COFFEE DUMBO 》登波咖啡菜單除了肉桂捲還要點什麼

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登波咖啡2021 新開幕台北咖啡店, 除了落地鐵花窗店面設計搶眼之外, 登波也是赤峰街美食咖啡之一, 最有名的莫過於登波美式肉桂捲.
Coffee Dumbo is 2021 New Coffee Shop in Taipei City. It is also one of the Chifeng Street Coffee Shops. The most popular item would be their Cinnamon Roll.


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登波咖啡訂位 & 低消

Coffee Dumbo Reservation & Minimum Charge

登波咖啡店位於中山站四號出口與雙連站一號出口, 很難錯過頗具復古風格的落地鐵花窗與椅子. 店面窗口可直接點外帶咖啡與美食. 咖啡店內佔地不大, 有四人座位也有吧台座位. 登波咖啡訂位不接受訂位, 低消為一杯飲料, 若是客滿, 用餐限制時間為 90 分鐘 (如果客滿). 用餐環境頗為輕鬆.
Coffee Dumbo is located in between Zhongshan MRT station Exit 4 and Shuanglian MRT station Exit 1. It is not easy to miss its unique coffee shop front design. You can order to-go coffees or desserts from the window. The restaurant is not large. There are 4 people seating area and also bar seats. They do not accept reservation. The minimum charge is one drink. If the coffee shop is full, the limited dining hour is 90 minutes. The overall dining environment is easy-going.

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登波咖啡- 甜點

Coffee Dumbo – Dessert


Dumbo Cinnamon Roll
Price: NTD $160
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

登波咖啡販售的與細緻典雅“承繼肉桂捲“ 不同 ,登波招牌肉桂捲是偏美式肉桂捲, 換句話說就是比較少經典肉桂香. 若是要加 Cream Cheese , 要另加 NTD $20, 我有加點. 外型頗具罪惡感, 切面可看到布里歐麵包捲起的摺痕層面, 吃起來不是酥脆類型, 偏軟, 但是風味層次有適量甜美肉桂醬與砂糖顆粒, 可接受甜度的人可以考慮點.
Coffee Dumbo cinnamon roll is different from “Chengji Cinnamon Roll”. Coffee Dumbo is toward American Cinnamon Roll, which means that there is less classic cinnamon flavor. If added cream cheese, there will be extra +NTD $20. I would suggest to add. The appearance is guilty pleasure. The roll is made with brioche, which tastes soft instead of crispy. There are fair amount of sweet cinnamon sauce and granulated sugar. If you can accept the sweets, you can consider to order it.

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S.O.E. 布丁

S.O.E. Flan
Price: NTD $110
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

布丁已經是台北人最喜歡的甜點之一, S.O.E. 是 Single Expresso, 也就是濃縮咖啡. 布丁微甜平衡了咖啡風味, 因此登波布丁的咖啡風味並沒有預期地濃. 因為台北好吃的布丁實在太多選擇, 這款布丁反而顯得沒有很出色.
Taipei people consider flan as their favorite dessert. S.O.E. is single espresso. The small amount of sweet from the flan balances the coffee flavor, which is not as strong as expected. Comparing with other Taipei delicious flans, this fan seemed to taste average.


登波咖啡- 咖啡

Coffee Dumbo – Coffee


Latte with Winter Melon Sugar
Price: NTD $160
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

登波低消為一杯飲料, 登波有個特別咖啡豆選擇就是可選 “中焙配方豆” 與 “淺焙單品豆”, 淺焙則是 +NTD $20. 冬瓜糖拿鐵是登波的招牌咖啡,此款咖啡的冬瓜糖是採用台灣手工冬瓜磚熬煮,我上次喝到冬瓜糖拿鐵是在 “Tamed Fox Xinyi” , 我是選中焙咖啡豆, 咖啡風味似乎微蓋住冬瓜糖的特殊甜香, 喝起來變得比較中規中矩, 也許我應該選擇淺焙單品豆更適合?!
The minimum charge is one drink. There is a special option – You can choose “medium roasted mixed coffee beans” or “light roasted single origin coffee beans – Extra +NTD $20”. Latte with Winter melon sugar is Coffee Dumbo’s signature coffee. Last time I had the similar flavor latte at “Tamed Fox Xinyi”. I selected medium roasted mixed coffee bean. The coffee flavor covers most of the winter melon sugar sweetness. It becomes less special though. Maybe the light roasted single origin bean is the better choice?!

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Sicilian Iced Coffee
Price: NTD $160
Foodelicious: 👍👍👍

台北咖啡店的西西里咖啡總是很受歡迎, 所以我點了登波西西里咖啡. 如果平常有喝西西里咖啡, 可考慮點. 我個人還是會建議點冬瓜糖拿鐵.
Sicilian Iced Coffee is always popular at Taipei Coffee Shop. If you used to drink Sicilian Iced Coffee, you can consider to order. But, I still suggest to order the latte with winter melon sugar though.



Coffee Dumbo Menu


登波咖啡 短秒影片



登波咖啡 資訊

COFFEE DUMBO Information

店名: 登波咖啡
地址: 台北市中山區赤峰街49巷25號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山捷運站 or 雙連站
電話: 02-2558-4952
Restaurant: COFFEE DUMBO
Address: No. 25, 49th Lane, Chifeng Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan MRT station or Shuanglian MRT station
Tel: 02-2558-4952