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TourMeAway 除了提供有英語導遊陪伴的免費台北城市散步外, 也有付費私人英文導遊客製化行程服務.
Where to find Free Taipei City Tour or Taipei Customized Tour? TourMeAway offers English speaking tour guide for several free tours, including Chill Out Tour, Longshan Temple Tour and many more!


這次受 TourMeAway 邀請來參加兩個有英語導遊的台北行程, 第一個行程是付費夜市行程 Hunger Game, 更特別的是有自費 Pub Crawl 和 Craft Beer Cruise, ,第二個行程是免費行程 Taipei Chill Out Tour, 其他免費行程也包括免費龍山寺行程和免費台北老城旅行, 也有依照客人需求的付費私人英語行程服務. 有更多細節在 TourMeAway Website (, 直接上網預訂時間即可. 每個行程時間都不一樣, 而且也可以一天排兩個行程. 以下會簡單介紹一些行程重點, 優點和FAQ.
I was invited by TourMeAway to join two tours. First one is Night Market Hunger Game Tour with a fixed fee. TourMeAway also offers Pub Crawl and Craft Beer Cruise (coming soon!) with fixed fees. The second tour is Free Taipei Chill Out Tour. Other free tours also include Free Longshan Temple tour and Taipei Old Town Tour. TourMeAway has private tour with customized Taipei Tour as well. You can check and do the booking on their website ( ). You can also arrange two tours on the same day.

TourMeAway Taipei Hunger Game

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2019 TourMeAway Taipei Hunger Game Tour 是付費活動, 每週有兩場, 皆是晚上在景美捷運站出口集合, Hunger Game 行程最主要是在景美夜市體驗 12 道台灣在地菜餚/街食/飲料. 那天晚上有來自各國的自助旅行旅客,  行程大約 2 小時, 我個人推薦這個付費行程.
2019 TourMeAway Taipei Hunger Game Tour is a tour with a fixed fee. It is scheduled twice a week at JinMei MRT station meeting point (Every Wednesday and Sunday evening). The agenda of Hunger Game Tour is to let guests taste 12 types of Taiwanese local dishes (foods & drinks) at JinMei Night Market. The duration is 2 hours. I would also recommend this tour.

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Why choose JinMei Night Market?

台北夜市相當擁擠, 景美夜市馬路寬, 除了可以讓導遊帶領一群人在夜市逛, 也可以一群人不用分開吃而導致沒聽到導遊解說, 但是要注意安全, 因為汽車與機車可通行景美夜市.
Taipei Night Markets are usually very crowded, however JinMei Night Market road is wide enough to walk freely with a group of people. Every guest can eat and listen to the tour guide at the same time. Please be careful since the cars and scooters can drive freely at this particular night market.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – JinMei Night Market


誰適合參加 TourMeAway Hunger Game Tour?
Is TourMeAway Hunger Game Tour for Everyone?

每個人都適合參加, 尤其是對食物有過敏的人. 導遊一開始詢問每個人的過敏源且紀錄下來. 其實多數台灣人對台灣在地菜餚/ 街食/飲料成分不太了解, 例如珍珠奶茶的珍珠成份, 或是有些蔥餅會加少許豬油會更香, 豬血糕通常會加花生粉之類的細節. 為了你自己的安全, 我會建議參加 TourMeAway Taipei Hunger Game.
Everyone is suitable to join, especially for people who are allergic to certain foods. At the beginning, the English Tour Guide will ask everyone’s allergen. Honestly, most Taiwanese do not know the ingredients of several local dishes (for example, the ingredients of boba, the crispy green onion pastry might have lard, pig blood cake usually have peanut powder). For your safety, I would definitely recommend this tour.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – Pig Blood Cake


我已經去過其他夜市, 還需要去參加 Hunger Game Tour 嗎?
I already visited other night markets, why should I join the Hunger Game Tour?

當初我看到 Hunger Game 會吃或喝到 12 道食物/飲料時, 老實說我在 30 秒內無法想到有哪 12 道. 在這次 Hunger Game 裡, 有別的夜市找不到的涼圓和苦茶, 而且有英語導遊解說這道料理的由來, 相當難得!
The main purpose of the Hunger Game Tour is to try out 12 local dishes. Honestly, I couldn’t name 12 local dishes in 30 seconds. In this tour, you can trial-taste different dishes including the cold gelatin ball with filling and bitter tea, which can be hard to find at other night markets.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – Cold Gelatin Ball with Filling & Bitter Tea


需要先吃飽再去參加 Hunger Game Tour 嗎?
Should I eat dinner before the Hunger Game Tour?

因為 Hunger Game 是 8pm 開始, 我會建議先吃個五分飽, 而不是餓肚子去參加, 主要原因是有些料理是用分享的方式, 因為不一定每個人都會愛台灣食物. 例如有名的臭豆腐大概是 4 ~ 5 人分享, 吃一口不想吃也可以與別人分享, 油飯的部分也是跟其他人分享.
The Hunger Game starts at 8pm. I would suggest you eat half-full before the tour. The main reason is that some dishes are shared. Not everyone is willing to try all the local dishes. The guests can share the stinky Tofu, sticky rice, and other street foods.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – Street Food Stand & Sticky Rice



TourMeAway Taipei Chill Out Tour

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2019 TourMeAway Taipei Chill Out Tour 每週有兩場, 皆在大安森林公園捷運站出口集合, 那天來的旅客來自世界各地 (西班牙, 德國, 美國, 日本, 英國 …etc). 行程如同網站上所敘述, 一路從大安森林公園走青田街到永康街, 最後會抵達台北中正紀念堂, 大約 2.5 ~ 3 小時. 我個人推薦這個免費行程.
2019 TourMeAway Taipei Chill Out Tour starts at Da’an Park MRT station Exit. The tour is schedule twice a week. During the introduction, I noticed that there are tourists from countries all over the world (Spain, Germany, USA, Japan, UK ..etc ). As the website stated, the walking tour starts at Da’an Park through Qintian Neighborhood and Yongkan Street. The final destination would be at the CKS Memorial Hall. The duration is about 2.5 ~ 3 hours. I would definitely recommend this Free Taipei Walking Tour.

Booking 詳細資料 Booking More Details 》


為何選擇 TourMeAway Chill Out Tour?
Why Should I Join TourMeAway Chill Out Tour?

即使台北有很多人會說英語, 但是其實對在地文化和歷史其實不太瞭解, 例如中正紀念堂歷史和青田街文化背景, TourMeAway 英語導遊在行程裡簡單介紹景點文化和歷史, 那天行程裡有人發問問題, 英語導遊也回答得出來.
Even though there are many people in Taipei who  speak English, they still don’t know the local cultural and history details. For example, not much Taiwanese can fully explain the history of CKS Memorial. TourMeAway’s English Tour Guide can describe and answer questions regarding Taiwanese Culture and History background.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – Da’an Park


誰適合參加 TourMeAway Chill Out Tour?
Is TourMeAway Chill Out Tour for Everyone?

TourMeAway Chill Out Tour 適合每個人, 那天在每個人簡單自我介紹時, 我發現每個外國人的背景都相當精彩, 有些剛到台灣當英文老師, 卻苦找不到英語導遊, 有些人在香港的外商公司工作, 放假到台北輕旅行, 有些是轉機就順便參加免費行程, 有些人是因為班機是晚上, 下午把行李放在飯店來參加, 導遊也提到平日也有一些外籍工作人士被台灣公司安排參加行程, 可以說有各式各樣的人都適合參加.
TourMeAway Chill Out Tour is suitable for everyone. During the introduction, several guests said that they taught English in Taiwan, but couldn’t find an English-speaking Tour Guide. Some guests worked in Hong Kong and wished to find out more about Taiwan. Some guests’ flight schedule are at night time, and decided to join the tour during the afternoon. Generally speaking, everyone is suitable to join TourMeAway Chill Out Tour.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – Qintian Neighborhood


參加 TourMeAway Chill Out Tour 需要帶哪些東西?
What should you bring to TourMeAway Chill Out Tour?

除了錢外, 建議帶水與防曬的帽子, 若是對花草或灰塵過敏, 建議也帶口罩, 因為會經過大安森林公園和馬路巷弄.
Besides money, I would suggest to bring water and hat. The Walking Tour will go through Da’An Park and Taipei Streets. If you are allergic to flowers or dust, I suggest that you bring a mask.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – Church & Antique Boutiques.


Do I need to give tip to the tour guide?

每位 TourMeAway 導遊都會自備一個紅包袋, 行程結束時, 參加行程的旅客可將錢放進紅包袋. 雖然這是一個免費行程, 我會建議給導遊小費, 小費建議是 NTD $100 ~ NTD $200, 也可以有零錢, 因為是放進紅包袋.
Every TourMeAway Guide would bring a red envelope. After the tour ends, each guest can give the tip preference. Even though this is a free tour, I would still suggest to give some tips to the tour guide. The suggested tip would be NTD $100 ~ NTD $200. Since there is a red envelope, it is okey to give spare change.

3/3/2019 娜姐 Foodelicious Chill Out Tour – CKS Memorial Hall


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