以生蛋黃揉合松露醬作為點綴, 整體吃起來米心偏軟且綿密, 蔥油與鴨香飯風格被生蛋黃與松露醬喧賓奪主, 反倒主題偏向西式. 其實這道菜餚是夠兩個女生吃, 如果想在喝調酒前墊肚子, 而且不想點炸物, 兩人可點這一道來分享.
Leone Restaurant & Bar offers main courses as well. Their menu style is with Taiwanese dish inspiration but with Western Cuisine cooking technique and style. This dish is categorized under risotto. After the chef sous vide the ducks, he pan-fried and grilled a bit. The fats would make the duck meat more moist and tender. The balsamic sauce are spreaded on the duck, similar with “Luigi Bistro” style. My friend like this style, however, I am not a fan of meat with sauce prior eating. The chef also mentions that he uses Italian rice for the risotto. The risotto overall is a bit soft with fair amount of creamy sauce. Sadly, the truffle sauce and raw egg covered the scallion flavor though. The overall dish is more toward western cuisine instead of remixed Chinese and Western cuisine. The quantity is larger than expected. If you don’t want to order fried-item, you can order this dish to fulfill two girls’ small appetites before drinking cocktails.

延伸閱讀: Luigi 路易奇洗衣公司 》菜單價位適合每道料理都想嚐一口的人



White Sugar Kueh With Marinara
Price: NTD $260
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

Leone Restaurant & Bar 餐點皆具有台式元素或是台灣各地飲食主題. 這ㄧ道料理有三個白糖粿. 我承認我沒吃過台南白糖粿, 這次難得在Leone Restaurant & Bar 的創意手工白糖粿. 咬下一口白糖粿, 類似炸湯圓微Q軟糯的口感討喜, 豬肉筍乾丁的內餡靈感很明顯來自彰化肉圓, 有適量肉香與黑蒜醬風味, 倒是無纖維感的酥脆筍乾存在感比較明顯. 白糖粿表層的橘紅色醬吃起來有點像蚵仔煎的醬偏甜, 鹹甜並存就是多數台灣人最喜歡的風格.
Leone Restaurant main courses has Taiwanese theme or characters. There are three small White Sugar Kuehs on the plate. Honestly, I am surprised to see this dish on the menu since I never tried the traditional White Sugar Kueh before. It tastes just like fried sticky rice balls. The pork and bamboo filling inspiration is from another traditional Taiwan snack – Ba Wan . The filling has small amount of meaty and garlic flavor. The orange-red sauce tastes a bit sweet, just like oyster pancake sauce. I believe that most Taiwanese would like to the combination of salty and sweet flavor.



Rice Noodles with Squid and Coffin Board
Price: NTD $460
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這道歐式小卷米粉棺材板適合多人用餐, 外型就如基隆廟口的營養三明治,長條型軟法裡夾著小捲與白醬, 再以炸米粉作為點綴. 店員會先將一整條未切做好的菜餚端上桌, 會再詢問是不是要客人自己切還是店員在桌邊切, 其實我個人覺得事先問要切幾份在廚房切好再上桌會比較好, 畢竟桌上空間有限. 這道我喜歡吃小卷, 脆口感搭配歐式香料不錯, 我跟朋友幾乎是把小卷吃完剩下軟法麵包與炸米粉.
This dish is suitable for many people to share. The appearance looks like another Taiwanese snack from Keelung. The soft French baguette is filled with squid and creamy sauce. The fried rice vermicelli is considered as decoration and food as well. After serving, the staff would ask you if you like the bread to be cut by yourself or slice at the table side. However, I would prefer at the kitchensince there is limited table space. I like the squids that pair with the European spices (Thyme & Parsley). My friend and I basically ate all the squids and left the bread and fried rice vermicelli.



Chicken and Bacon Rolls with Lobster Sauce
Price: NTD $360
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

一盤是四個雞排卷, 這一道皆會附上羊乳酪或是起司醬. 主廚解釋這是以士林大size炸雞作為發想, 將火腿與龍蝦醬捲進台式炸雞胸肉. 先咬一口尚未沾羊乳酪醬的酥脆炸雞卷, 雞胸肉頗厚實,龍蝦奶油醬的風味明顯, 朋友告訴我多數台灣人會比較傾向雞胸肉加醬避免過乾. 只是我沒吃到明顯的經典拔絲濃甜味.
This dish has 4 chicken rolls with goat cheese sauce or regular cheese sauce. The chef mentioned that the inspiration is from Taiwanese Shilin large size fried chicken fillet. The chicken breast rolls filling include ham and lobster sauce. The chicken breast meat is dense with the creamy flavor from the sauce. Friends told me that most Taiwanese would prefer chicken breast meat with sauce to avoid dry texture. I personally would prefer raw ham without any sauce. However, I didn’t taste the classic sweet flavor as the Chinese Dish name stated.


調酒 Cocktail


Price: NTD $380
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這裡的酒單裡除了調酒外, 有紅白酒也有威士忌. 新酒單設計是以搭船參加希臘跳島旅遊的概念. 卡馬利海灘位於聖托里尼小島, 因此調酒 layout 設計則是海灘主題, 貝殼裡是以西班牙紅酒為基底的調酒, 加入玫瑰糖漿, 最特別的是有類似奶蓋的茉莉花茶泡沫, 再撒上少許乾燥玫瑰花瓣碎末. 剛開始喝會是玫瑰花香為主, 也許是因為甜度偏高, 紅酒風味比較不明顯, 基本上這款調酒很適合喜歡擺盤精美創意調酒的人
Leone Restaurant & Bar alcohol menu also includes white wine, red wine & other alcohols. The new menu theme is based on Island Hop Travel. Kamari Beach is located at Santorini. The cocktail layout is like a beach with shells. The cocktail base is Spanish Red Wine with rose syrup ,jasmine cream, and dried rose petals. At the beginning, the rose floral flavor dominates the overall taste. The sweet level is quite high. The red wine flavor is not too obvious. Generally speaking, this cocktail is suitable for people who like IG-friendly cocktail image and creative cocktails.

警語: 禁止酒駕, 未滿十八歲, 禁止飲酒, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. People under 18 years old are prohibited to drink alcohols. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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Price: NTD $380
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

瑪諾拉斯位於愛琴海裡的錫拉夏島 (Therasia), 位於聖托里尼小島對面. 這款瑪諾拉斯基底為威士忌, 香艾酒與苦精, 再用煙燻槍不僅增加視覺感, 也與威士忌風味很搭. 店員將做好的調酒端至桌上. 在喝這一杯調酒時, 威士忌並不會過於濃烈, 除了香醇外, 也有類似海洋的鹹味, 整體頗具特色, 這份調酒份量其實可倒兩杯, 可讓兩人分享.
Manolas is located at Therasia island, which is right across the Santorini. This cocktail base is whisky with vermouth and bitter spirit. Then, the bartender uses the smoked gun to collaborate with the whisky. The customer can pour into the glass by themselves. The overall has umami flavor. The quantity is enough for 2 glasses. You can share with your friend. You would like this cocktail if you like whisky.

警語: 禁止酒駕, 未滿十八歲, 禁止飲酒, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. People under 18 years old are prohibited to drink alcohols. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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