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位於台北忠孝敦化捷運站附近的Botega del Vin 是入選 2018年紅蝦評鑑餐廳之一, 是少數在台北東區屹立不搖的義大利餐廳.
Botega del Vin Italian restaurant, which is near Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station, won 2 shrimps at 2018 Gamboo Rosso Taipei City. It is one of the Italian restaurants at Taipei East District.


菜單在文末 Menu is at the end of article

Botega del Vin 義大利餐廳原本住址在現在的 “La Piola Cucina Italiana 義大利餐廳” , 搬去新住址後, 座位變多且較為寬敞, 更多了少數兩人座位, 相當適合約會. 裝潢從之前的淺色系義大利鄉村小酒館轉變成深褐色高級義大利餐酒館, 中午並沒有商業午餐, 只有單點. 水資依舊是NTD $90/一瓶.
Botega del Vin’s previous location is at “La Piola Cucina Italiana Restaurant”. After moving to new location, there are more seats and spaces at the new location. The image and color of the restaurant upgrades from country bistro to more high standard city bistro. There isn’t any business lunch at the menu. The water is still NTD $90/per bottle.

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English Name: Bread
Price: N/A
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每桌都有佐餐麵包, 其他義大利餐廳 ( 例如: “La Mole Taipei”) 幾乎都是用小籃子, 似乎只有 Botega del Vin餐廳是用長木盤. 咬下去酥脆, 細嚼時鬆軟, 不僅是單吃或是沾橄欖油, 都還算不錯.
The waiter would serve breads for each table. Other restaurants (such as “La Mole Taipei” ) uses small basket for the breads. Only Bodega del Vin uses long wooden plate. All breads are crispy on the outside and fluffy while tasting it. The taste is delicious no matter if you want to dip the bread into the olive oil or just eat alone without any sauce.

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家鄉手工寬麵 (鴨肉醬)

English Name: Home-made Egg Pasta (Duck )
Price: NTD $420
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餐廳老闆一家人除了Botega del Vin, 還擁有華山的 “Piccola Botega” 跟主打炭烤牛排與羊排的”Cantina del Gio”. 有些菜單其實是有重疊, 例如麵疙瘩與手工寬麵系列. Botega del Vin 最有名的料理為義式香煎羊小排與麵疙瘩.
Besides Botega del Vin, the family also owns “Piccola Botega” and “Cantina del Gio”. Some dishes on the menus are overlapped, for example, gnocchi and egg pasta. The most famous dishes at this restaurant would be the lamb chops and gnocchi.



比起常見的義大利細麵, 我反而比較愛寬麵 (Tagliattele/Fettuccine) 或是水管麵 (Penne), 原因是比較Q 彈. Botega del Vin 寬麵沒讓我失望, 麵並沒有吸收過多鴨肉醬汁, 所以吃起來較為紮實不軟. Botega del Vin 主廚採用鼠尾草搭配鴨胸碎肉,鼠尾草常被歐洲人拿來當作辛香料, 德國人通常用鼠尾草來搭配香腸, 其實可將鼠尾草視為歐洲人的蔥. 此款料理的鴨肉醬吃起來相當鹹香, 並不會辣, 再搭配一旁起司碎末, 相當搭配.
Comparing with other pastas, I prefer thick and wide pasta, such as Tagliattele,Fettuccine or Penne. The taste is more chewy and the texture is thick. Botega del Vin chef uses sage to mix with the grind duck breast meat. Most European uses sage as flavoring. For example, German usually uses sage to mix with the sausage. It is considered one of the remarkable spices in the cuisine. The duck meat is quite salty with meaty aroma. However, it is not spicy. It is perfect pairing with the cheese on the side.


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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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店名: Botega del Vin 義大利餐廳
地址: 台北市大安區忠孝東路四段170巷17弄7號 (Map)
捷運: 忠孝敦化捷運站
營業時間: 以臉書為主
Restaurant Name: Botega del Vin Italian Restaurant
Address: No. 7, 17th Alley, 170th Lane, 4th Section, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station
Tel: 02 2775 2856
Operation Hour: Check Facebook