2017年前五名最具潛力的台北餐廳 》Five Potential Rising Stars Taipei Restaurants At The Year of 2017

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2017年即將結束, 不免俗也要來一個年度Review, 因此我製作了 “2017年前五名最具潛力的台北餐廳”的名單, 至 2017年12月1日止, 我總共Review 43 家新餐廳, 從中選出我心目中前五名最具潛力的餐廳.
The year of 2017 is almost over. It would be reasonable to edit a yearly review – “ Five Potential Rising Stars Taipei Restaurant at the Year of 2017”. I selected only 5 restaurants out of 43 new restaurants that I reviewed.


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Top 5 紅點熟成肉餐廳 Osteria Rossa

最大特色是華麗乾式熟成展示櫃 , 菜單上不僅有熟成牛排, 也有熟成豬肉和熟成牛舌, 台灣市場目前尚未有人嘗試過一系列的熟成肉品, 讓人忍不住想要繼續看下去未來的走向. 我當時品嚐 “乾式熟成紐約客牛排午間套餐”,熟成過程讓經典紐約客牛排轉化成口感較嫩但又不失嚼勁, 沾少許研磨海鹽跟玫瑰鹽後, 帶出更多濃郁的牛肉風味.
Unlike other bistros, their dry aged showcase displays in front of customers.They seemed to plan to offer series of dry aged food ingredients- steak, ox-tongue, pork, lamb..etc. I tasted their “Dry Aged Beef Striploin Grill Lunch Menu”. Dry Aged process makes the meat texture more tender. With the ground sea salt, it brings out more meaty aroma. Each bite satisfies the craving desire for steak

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Top 4 La Mole Taipei

當 La Mole Taipei 獲得 “義大利紅蝦評鑑美食指南”一蝦時, 很多台北人其實不知道這家店. 年輕義大利主廚的強項是海鮮料理, 往往都不在固定菜單裡,我當時是品嚐 “炸軟殼蟹佐巴西里醬“, 蟹肉與蟹殼並不會因為醬汁而變濕軟, 若想包場, 可與主廚討論客製菜單.
Most people do not know about La Mole Taipei even they get the “Gambero Rosso International – Taipei” first shrimp. Young Italian executive chefs specializes in various seafood. I tasted their “Fried Soft Shell Crabs with Parsley Sauce”. The meat and the shell didn’t get soft because of the sauce.

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延伸閱讀: 2018 紅蝦評鑑 – 台北 》Gambero Rosso International – Taipei


Top 3 門前隱味牛肉麵 Hidden Beef Noodle

雖然訂位跟RAW一樣困難, 地理位置很複雜,不可否認是絕對值得等待, 最特別的是牛肉麵的湯頭, 而是採用蕃茄, 牛骨, 雞骨, 豬骨一起燉煮兩天, 也許這就是為何湯裡的紅白蘿蔔有讓人驚豔的彈性.
It is difficult to reserve seats, almost like RAW restaurant. The location is also complicated. However, without doubts, it is definitely worth waiting. The most delicious part would be the soup base. Their secret weapon is that they spend 2 days to stew cow, chicken and pig bones along with tomato. Their daikon and carrot are both delicious with interesting texture.

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Top 2 El Marqués Tapas Bar

年輕西班牙籍主廚平常有開課教如何做西班牙料理, 餐點不僅傳統且平價, 甚至也有多款琴酒調酒. 我最愛他們的“烤蘑菇佐Aioli醬”, 四顆大小相似的蘑菇外表烤得恰到好處, 軟嫩且依舊多汁, 濃郁的Aioli醬不會覆蓋住菌菇風味, 整體來說是一道非常出色的Tapas. 至於他們招牌的烤乳豬和海鮮燉飯都需事先預約.
Young Spanish chef also open classes to teach how to make Spanish cuisine. Their cuisine are traditional and also price-friendly. Even better, they have various gin tonic cocktails. I like their “Roasted Mushroom with Aioli Sauce”. Four identical mushrooms are roasted perfectly with tender and juicy texture. General speaking, this is an outstanding tapas. Their signature dish roasted pig and paella will need to be reserved in advance.

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Top 1 大稻埕魯肉飯 Dadaocheng Braised Pork On Rice

雖然這家餐廳是受邀, 但是令人驚豔的程度破表, 我最推薦他們的豬腳和魯肉飯,豬腳用老滷汁滷經常見到, 但是用低溫烹調方式24小時卻是頭一次, 原本以為肉跟骨頭會難分難捨, 但我居然直接用筷子就可以輕鬆地分割豬肉與骨頭, 豬肉呈顯粉紅色.我 個人認為吃魯肉飯就是要吃肥肉, “大稻埕魯肉飯”九成都是帶有豐富油脂的肥肉, 3~4小時的烹調帶給軟嫩的肉質.
Even though this restaurant invited me to review, their dish quality are unexpectedly high and also delicious. I would recommend their “pig hock” and “braised pork rice”. The restaurant uses low temperature to cook 24 hours, which mostly seen in Western Cooking Method. This is the first time I use chopsticks to separate the meat and bone easily. Tender pork meat with fair amount of the sauce is salty and hints of sweetness.

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有很多新餐廳我都尚未嘗試, 也許他們更精彩, 以上餐廳Review只是個人主見.
There are many new restaurants that I didn’t try. The above restaurant reviews are just my personal opinion.