California Dark Horse Rosé 2017 》2017 年加州粉紅酒包裝是鋁罐?!?

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粉紅酒三大出口國有法國, 義大利和美國. 這款 Dark Horse Rosé 粉紅酒鋁罐則是來自美國加州, 我買這款酒純粹只是好奇放在鋁罐裡的 Rosé 喝起來是啥感覺.
There are three countries that manufacture large amount of Rosé – France, Italy and USA. Dark Horse Rosé 2017 is originated from California, USA. I only bought this wine in a can out of curiosity.


產品名稱: 2017 Dark Horse Rosé Can

容量: 375ml 鋁罐
ABV: 12.5%
原產地: 美國加州
價格: USD $4.99
購買地點: 美國超市
台灣進口商: N/A

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Product Name: 2017 Dark Horse Rosé Can
Package: 375ml Alum.
ABV: 12.5%
Country of Origin: California, USA
Price: USD $4.99
Sales Channel: USA Supermarket
Taiwan Importer: N/A


Dark Horse 酒莊也有傳統玻璃罐裝的Rosé(USD $8.99), 超市將Dark Horse 前三名銷售的酒款一字排開 – Big Red Blend, Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon. 鋁罐則是只有 Rosé 和 Pinot Grigio.
Dark Horse Winery also offers traditional glass package Rosé (USD $8.99). The supermarket displays the most selling wines (Big Red Blend,Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon) at the obvious location. However, they only offer Rosé and Pinot Grigio in the can package.


打開微冷的 2017 Dark Horse Rosé 鋁罐, 理所當然氣泡充沛, 間接加強莓果類香氣, 而非花香, 也許跟這款是混釀有關吧, 此款酒是 34% Grenache, 19% Barbera, 14% Tempranillo, 11% Zinfandel, 9% Pinot Gris and 13% 其他葡萄品種. 品酌時, 味蕾察覺到單一濃郁覆盆子風味, 幸好不屬於甜型的Rosé, 要不然喝起來會非常像感冒糖漿, 干型與清爽的結尾讓我慢慢地可完成這款酒, 我個人不大推, 但 Rosé 愛好者倒是可以買來試試.
The bubbles bursts right after I opened the cold 2017 Dark Horse Rosé can. Its berry aroma, instead of floral aroma, enhances. The main reason might be this wine is blended with 34% Grenache, 19% Barbera, 14% Tempranillo, 11% Zinfandel, 9% Pinot Gris and 13% other varieties. The tastebuds only senses the thick raspberry flavor. I am glad that this Rosé is dry and refreshing instead of sweet. Or else, it would taste like coughing syrup. I personally do not recommend. But, the Rosé lovers can still give it a try.

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