台北母親節餐廳推薦 2022 》Taipei Mother’s Day Restaurant Guide

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決定好 2022 台北母親節餐廳美食 要在哪裡吃了嗎? 這次多加了 母親節台北外帶美食台北食材專賣店.
Did you decide Taipei Mother’s Day Restaurant yet? This time, I added To-Go restaurant foods and ingredient stores selections in Taipei.

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前言 Preface – Must Read

因為 2022 疫情偏嚴重, 家人們可能會擔心外出用餐, 所以今年懶人包有以下分類

✅ 台北早餐內用與外帶美食推薦
✅ 台北內用與外帶桌菜美食推薦
✅ 台北食材專賣店推薦
🚫 沒有日本料理因為我不常吃日料
🚫 沒有預約困難/熟客制的餐廳, 例如: “喜相逢“ 或是 ”鄒記食舖

Because 2022 pandemic, families might be worried about dine-in. I added three selections at 2022 Taipei Mother’s Day Restaurant Guide

✅ Taipei Dine-In and To-Go restaurants recommendation
✅ Taipei Dine-In and To-Go Breakfast/Brunch
✅ Taipei Ingredients Stores
🚫 There isnt any Japanese restaurant since I don’t eat much of the Japanese food.
🚫 I dont put returned-customer friendly only restaurant. For example : “Xi Xiang Feng Taiwanese Restaurant” or “Zou Ji Private Kitchen”


2021 米其林餐廳列表 2021 Michelin Restaurant List

延伸閱讀👉 2021米其林必比登餐廳名單 (分區) 》 BIB Gourmand Guide (By District)

延伸閱讀👉 2021 台北台中米其林餐廳名單 》2020 Taipei Taichung Michelin Guide

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Taipei Breakfast Foods


Dongmen Lilong Pastry Shop

攤位在台北東門市場裡面, 營業時間時間以 Google 為主, 我上次去的營業時間是 6:30am ~ 1:30pm, 通常 12:30 就賣完了. 利隆餅店最大的特色是餡餅皮, 現桿現做, 微焦微油的餅皮吃起來有嚼勁, 我最喜歡高麗菜豬肉餡餅, 可以買回家給媽媽吃.
The operation hour is based on Google announcement. Last time, the operation hour is 6:30am ~ 1:30pm. But, they are usually sold out on 12:30. The pork and cabbage fillings are juicy as expected. Lilong shop selling point would be the hand-made pastry appearance. Besides grilling marks offer the crispy texture, it is also has wheat aroma and a bit chewy in a good way. You can buy it for your mom.

延伸閱讀:Taipei Dongmen Market Food Guide 》台北東門市場美食推薦



Fu Hang Soy Milk

這一家我應該不用多做介紹, 如果你媽媽喜歡吃中式早餐, 就買給她吃吧, 雖然有外送 (不是 ubereat or Foodpanda) , 但我會建議去排隊, 比較有誠意, 也能保證品質.
This store doesn’t need more introduction. If your mom likes to eat Chinese breakfast, you should buy it for her. Even though they have delivery (not ubereat nor food panda), I will still suggest you should line up and buy it. It will keep the breakfast warm.

延伸閱讀:Fu Hang Soy Milk Taipei 》關於台北早餐阜杭豆漿菜單與外送



Ciao Ciao Scones

如果喜歡吃可頌類, 也可以考慮買 “吉可頌”. 我個人是推比較特別的台北司康推薦- 悄悄好食 , 有永康店與善導寺店. 建議關注他們的 Facebook & Instagram, 看可不可以先預訂或是當天Special.
If you like Croissant, you can purchase MyCroissant by Guillaume. I personally would recommend scones. Ciao Ciao Scones has Yongkang Store and Shandao Temple store. I would suggest to follow their social media and check if you can reserve or what Today’s special is.

延伸閱讀: MyCroissant by Guillaume 》 N訪後的台北吉可頌推薦排行榜

延伸閱讀: Taipei Scone Recommendation 》悄悄好食杭州舖的司康值得品嚐

延伸閱讀: Taipei Scone 》台北司康推薦非悄悄司康莫屬



Taipei Brunch Foods

Tamed Fox Xinyi

內用為主, 建議訂位. Tamed Fox 信義店是台北信義區早午餐推薦之一, 座位舒服, 餐廳佔地頗大, 以西式早午餐為主.
It is for Dine-in. Tamed Fox Xinyi is one of the Taipei Brunch recommendation . The seats are comfortable. The restaurant is large. Most dishes are Western Brunch.

延伸閱讀: Tamed Fox Xinyi 》Tamed Fox 信義菜單推薦點哪些菜餚?


M One Cafe Xinyi

內用為主, 建議訂位, 開店時間是跟著新光三越百貨營業時間, M One Cafe 信義 A11 店 是 2021 新開幕台北餐廳, 以西式早午餐為主, 吃完可以逛街.
It is for Dine-in. M One Cafe Xinyi is located at A11 department store. The operation follows the department store operation hour. M One Cafe Xinyi is 2021 new restaurant. Most dishes are Western Style Brunch. You can go shopping after eating.

延伸閱讀: M One Cafe A11 》菜單不僅有早午餐也有主餐與甜點



Taipei Ingredients Store


Zhongshan Market Ying-Ge Shop

現點現切保持肉汁, 鶯歌號最知名的莫過於煙燻雞與豬頭皮, 這裡的紅燒肉看起來也很美味. 價格有時會變動, 煙燻雞非常好吃, 很適合當作一道菜.
Their famous items would be smoked chicken and smoked hog Scalp. Price may vary time over time. The price is based on its weight – Taijing (600g) or Lian (37.5g). Smoked Chicken is very delicious and perfect to be a dish for Mother’s Day.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Zhongshan Market Food Guide 》低調的台北中山市場美食推薦



Gusto Market of Taste

Gusto Market of Taste 好食多義大利食材專賣店是濱江市場美食推薦, 店內有許多款義大利火腿與起司, 很適合買回家自己做拼盤給媽媽吃.
Gusto Market of Taste is located atT aipei Binjiang Market. They have many types of Italian Ham and Cheese. It is suitable to purchase the ingredients and make the meat & cheese plate.

延伸閱讀: Gusto Market of Taste 好食多 》台北義大利食材店也賣美味義大利菜餚



Good Food You

此食材專賣店位於古亭站附近, 每週幾乎都會空運一些食材, 需要 Follow 他們的 Facebook & Instagram. 最特別的是有生蠔與季節性白蘆筍, 有些產品需要預訂.
The shop is located near Guting MRT station. They always air-ship several special ingredients every week. You would need to follow their Facebook & Instagram. Recently, they have Oyster and white asparagus. Some product needs to reserve in advance.

延伸閱讀貼文: 主廚的秘密食材庫 Good Food You



肉 RÒU by T-HAM 敦南店


如果吃不習慣傳統市場的肉類, 想要吃更高品質的肉, 可到 RÒU by T-HAM 敦南店一樓購買.
If you are not used to the meats from traditional market, you can purchase high-end meat at RÒU by T-HAM Dunnan Store.

延伸閱讀: 肉 RÒU by T-HAM 》敦南店是低調隱密的台北餐酒館也是精品肉舖



Addiction Seafood

上引水產應該不用多做介紹, 我很久沒有去, 所以沒有延伸閱讀的文章, 除了販售高級生鮮海產外,上引水產也可以協助分切與代客料理
Addiction Seafood doesn’t need more introduction. I haven’t visited there for many years. So, there isn’t any blog article though. Besides selling high-end fresh seafood, Addiction Seafood can assist cooking or cutting in slices per customer’s preference.

Website: https://www.addiction.com.tw



Lunch/Dinner Mother’s Day Recommendation

Tutto Bello

內用為主. Tutto Bello 餐廳的價格確實比較高, 請自行斟酌, 份量與美味程度有 Match 價格. 專業服務程度也相對比較好. 可單點也有套餐
I would suggest to Dine-in. Tutto Bello price is higher than other Italian restaurant. The quantity and delicious level matches the price. The professional service is better, including change the plates in exchange of warm plate. They offer single dish and set.

延伸閱讀: Tutto Bello 》菜單單點推薦哪些義大利料理?


Orchid 蘭餐廳

內用為主, 你需要先確定你媽媽喜歡吃羊排 , 此外, 威靈頓牛肉派裡有鴨肝, 而且要兩人點, 如果不太吃鹿肉或是乳鴿, 可考慮午間套餐, 晚間套餐有鹿肉與乳鴿. 套餐份量足夠
I would suggest to Dine-In. First, you would need to make sure if mom eats lamb.Please note that Beef Wellington also has duck liver in between. And only two people can choose this dish. If you don’t eat Venison or pigeon, you can consider lunch set menu. The dinner set menu has venison and pigeon. The quantity is enough for fulfilling the appetite.

延伸閱讀: Orchid by Nobu Lee 蘭餐廳 》二訪菜單的威靈頓牛排與羊排皆美味


A Cut Steakhouse

內用為主, 這一家應該不用多做介紹, 位於國賓飯店的 B1 , 台北牛排餐廳蠻多也都不便宜, 當然就要選好吃不出錯的 A Cut Steakhouse. 如果想要看風景, 可選 “Smith & Wollensky Taipei” , 以下也提供台北牛排懶人包.
I would suggest to dine-in. This restaurant doesn’t need more introduction. If you want the view, you can pick “Smith & Wollensky Taipei”. If you want delicious steak, A Cut steakhouse is always a good option.

延伸閱讀: A Cut Steakhouse 》國賓飯店牛排餐廳 | Taipei Steakhouse

延伸閱讀: 台北牛排推薦 (分區) 》Taipei Steak House Recommendation (By District)



Taihe House restaurant

內用為主, 當然也可以外帶. 首先要確定你媽媽吃不吃酸菜白肉鍋, 我跟朋友們幾乎菜單全刷, 有桌菜也有酸菜白肉鍋, 請切記泰和樓酸菜白肉鍋的酸度偏溫和, 而不是尖銳的酸度, 而且裡面配料有海鮮.
They have dine-in service and to-go service. First, you would need to make sure that your mom eat the pickled cabbage hot pot. My friends and I basically order everything on the menu, including the dishes and the hot pot. Please note that Taihe House pickled cabbage hot pot doesn’t have too much acidity. And it has seafood at the broth.

延伸閱讀: 泰和樓 》被銀絲卷擔誤的台北酸菜白肉鍋 | Taipei Pickled Cabbage Hot Pot



Serenity Restaurant

目前只提供外帶服務 (圖一) . 2020 米其林必比登推薦的祥和蔬食菜單 以川味素食為主, 媽媽要吃素也要吃辣才比較適合這家餐廳, 因為我個人不太吃辣, 所以文章內的 Review 僅供參考
Their social media mentioned that You can ONLY buy it for To-Go (Pic 1). Serenity Restaurant is a Taipei Vegetarian Restaurant, which also at 2020 BIB Gourmand Guide. It offers mostly Sichuan (Spicy) flavor vegetarian cuisine. Since I don’t really eat spicy food, the article review is only for your reference.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Vegetarian Restaurant 》吃完祥和蔬食慶城店的非業配感想



Hai Pai Restaurant

可內用, 但是因為用餐環境不太適合宴客或是慶祝節日, 我個人會建議外帶,有詢問朋友, 她提到可以先與老闆親自討論要預訂外帶哪些桌菜, 外帶桌菜推薦煙燻圓鱈, 砂鍋瑤柱一品雞湯,紅燒排骨年糕, 我會建議你們自己帶外帶盒.
You can dine in or to-go. However, the dining environment is not suitable for celebrating. I would suggest to-go. I asked my friend she mentioned that you would need to discuss the details with the owner regarding reservation the dishes. I would suggest smoked cod, chicken soup, and Braised Rib with Rice Cake. I would suggest you bring your own to-go container.

延伸閱讀: 海派上海小吃 Hai Pai 》除了煙燻圓鱈也有其他拿手好菜



Jui-Ji Restaurant

內用為主也可外帶, 香港九記港式海鮮餐廳是知名的台北粵菜餐廳推薦, 也很適合家庭聚餐, 九記海鮮菜單裡的山楂陳醋骨則是蔡康永心目中的台北 500 盤之一.
You can dine-in or to-go. Hong Kong Jui-Ji Seafood is a Taipei Cantonese restaurant recommendation. Their Deep-fried Pork Ribs Tossed with Vinegar and Chinese Hawthorn Berries is a well-known famous dish among foodies.

延伸閱讀: Taipei Cantonese Restaurant 》香港九記港式海鮮菜單推薦 (內有預訂桌菜)



Yu Hsi Restaurant

內用為主也可外帶, 玉喜飯店是許多饕客們的台北東區餐廳美食之一, 這次也吃到朋友推薦的玉喜飯店預訂桌菜.價格合理有 Match 美味程度.
You can dine-in or to-go. Yu Hsi Restaurant is one of the restaurants at Taipei East District. It is also suitable for Family gathering. We also tasted their reserved-only dishes. The price is reasonable and matches its delicious level.

延伸閱讀: 玉喜飯店 Yu Hsi 》玉喜菜單推薦點什麼 ( 內有預訂桌菜 )



Silks House

內用為主也可外帶, 每逢慶祝節日 , 很多人都會選晶華軒或是“金蓬萊”, 晶華軒是許多人台北家庭聚餐餐廳推薦首選, 因為晶華軒菜單價位並不會天價高, 三訪後不只品嚐過西施泡飯, 也有吃到其他菜色推薦.
Silks House Taipei is one of the the Taipei Family Gathering Restaurants because Since Silks House menu price is not too high. Since I visited quite a few times, I have the menu dish recommendation rank list.

延伸閱讀: Silks House Taipei 》三訪後的晶華軒菜單推薦排行榜 (包括桌菜與港點)

延伸閱讀: 台北米其林一星餐廳 》金蓬萊 遵古台菜餐廳 | Taipei Michelin Restaurant




Casa & View Hair

Casa & View Hair 凱莎髮型是忠孝復興站髮廊之一, 也是我唯一的台北洗剪護髮 Salon 推薦. 以下連結有專屬娜姐讀者優惠
Casa & View Hair is one of the salons near Taipei Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. It is my only recommended salon hair salon. The following link has the Reader’s Special Discount.

延伸閱讀: 台北東區洗剪護染髮推薦 》選擇 Casa&View Hair Salon 連續 10 年的原因 | 內有折扣優惠