Heritage Bakery & Cafe 》Bellavita 咖啡店有賣肉桂捲與甜點

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2022 新開幕的 Heritage Bakery & Cafe 信義分店 位於 Bellavita 百貨 B1 , Heritage肉桂卷台北肉桂卷推薦之一 .
Heritage Bakery & Cafe Xinyi Branch is newly opened at Bellavita B1. Heritage cinnamon roll is one of the Taipei Cinnamon Roll recommendation.


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Heritage Bakery & Cafe 訂位

Heritage Bakery & Cafe Reservation

Heritage Bakery & Cafe 有兩家店, 一家在中正區, 另一家新開幕的信義分店在 Bellavita B1. 位置就在星巴克的正對面. 座位區沒有預期地大 , 我跟朋友是坐在高腳椅長桌區, 頗舒適. 這裡的假日限時是 90 分鐘, 目前無法訂位, 只能 Walk-In.
Heritage Bakery & Cafe has two stores – One is at Zhongzheng District, and the other new store is at Bellavita B1. The location is right across Starbucks. The seating area is not as large as expected. My friend and I are seated at the high chair seating area, which is quite comfortable. Heritage limited dining time is 90 minutes. Now, you cannot reserve seats. You can only Walk-In.

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Heritage Bakery & Cafe 低消

Heritage Bakery & Cafe Minimum Charge

Bellavita 百貨B1的 Heritage Bakery & Cafe 低消是一杯飲料. 通常客人都是點一個肉桂捲或甜點與一杯飲料.
Heritage Bakery & Cafe minimum charge is one drink. Usually, customers order one drink and one cinnamon roll/dessert.

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Heritage Bakery & Cafe 菜單⭐

Heritage Bakery & Cafe Menu

備註: 核桃肉桂捲價格與甜點價格都在櫃檯, 不在紙本 Menu
Remark: Cinnamon Roll with Walnut price and dessert price are at the display counter instead of menu.



Cinnamon Roll with Walnut
Price: NTD $100
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

Hertiage 信義分店菜單有些不同, 有販售爲信義區上班族設計的輕食. Heritage 的方型核桃肉桂捲與 “Twin Brothers Coffee” 圓型核桃肉桂捲有點相似, 皆是濕潤型美式肉桂捲, 肉桂風味香在剛開始第一二口可以感受到, 吃起來並不會過於甜膩, 可惜口感並沒有預期地脆, 可能我在 Twin Brothers Coffee 吃到的是剛出爐. 整體 Heritage 肉桂捲 吃起來比 “ Miss V Bakery” 的核桃肉桂捲好吃.
Heritage Bakery & Cafe Xinyi store menu is a bit different. They design the light food for workers at Xinyi district. Heritage square shape cinnamon roll with is a bit similar with the round shape cinnamon roll at “Twin Brothers Coffee “, which are moist type of cinnamon roll. You can sense the cinnamon flavor at the first and second bite. It is not too sweet. The texture is not as crispy as expected. Overall, Heritage cinnamon roll tastes better than “Miss V Bakery “.

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Oat Milk Latte
Price: NTD $150 + NTD $20 = NTD $170
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

我依舊喜歡 “The Normal Coffee “ 的燕麥奶拿鐵
I still prefer “The Normal Coffee” Oat Milk with Latte.

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Oolong Tea with Guava
Price: NTD $140
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我不確定這款茶是不是季節性產品, 我朋友點這款茶, 我品飲了 2 ~ 3 口, 我個人蠻喜歡, 如果不介意肉桂捲搭配茶, 我會推薦這款茶.
I am not sure if this tea is seasonal. My friend ordered this tea. I personally like this Oolong Tea with Guava. If you don’t mind pairing cinnamon roll with tea, I would suggest this drink.


Heritage Bakery & Cafe 資訊

Heritage Bakery & Cafe Information

店名: Heritage Bakery & Cafe
地址: Bellavita B1 (Map)
捷運站: 市政府捷運站
電話: N/A
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heritagetaipei/
Restaurant: Heritage Bakery & Cafe
Address: Bellavita B1 (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: City Hall MRT station.
Tel: N/A