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台北南港漢來大飯店2023 新開幕的台北連鎖飯店住宿之一 . 這篇文章會著重在台北漢來大飯店豪華客房的評價, 也包括早餐與其他介紹.
GRAND HILAI TAIPEI is a 2023 newly-opened Taipei Hotel chain at Nangang District. This article will focus on Deluxe Room review, breakfast, and other introductions.


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GRAND HILAI TAIPEI  Metro Station and Address

2023 年新開幕的 台北漢來大飯店地址為台北市南港區經貿一路168號. 飯店附近大樓有 TFC 南港經貿大樓與南港軟體園區. 目前附近正在蓋 南港 LaLaport, 未來會很熱鬧.  我入住那一天晚上外出, 飯店服務人員很有禮貌地詢問 ”需要協助或是幫忙叫計程車嗎? “ .

✅ 走路: 離南港展覽館捷運站四號出口約 10 分鐘路程.
✅ 計程車: 若是行李箱偏多, 建議到三號出口搭計程車.
✅ 開車: 有專屬停車場
✅ GRAND HILAI TAIPEI Website  ( Chinese & English)

GRAND HILAI TAIPEI is located at No. 168, Jingmao 1st Road, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan. The hotel is situated near TFC Nangang Economic and Trade Building and Nangang Software Park. Currently, Mitsui Shopping Park (LaLaport Nangang ) is also under construction in the vicinity. All hotel staffs are very polite. When I walk out the hotel, they will politely asked if I need any assistance or taxi.

✅ On foot: Approximately 10 minutes walk from Exit 4 of Nangang Exhibition Center Metro Station.
✅ Taxi: If you have lots of luggages, it is recommended to take a taxi from Exit 3.
✅ By car: The hotel has parking lots.
✅ GRAND HILAI TAIPEI Website (Chinese & English):




Nearby Restaurant

目前飯店附近的走路5 分鐘能到的美食不多, 也沒有 24 小時便利商店.
Currently, there are not many dining options within 5 minutes walking distance of the hotel. There are no 24-hour convenience stores nearby.

延伸閱讀: 南港展覽館捷運站美食列表 》Restaurants near Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Metro Station



台北漢來大飯店 – 飯店美食



The Orient Restaurant

我只去過東方樓. 東方樓餐廳位於台北南港漢來大飯店的 3 樓.
The Orient Restaurant, which is the only restaurant that I tasted,  is located at the 3F of GRAND HILAI TAIPEI.

延伸閱讀: The Orient Restaurant Taipei 》在台北南港漢來東方樓菜單點哪些菜餚


台北漢來大飯店 – 房型價格


可以直接到台北漢來大飯店網站查詢價格, 網站有中文,日文與英文. 這次我入住的房型是「 台北漢來大飯店 – 豪華客房⠀」, 入住日期是 11/15/2023, 兩天一夜. 目前是新開幕, 有非常多優惠專案可以選擇.
You can directly check the prices on the Grand Hilai Taipei hotel website, which is available in Chinese, Japanese, and English. The room type I stayed in this time was the “Grand Hilai Taipei – Deluxe King Room,” with a check-in date of 11/15/2023, for a two-day, one-night stay. Since it is a new opening, there are many promotional offers to choose from.

✅ 訂房網站連結 (中文):
✅ Hotel Room Booking Link (English):





台北漢來大飯店 – 樓層介紹

GRAND HILAI TAIPEI – Floor Introduction

1F Check-in Counter


1F Lobby Lounge

咖啡價格跟台北飯店咖啡的價格差不多, 價格通常都是 NTD $200 以上.
The coffee price is NTD $200 and above, which is the same as other hotel coffee shop.




5F  Infinity Swimming Pool

無邊際游泳池跟預期地差不多大. 這裡不僅有躺平休息區, 也有沙發休息區. 旁邊有置放毛巾區. 有救生員. 雖然離其他大樓有點近, 我覺得無妨, 享受游泳比較重要.
The infinity pool is about as large as expected. There are not only areas for lying down and resting but also sofa areas. Towels are conveniently provided nearby, and there is a lifeguard available. Although it’s a bit closed to other buildings, it shouldn’t be much of an issue when you’re enjoying your time swimming.



5F  Outdoor Auditorium

這一間透明戶外禮堂是台北南港漢來大飯店最美的拍照景點. 從飯店一樓就可以看到 5F 禮堂.
This outdoor transparent auditorium is the most popular spot to take pictures in Grand Hilai Hotel Taipei. You can catch a glimpse of it from the hotel’s first floor.



5F  Sauna & SPA

房客皆可用免費使用三溫暖, SPA 則是需要預約與付費
Hotel guests can freely use the sauna. But for the SPA, reservations are required, and there will be additional charges.


5F  Gym

健身設備理所是全新, 也有專業的健身房人員.
The equipments is brand new. And there will be professional gym staff on site.



25F 貴賓軒 Executive Lounge

唯獨 24 ~ 26 樓的行政樓層賓客在入住期間可以用貴賓軒. 貴賓軒有不錯的風景, 也有商業會議室. 目前整天有生啤酒, 氣泡水與咖啡茶飲, 不用到 1 F 消費. 未來的傍晚 Happy Hour 會有酒水推車, 不僅有紅白酒與氣泡酒暢飲, 也會有調酒. Happy Hour 時間與細節皆等官方公告
Only Hotel guests on the Executive Floors (24th ~ 26th) can access the Executive Lounge during their stay. The Lounge offers a great view and includes a large business meeting room. Currently, there are draft beer, sparkling water, and coffee and tea beverages available throughout the day, without the need to go to the 1st floor for consumption. In the future, during the late afternoon Happy Hour, there will be a drinks cart with a variety of red and white wines, sparkling wine, and cocktails. The specific details and timings for Happy Hour will be announced by the Hotel.

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台北漢來大飯店 豪華客房 Review ⭐

GRAND HILAI TAIPEI  – Deluxe King Room

我住的是 20 樓 , 房號是 2007. 我個人比較喜歡隱私. 看到的戶外風景並不是經貿大樓, 而是一片綠色山坡風景, 公路. 往下看還可以看到捷運總站.
I stayed on the 20th floor, room number 2007. Personally, I prefer privacy. The outdoor view from my room is not a building, but rather a scenic landscape of green hills, a highway. You can also see the Metro Station at the 1st Floor.



Welcome The Guest

✅ 一進房門, 迎賓音樂響起, 電視螢幕也會出現客人名字.
✅ 2023.11 月客房迎賓小點是日本人氣生吐司品牌 “嵜本SAKImoto bakery ” 的「香草奶油磅蛋糕」

Selling points:
✅ Upon entering the room, there is a welcome music playing, and the TV screen displays the guest’s name.
✅ In November 2023, the welcome treat in the guest room is the “Vanilla Butter Pound Cake” from the popular Japanese toast brand “SAKImoto bakery.”




✅ 房間為 13 坪 ( 42.98 Square Feet ) , 空間大與舒適
✅ 衣櫥裡有雨傘, 南港汐止常下雨.
✅ 拖鞋非常舒服
✅ Nespresso Vertuo膠囊咖啡機為新型.
✅ 辦公室桌的抽屜裡有文具, 釘書機 …etc.
✅ 有免費零食是優點
✅ 有開瓶器, 酒杯, 也有冰桶

✅ 其中一個衣櫃不太適合放長型外套或長禮服. 有另一個衣櫃可以放長型衣服, 只是會跟燙衣板與雨傘放一起
✅ 冰箱有許多飲料, 只是都需要付費. 雖然有免費的水, 但是因為附近沒有便利商店, 我希望冰箱有多一些免費飲料選擇.
✅ 11 am 就需要 check-out. 比其他飯店更早時間 check-out.

Selling Points:
✅ The room is 13 square meters (42.98 square feet), providing ample and comfortable space.
✅ There is an umbrella in the closet, which isa thoughtful touch for the frequent rain in Nangang and Xizhi.
✅ The slipper is very comfortable.
✅ The Nespresso Vertuo capsule coffee machine is the latest model.
✅ The drawer in the office desk contains stationery, a stapler.. etc.
✅ Complimentary snacks are available since there is no 24-hour convenience store nearby.
✅ There is a corkage opener, wine glasses, and an ice bucket provided.

✅ One of the wardrobes is not very suitable for long coats or dresses. There is another wardrobe that can accommodate long coats and dresses, but it shares space with an ironing board and an umbrella.
✅ The refrigerator contains various beverages, but all are chargeable. While there is complimentary water, having more options for free beverages would be appreciated, given the absence of convenience stores nearby.
✅ The check-out time is at 11 am, which is earlier compared to other hotels



電子設備 / 窗簾

Electronics / Curtain

✅ 落地窗讓景色更美. 房間窗簾有 “遮光簾” (Blackout Curtain ) 與 “紗簾“ (Roller Curtain ). 只需要按鍵, 窗簾就會自動升降
✅ 浴室也有自動升降的窗簾.
✅ 床頭櫃有中英日智能語音管家 Aiello 小美犀整合環控系統. 許多五星級飯店都有用Aiello小美犀. 要講 “Hello AI “ (請想像 Alexa操作方式)
✅ 有夜燈開關鍵在床頭櫃. 燈源是靠近冰箱的離地燈光, 並不會過亮, 很貼心.

Selling Points:
✅ Floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the view. The room curtains include blackout curtains and roller curtains. With just a press of a button, the curtains automatically ascend or descend.
✅ The bathroom also has curtains.
✅ There is an AI butler, Aiello Xiaomeixi, integrated into the room’s central control system, accessible through voice commands in Chinese, English, and Japanese. You would need to say “Hello AI” (Please imagine talking with Alexa )
✅ Nightlight switch is located on the bedside table. The light source is near the refrigerator above the floor, providing gentle illumination without being too bright.


✅ 床墊品牌是席夢思頂級床墊 . 床墊睡起來軟硬適中.
✅ 床底有鋪地毯. 起床後 , 腳不會踏到冷硬的地板, 而是微暖的地毯.
✅ 一張 King Size 大床墊, 而不是兩張小床墊湊在一起

Selling Points:
✅ The mattress brand is a top-tier Simmons mattress. The mattress provides a balanced level of firmness and softness.
✅ The floor is carpeted underneath the bed. Getting out of bed, your feet won’t touch a cold, hard floor but a slightly warm carpet.
✅ The room features a King Size mattress, not two smaller mattresses pushed together.





✅ 浴缸乾淨, 而且似乎有選比較長型, 身高較高的人也可以 enjoy.
✅ 浴缸裡有安全把手, 有支撐點.
✅ 飯店有提供防滑墊, 比較可以不用擔心踏出浴缸滑倒.
✅ 浴室裡有兩個隔間. 一個是淋浴間, 水壓夠且保持熱水溫度. 另一個是廁所. 馬桶水壓夠.

✅ 雖然有防滑墊, 踏出浴缸時, 我習慣牆壁有安全把手之類. 可惜沒有

Selling Points
✅ The bathtub is clean. It seems to be designed for taller individuals, allowing them to fully enjoy it.
✅ There is a safety handle inside the bathtub, providing support.
✅ The hotel provides anti-slip mats, reducing the risk of slipping when stepping out of the bathtub.
✅ The bathroom has two compartments. One is the shower area with sufficient water pressure and consistent hot water temperature. The other is the toilet area, and the toilet has good water pressure.

✅ While there are anti-slip mats, I am accustomed to having safety handles on the wall when stepping out of the bathtub. However, the wall doesnt have the handle.



Bathroom Amenities

✅ 有法國 DAMANA 品牌的 洗髮露, 潤髮乳 ,沐浴露.
✅ 許多人沒注意到擺設方式有考量到客人都是先洗頭, 再洗身體, 所以從左到右的擺設方式是 洗髮露 -> 潤髮乳 -> 沐浴露
✅ 非常多樣化的備品, 有潤膚乳與刮鬍刀

Selling Points:
✅ There is French DAMANA brand shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.
✅ The arrangement of the amenities is considerate, with shampoo on the left, conditioner in the middle, and shower gel on the right, catering to the typical order of use.
✅ A diverse range of amenities is provided, including body lotion and razors.


台北漢來大飯店 早餐 Review


飯店 2 樓的 島語自助餐 是吃早餐 Buffet 的地方, 有非常多樣化的早餐選擇. 整體不錯吃也吃得滿足. 我個人最喜歡 鵝肉麵, 牛肉湯, 稀飯與飯團. 我個人想建議廚師們拿小平底鍋而不是直接在鐵板燒製作 Omelete. Omelete 比較能夠定型, 內餡也可以比較飽滿. 咖啡機與果汁是放在不同的地方, 會比較難尋找. 現場店員多, 直接詢問比較快.
The Island Buffet on the Hotel 2nd floor is the place for breakfast buffet, offering a wide variety of breakfast options. Overall, it’s delicious and satisfying. Personally, I like the goose noodle soup, beef soup, congee, and rice rolls. However, I would suggest chefs use small frying pans instead of making omelets directly on the griddle. Using a frying pan tends to give the omelet a better shape, and the filling can be more substantial. The coffee machine and juice are placed in different locations, which can make it a bit challenging to find. There are many on-site staff members, and asking them directly is quicker.

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♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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台北漢來大飯店 資訊


飯店名稱: 台北漢來大飯店
地址: 台北市南港區經貿一路168號 (Map)
捷運站: 南港展覽館捷運站
Tel:02-2788 – 6868

GRAND HILAI TAIPEI Website  ( Chinese & English)

Address: No. 168, Jingmao 1st Road, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station
Tel:02-2788 – 6868