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(已歇業, 搬到別的地址) 台北市民生社區美食眾多, The House 118 是鄰近松山機場捷運站的無國界料理美食餐廳之一.
(Closed and Moved to another Address) There are many restaurants in Taipei Mingshen Community. The House 118 is one of the Bistros near Songshan Airport MRT stations.

菜單在文末 Menu is at the end of article


Beher 食物研究圖書館 一樣都在富錦街, 走出松山機場捷運站後, 沿著民權東路四段即可到跟台北東區截然不同的文青富錦街, 海軍藍色的招牌在白天時非常顯眼, 前院綠色草皮上有 IG-Friendly 的粉色系搖椅.
Both Beher Food Library and The House 118 are located at Fujin Street, which is near 4th section of Minquan East Road. Navy blue sign along with green yard and swing chair are quite IG-friendly.




店內裝潢跟 L’AGE 熟成餐廳色系一樣, 也有可坐10 ~12 人的包廂, 高腳椅跟落地窗座位則是跟 Musée Kitchen & Bar 一樣, 放在吧台的酒數量則是跟 Le Blanc 差不多, 較為特別的是店內有活龍蝦放在水族箱內, 完全是個生猛海鮮的概念. 當天用餐是下午四點, 路過本來想將 The House 118 紅酒冰淇淋列入我的微醺甜點懶人包裡, 後來店家告知完售, 後來知道美國皇冠馬鈴薯 (馬鈴薯肉醬烘蛋) 較適合兩人吃, 只好選擇熱沙拉- 紅酒櫛瓜燉炒菇.
The indoor design is similar with L’AGE restaurant. It also has private dining room. The high chairs and the sofas are similar with Musée Kitchen & Bar. The alcohols at the bar are almost the same amount as Le Blanc. The most surprising part would be the live lobsters at the tank. I was planning to eat their Red Wine Ice Cream in order to put on my “Boozy Dessert Guide”. Since the ice creams are sold out, I ordered Stir-fried Mushroom With Red Wine Marinated Zucchini.




English Name: Stir-fried Mushroom With Red Wine Marinated Zucchini
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

所謂的“熱沙拉”倒是有點像“下酒菜”, 老實說, 看菜單上的照片原本以為會是乾炒, 但醬汁卻意外地多, 整盤的配色也較深. 也許是紅酒燉煮的原因, 綠櫛瓜切片的口感比 米塔義式廚房 軟嫩, 甜醬汁的風味蓋過蕈菇風味, 這道料理較適合搭配其他料理, 並非像沙拉一樣單吃, 因為吃到最後有點過膩.
By looking at the menu picture, I thought this appetizer would be dry. But it turns out that it has fair amount of the sauces at the bottom of the plate. The sliced zucchini is soft, which is not as crispy as Mita Pasta. The sweet flavor covers the original mushroom flavor. However, the sauce becomes a bit overly too sweet. It would be better to pair this dish with other dishes.



I would visit again to try out other dishes.


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Restaurant Name 店名: The House 118
Address: No. 118 , Fujin Street, Taipei City 台北市松山區富錦街118號 (MAP)
Nearby MRT station: Songshan Airport MRT station 松山機場捷運站
電話: 02-25147-3689
營業時間:Monday off
Other Days 11am ~ 10pm