Poland Antonius Caviar 》關於波蘭 Antonius 魚子醬的七個問題

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冠睿國際有限公司總代理這款波蘭魚子醬 Antonius Caviar , 在台灣餐飲業通路, 零售通路, 官網通路都買得到. 這篇文章會包括 Antonius 魚子醬價格, 哪裡買與 Antonius 品牌介紹
Gourmet Boutique is the exclusive distributor of Poland Antonius Caviar in Taiwan. You can purchase it at retail , e-commerce and food service sales channel. This article will include Antonius Caviar price, where to purchase and Antonius brand introduction.


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前言 Preface – Must Read

這篇文章介紹的魚子醬是從波蘭原裝進口, 品牌名稱是 Antonius Caviar , 由於多數台灣人對「 波蘭 」與「 魚子醬 」這兩個名詞陌生, 更不用說是「 波蘭魚子醬 」. 許多台灣消費者很驚訝波蘭有出口鱘魚魚子醬. 文章裡也會介紹波蘭魚子醬與伊朗魚子醬的差別, 此外, 這篇文章的圖片皆沒有編輯, 可顯示這款魚子醬的真實顏色
This article introduces Poland Antonius Caviar. Many Taiwanese are unfamiliar with「 Poland 」and「 Caviar 」, let along the combination -「 Poland Caviar 」. Many Taiwanese are even surprised that Poland exports sturgeon caviar. This article will also compare Iran Caviar vs Poland Caviar. Also, I didnt edit the pictures since I want to show the true color of this particular Caviar.


關於波蘭 Antonius 魚子醬的7 個問題

Seven Questions about Antonius Caviar



Could you describe the specs of Antonius Caviar at Taiwan market?


Antonius Caviar 魚子醬在台灣販售兩款包裝 (圖一), 白色等級較高.

白色包裝** 我品嚐的是這一款
✅ 販售 30g & 50g的鋁罐包裝
✅ 魚種類是純種蘇俄大白鳇鱘魚 ( Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii 圖二右)
✅ 魚卵直徑 3 mm 以上
✅ 魚卵顏色為橄欖金綠色
✅ 等級較高因此價位較高

✅ 販售 30g & 50g的鋁罐包裝
✅ 魚種類是西伯利亞鱘魚 ( Acipenser Baerii 圖二左)
✅ 魚卵直徑從 2.6 mm 到 2.7 mm不等
✅ 魚卵顏色為黑色


Antonius Caviar has 2 types of package in Taiwan Sales Channel. (Picture 1) . The white package is more premium.

White Package ** I tasted this product⭐
✅ Offer 30g & 50 g Tin Package
✅ Fish roe is from Russian Sturgeons ( Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii Picture 2 right hand side )
✅ Fish roe diameter is above 3mm
✅ Fish roe color is Olive-Golden Color
✅ More premium means price is higher

Black Package
✅ Offer 30g & 50g Tin Package
✅ Fish roe is from Siberian Sturgeons ( Acipenser Baerii Picture 2 left hand side)
✅ Fish roe diameter is about 2.5mm ~ 2.7 mm
✅ Fish roe color is black color

(Photos are Provided by Antonius Caviar )


在台灣哪個通路可以買到? 價格?

Which Sales Channel I can purchase Poland Antonius Caviar? Price?

在台灣的餐飲通路, 零售通路與電商通路皆是販售兩款包裝 – 黑色與白包, 30g & 50g , 白色包裝等級較高, 價格依照通路有不同價格

🔥 餐飲通路: https://www.antoniuscaviar.com.tw/pages/contact

🔥 零售通路:
微風超市 (復興店) (MAP): 台北市松山區復興南路一段 39號 B2 起司櫃
微風超市 (南山店) (MAP): 台北市信義區松智路 17 號 B1 起司櫃
微風超市 (南京店 ) (MAP): 台北市松山區南京東路三段337號 2F
備註: 官網通路與零售通路並無附贈珍珠母貝湯匙.

🔥 官網通路: https://www.antoniuscaviar.com.tw/collections/all


You can purchase Antonius Caviar at Food service, Retail and E-commerce sales channels at Taiwan. There are 2 types of packages ( black & white), along with 30g & 50g. The white package is more premium. Price is different in each sales channel.

🔥 Food Service Sales Channel: https://www.antoniuscaviar.com.tw/pages/contact

🔥 Retail Sales Channel :
Breeze Super ( Fuxing Branch) ( MAP)
B2 Cheese Display Counter, No. 39, 1st Section, Fuxing South Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

Breeze Super (Nanshan Branch)( MAP)
B1 Cheese Display Counter, No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Breeze Super (Nangkin Branch )( MAP)
2F, No. 337, 3 rd Section, Nangkin East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

Remark: They do not offer the pearl spoon at E-Commerce nor retail sales channel.

🔥 E-Commerce Website : https://www.antoniuscaviar.com.tw/collections/all



Antonius Caviar 魚子醬 Review ⭐

Poland Antonius Caviar Review ⭐

我這次品嚐的是白色包裝 Antonius Caviar 魚子醬, 等級較高, 輕鬆打開鋁罐,在自然光足夠環境, 魚子的橄欖金綠色非常明顯, 光線不足時, 反而呈現亮黑色, 用珍珠母貝湯匙舀一些魚子醬, 放在手背虎口上, 光線反射更顯得晶瑩剔透, 品嚐魚子醬時, 先是有爆發且濃郁鮮味, Antonius Caviar 魚子醬的適量鹹度讓鮮味持續更久, 不錯吃. 除了單吃外, 也可以拿來做料理,  例如放在干貝表層, ,片狀法式麵包, 或是搭配鮭魚早午餐. 有些日本料理餐廳也將魚子醬放在握壽司或是生牛肉塔塔.
I tried the white package Antonius Caviar , which is more premium. The caviar color is olive-golden color under the bright natural light. However, the color becomes shiny black when there isn’t enough light. Using the pearl spoon to place small amount of caviar on the back of hand between thumb & index finger. At the beginning, the tastebuds will sense the blast of the umami. The fair amount of saltiness will offer long aftertaste of umami. It is quite delicious. Besides eating only caviar, you can choose to pair with scallop or bread tapas or even salmon brunch. Some Japanese restaurants also place the caviar on the nigiri or beef tartare.

[ 圖二至圖五是舉例說明, 皆是我在餐廳拍的照片. Picture 2 ~ Picture 5 is for example/reference. I took the pictures at the restaurants that I dined in. ]



哪家新加坡米其林餐廳採用 Antonius Caviar?

Which Singapore Michelin Starred Restaurant is using Antonius Caviar?

Antonius Caviar 魚子醬品牌於 1967 年成立, 已出口至世界各地, 波蘭品牌 Antonius 有自己的企業養殖場 (圖ㄧ), 位於波蘭瓦爾米亞區域 ( Warmia Region) , 養殖池來自純淨的維納河水源, 而且會有專業人員餵魚, 可觀察魚的狀況, Antonius Caviar 魚子醬未經巴氏消毒, 使用「馬洛索 ( Malossol ) 」傳統工法製作,  目前有出口至新加坡, 新加坡米其林一星餐廳 Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar 採用 Antonius Caviar 魚子醬 ( 圖二).
Antonius Caviar Brand is established since 1967 at Poland. The brand is exported to world-wide. Antonius Caviar has its own sturgeons aqua farm. Sturgeons are kept and harvested by professional staffs in the pure environment in Warmia Region (Pic 1) . Antonius Caviar products are prepared with the traditional “Malossol” method. The company now exports to Singapore. Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, which is Michelin Starred Restaurant, uses Antonius Caviar.


(Pictures are provided by Antonius Caviar Brand)


CITES Code 是什麼?

What is CITES Code?

CITES Code 可以證明魚子醬的產地國, 圖ㄧ最能解說 CITES Code,  圖二 Antonius Caviar 的 CITES Code 則是在產品背面, PL 代表波蘭 Poland.
CITES Code can prove the country of origin for Caviar. Picture 1 is the best to explain CITES Code. Picture 2 shows the CITES Code at the back of the Antonius Caviar package. PL stands for Poland.


波蘭魚子醬 vs 伊朗魚子醬

Poland Caviar vs Iran Caviar

波蘭魚子醬 – Antonius Caviar 品牌

✅ 波蘭沒有 Beluga 等級魚子醬
✅ 波蘭有 Oscietra 等級魚子醬 , 魚卵來自俄羅斯鱘魚( Acipenser Gueldenstadti )
✅ 波蘭魚子醬的橄欖金綠色來自俄羅斯鱘魚(Acipenser Gueldenstadti ) , 識別度極高
✅ 伊朗魚子醬吃起來類似 Blue Cheese, 波蘭魚子醬則是比較甜美


✅ 伊朗 Beluga 魚子醬則是全球知名且等級最高的魚子醬.
✅ 伊朗 Oscietra 等級魚子醬的魚卵來自波斯鱘魚( Acipenser Persicus )


Poland Caviar- Antonius Caviar

✅ Poland does not have Beluga Caviar
✅ Poland has Oscietra level caviar. The fish roe is from Russian sturgeon
( Acipenser Gueldenstadti )
✅ Poland Caviar recognizable olive-golden color is from Russian sturgeon
( Acipenser Gueldenstadti )
✅ Iranian Caviar tastes a bit like Blue Cheese. Poland Caviar is a bit sweet.


Iran Caviar

✅ Iranian Beluga level Caviar is world-famous and highest level caviar.
✅ Iran has Oscietra level caviar. The fish roe is from Persian Sturgeon ( Acipenser Persicus )




 Malossol 工法 vs 其他工法

The website mentioned that Antonius Caviar is prepared via the traditional Malossol process method. What is the difference between Malossol method and other methods?



There are four types of methods that caviar are prepared with – Malossol , Semi-Preserved , Pressed , and Pasteurizing methods.

1. 馬洛索傳統工法 ( Malossol )⭐

Malossol 是公認最優質的傳統鹽漬工法, 因為只用少量 3 % ~ 5% 鹽醃漬, , 反而少量鹽可以襯托出優質魚子醬的自然海鮮原味, Antonius Caviar 魚子醬則是採用此款優質傳統工法, 採用低溫消毒.
Fresh caviar mainly comes with a 3 ~ 5 % salt content. It is considered the best curating technique. Malossol is a Russian word and means lightly salted. It will enhance the caviar’s natural flavor. Therefore, Antonius Caviar is prepared with Malossol method,  which makes it more expensive.


2. 半醃製工法 ( Semi-Preserved )

半醃製工法通常採用 8% 鹽左右, 更可以讓保存期限更久一些, 相對風味會降低.
Semi-Preserved salt content is 8% salt content. It can be reserved for longer time. However, the umami flavor might decrease.


3. 壓縮醃製工法 ( Pressed Method )

魚卵偏軟或是外形不完美的魚卵通常會選擇這款鹽漬方式的魚子醬, 除了高鹽分外, 也會如名 “壓縮”成像果醬視覺感, 風味也相對更濃郁.
This type of method is usually used at overly ripe roe, which sometimes are damaged and too soft. It has a high salt content and is pressed to a consistency like jam. It has strong and concentrated flavors.


4. 巴斯德消毒法 ( Pasteurizing Method )

巴式消毒是巴斯德消毒法的簡稱, 則是高溫消毒法,不用加過多鹽份, 就能夠加長保存期限, 對魚子醬風味相對也會降低.
The pasteurizing method is to use high temperature to pasteurize. You don’t need to add too much salts to have longer expiration days. However, the umami flavor might decrease.

♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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